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Before you is a vix'zi'xeochicatl, a being from near the heart of the elemental plane of death. This is no minor xeochicatl; the vix are far too strong to grace the mortal plane without visiting tremendous destruction. This beast is an elemental incarnation of unmaking itself.

Boss of the Prism of Death. As with all vix'xeos, its power increases as it is more wounded. Casts blind, poison fog, vampiric drain, and hold. As it has a permanent Invisibility spell up, Detect Invisible is needed to target it, as with other invisible targets.

Resistances 180/190/200
Weapon 10/30/60
Magic Weapons -10/-10/-10
Nerudite 0
Bludgeon 0
Pierce 0
Slash 0
Thrust 0
Acid 20/60/100
Magic 0
Cold 160/160/200
Fire 10/20/60
Shock 20/60/100
Quake 100/100/100
Holy -10/20/60
Unholy 160/160/200

Major Black Heartstone