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Before you is a xeochicatl, a fearsome monster given life by the chaotic magic of the Meridian. The xeochicatl is the embodiment of destruction, a violent monster that seems uncontrollable. These monsters feed off of the magic of the lands which makes them very powerful. Rumors abound about the origin of these monsters, but you have little time to contemplate these rumors in the presence of such destructive power!


There are several different types of xeochicatl but they all share the nasty ability to drain your mana. Their spells and level depend on the element to which they are attuned. They have a mass of 600, making them very hard to knockback. When fighting xeos, don't attempt to cast spells from distance as all spells unless you are in melee range. They will bounce back and hit you!

They can't become Monster Champions.

They are immune to bleed effects.

They can see invisible.

Their levels vary depending on where they are found and if their corresponding Prism is active or sealed.

The red, blue, green, and light blue xeos may be found in the desert and maze during their respective phases and in their respective prisms.


Greenxeo.PNG The ci'xeochicatl is aligned with acid and is level 150. They cast Splash of Acid and Slitherbolt. They are typically found in the desert enjoying acidic rain. They drop green heartstone shards and Acid Fragments

Bluexeo.PNG The ma'xeochicatl is aligned with ice and is level 190. They cast Explosive Frost, Hold, and an AOE ice spell. They are primarily found wandering the snow drifts in the desert at night. They drop blue heartstone shards and Cold Fragments

Ro'xeochicatl.gif The ro'xeochicatl is aligned with fire and is level 170. They cast spells like Fireball, Blast of Fire, and Firewall. They are primarily found stalking the desert when the scorching sun is at its peak. They drop red heartstone shards and Fire Fragments.

Ve'ro'xeochicatl.gif The ve'xeochicatl is aligned with shock and is level 150. They cast Lightning Wall, Flash, and Lightning Bolt. They are found when electrical energy fills the desert. They dropped sky heartstone shards and Shock Fragments.

ZeR6Autm.png The te'xeochicatl is aligned with earth and is level 200. They cast Sand Storm, Bramble Wall, and a form of Earthquake. They drop brown heartstone shards and are only found under the Palace of High Sorcery

fAFGzqEm.png The re'xeochicatl is aligned with illusion and is level 200. They cast Reflection, Forget, and Vertigo. They drop purple heartstone shards and are only located in the Southwest Corner of the Ziggurat