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Remarkably straightforward for a Demon, Xaerdun eschews all traditional codes of demonic conduct in favor of profit-seeking. Here, Xaerdun keeps some part of himself in this form of existence, lying in wait for those unfortunate souls that have recently died, for he offers a product that few hapless mortals can refuse. He will no doubt assist you - for a cost. If you say 'summon', he will bring your corpse to you, if only so that you can afford to pay him.


Eternal Wastes



Spell Price Level
Fester 500 shillings One
Mute 500 shillings One
Exhaustion 1000 shillings Two
Leeches 1000 shillings Two
Sap 2000 shillings Three
Bestill 4000 shillings Four
Slow 8000 shillings Five
Unhallowed Runes 8000 shillings Five
Blood Runes 16000 shillings Six


Item Price
Holy Fragment 1168 shillings
One Pre-Packaged Soul 64000 shillings
Unholy Fragment 1168 shillings