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"Before you is a vix'ci'xeochicatl, a being from near the heart of the elemental plane of acid. This is no minor xeochicatl; the vix are far too strong to grace the mortal plane without visiting tremendous destruction. This beast is an elemental incarnation of acid itself.

Boss of the Prism of Acid, it grows stronger as it is more injured. Casts splash of acid and slitherbolt.

Resistances 180/190/200
Weapon 0
Magic Weapons -20/30/70
Nerudite 0
Bludgeon 0
Pierce 0
Slash 0
Thrust 0
Acid 110/150/190
Magic 0
Cold 0
Fire 0
Shock -10/20/60
Quake 100/100/100
Holy 0
Unholy 0