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Project Definition

"How do we improve weapons so that players aren't all using exactly the same thing?" Daenks (talk) 09:36, 8 September 2014 (CDT)

Current Melee Weapons
Weapon Type Quality Proficiency Primary Stat Value Weight Bulk Attack Type Non-magic Attack Type Magic Attack Type Nerudite Attack Type Bludgeon Attack Type Thrust Attack Type Slash
Mace Bludgeon Low Mace Might 50 60 60 X X
Short Sword Thrust Low Short Sword Aim 250 50 50 X X
Axe Slash Normal Axe Wielding Might 600 90 90 X X
Hammer Bludgeon Normal Hammer Wielding Might 450 80 75 X X
Long Sword Thrust Normal Fencing Aim 800 80 60 X X
Mystic Sword Thrust High Fencing Aim 1250 60 60 X X
Nerudite Sword Thrust Nerudite Fencing Aim 1000 80 70 X X
Scimitar Slash High Scimitar Wielding Agility 150 85 70 X X
Spirit Hammer Bludgeon High Hammer Wielding Might 0 15 60 X X
Gold Sword Thrust Normal Fencing Aim 600 90 60 X X
Current Ranged Weapons
Weapon Range SP Modifier Value Weight Bulk Base Dmg Modifier Attack Type Pierce Attack Type Magic Attack Type Nerudite
Practice Bow 30 -10 1750 50 60 -3 X
Long Bow 100 -20 2500 70 80 0 X
Battle Bow 17 -30 3000 70 80 +2 X
Magic Bow 100 0 3000 70 70 +1 X X
Nerudite Bow 20 -30 3500 100 100 +3 X X

Documentation from the source code


  %%% Hard Stats Functions
  %%% (Range, hit chance, damage, etc)
  % An explanation of how weapons work now:
  % Weapons can now be described as a combination of two different aspects, type and quality.
  % The three types of weapons are thrusting (swords), bludgeoning, and slashing (heavy weapons).
  %  These three types of weapons have attributes as follows:
  % Type      Hit Mod     Damage     Disarm     Spell    Range
  % ----------------------------------------------------------
  % Bludgeon   Mid         Mid        Low        High     Low
  % Thrust     High        Low        High       Mid      High
  % Slash      Low         High       Mid        Low      Mid
  % These aspects are defined with the appropriate constants in Blakston.khd
  % In general, High is desirable and Low is not.  So, a thrusting weapons hits
  % more often than a slashing one does, but it does less damage, etc.
  % Weapons can also have quality.  Current, the four types of quality are high, low,
  % normal and nerudite.  These also have constants defined.  In general, the lower the
  % quality, the worse it makes the weapon.  The exception is spell bonus; higher quality
  % weapons actually give less bonus than lower quality weapons
  % Nerudite isn't really comparable to the other qualities, but this was the best way to
  % describe the weapon.
  % So, now, all you should really do is define the type of weapons and its relative
  % quality.  Weapon will handle the rest.


  % A ranged weapon is a weapon which you equip in your hand, type Ctrl to use,
  % then a target icon comes up a la apply() with which you choose your victim.
  % Well, at least ideally. At this point there is no good way to code that,
  % so ranged weapons are like normal weapons with a range of 13 (the max range
  % for weapons).
  % Ranged weapons do not break as often as melee weapons (not as much wear and
  % tear).
  % Mostly, damage is a factor of ammo, the random factor is
  % in them. viWeaponDamage is the bow's contribution to that,
  % due to things like stiffer bowstrings, harder wood, whatever.