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A skilled tracker can say the name of a target to begin tracking them. Then, whenever the tracker enters a new room, if the target is within 3 rooms of that room, the tracker has a chance to be notified of the direction the target is in. If the tracker fails, they may be told the wrong direction. The tracker is not told exactly where the target is - for example, if you are tracking Gar, and Gar is in Flatlands, and you enter Main Gate of Tos, you will be told that Gar is in the direction of Border of the Badlands. Gar could be in BOB, Flats, CN MG, or Outskirts BQ - or none of those, if you failed the check and were told the wrong direction. If Gar is hiding, you will be told that Gar is nearby, but hiding. Tracking is based on Intellect. This skill is intended to bring much needed organic matchmaking to the game. You can't just use it indiscriminately; you must choose a target, and then be on the move yourself, but it does dramatically help improve actually finding your enemy to fight them. Track naturally ignores guild halls, rooms, and other places that aren't 'connected' the same way to the world.


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