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Skilled fighters can entirely tumble out of the way of an attack.


Tumble subtracts from the chance to hit roll of an attack. 99% Tumble subtracts 10% from the to hit roll. If you have Tumble, Agility subtracts up to another 10% at 100 agil, scaling with each point. (no truncation, every point matters) That means 99% Tumble with 50 Agility subtracts 15% from the chance to hit of an attack. If that subtraction turns a hit to a miss, you Tumble. Not only is this double the previous percentage from before (which maxed at 7.5%ish), the previous version rolled only against hits that would have landed. This subtracts straight from the chance to hit roll, so if you have enough to defense to put your opponent near the minimum to hit chance of 12.5%, you can actually become unhittable. That means monsters like rats, baby spiders, tof mules and the like literally can't hit you. Your super high defense puts them to the min 12.5%, and Tumble subtracts away the rest.


Sold by Kerrenor