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  • The 'increased XP needed at 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th reincarnations' multiplier has been removed.

The increased bonus XP at these levels for bosses remains. Now there's no nerf, just incentive to do bosses before fully built on endgame characters.

103's general building policy has been updated to the effect: We're not here to slow you down from reaching character goals. We want you to reach R20!


  • The Adventurer's League now exists in Cor Noth. It's a very sparse bare-bones building, and it's up to players to expand its capabilities.

Its humble beginnining starts with a single facility - a forge. This forge gains power from melted elemental fragments, heartstone shards, elemental chunks, and major heartstones. Sacrifice them to improve the forge. There are 10 tiers of power in several categories. Each odd tier opens up a new mod. The higher the tier, the higher the mod the forge can enchant on a piece of gear.

For example, a single red heartstone shard will raise the forge permanently to tier 1 in fire. It can then enchant any piece of armor that can normally roll it with 1% fire resistance. The forge ignores item level and is never random. However, if you reroll the values of an item with an instilling shard, those values will respect item level.

With enough tiers unlocked, you can craft some pretty solid gear reliably and for free. For instance, a forge with tier 7 in fire, acid, and shock can craft ~7% fire, acid, and shock resistance on anything you want.

The forge is a community effort, and it will retain its imbued powers forever once you unlock them. Pump it up!


  • Look at its description and it will tell you how to select an additional hex for Noxious Strike.


  • Bumped up base effectiveness of applied hexes.


  • Determination's equation has been changed. Previously, its damage reduction was (Skill*100)/3300 + Stamina/100. Partial points of protection do matter.

The new equation is Skill% * Stamina / 3300, meaning you will get a full -3 at 99% and 100 Stamina. However, for most characters with Stam in more reasonable ranges like 30 to 50, you're looking at 1 to 1.5 points of damage reduction. 70 Stam Draconian = 2.1. Partial points of protection still matter. This is a nerf. Determination was too strong, and was starting to trivialize content all by itself. You can still make a godly tank, but you're going to have to really commit and put a ton of stat points in Stamina for that. In general, we are moving toward a design where stats matter heavily in specific ways. This is the biggest example of that so far, where you can dramatically scale an ability off a stat. If you are 1 Stamina, for example, like a crazy person, you'll get hardly anything.


  • Monsters of level 150 and above now get half their base size added as offense.

Not too worrisome for stuff like statues, who are of comparable size to humans, but lupogg kings and ice dragons are now (rightfully) extremely difficult to evade. For one example, the Lupogg King has 3000 size, so he will gain 1500 offense. If you intend on avoiding this massive creature's attacks, you're probably going to want 2k+ defense.


  • Shal 6's spiritual shield now has 50 base defense, so it can go up to 150 defense, making it even with the sylvan shield.

Holy Shield's supposed to be basically all shields in one, so it's been updated to the new norm.


  • You can now enter Cor Noth from the southern water gate. You'll have to blink to get in, though.

This adds an angle of entry for bowing and casting through the fence.


  • Illusionary Firewall text fixed to reflect the fact that illusionary damage can kill you.
  • Some statue issues fixed up - no more duplicates.



  • You must have played in the last 60 days.
  • You must be within 5 hp of your max (gives some leeway on soth / ao3 and death).
  • You must have level 5 or more in the school if it's a specific statue.
  • You must have three level 5s in magic schools for Greatest Wizard, or three 5s in combat schools for Greatest Warrior.
  • Kraanan is counted for Greatest Warrior, not for Greatest Wizard. (Warrior looks at WC, KC, Banditry, Kraanan).

This distribution does not let the classic 5 wc/5 kraan pure fighter be in the running for Greatest Warrior, but it's necessary so that no one character can ever be in the running for both. We can look at other options if anyone's seriously playing a wc/kraan only character in this day and age.

Additional 'are you actually playing' requirements will probably be added in the near future. Will see how this goes first.


  • Shal crest group heal spell mana cost lowered to 9 + 1 per person healed. (used to be 20 + 20 per person)

Group heal has the potential to be a juggernaut; we'll be watching it.

  • Shal crest bearer now also gets the spell 'Stone to Flesh'... uses unknown.

The bearer of the crest is also immune to whatever that spell might be used against.

  • Sorcery crest no longer ignores enemy elemental resistances. Now it cuts them by 25%. Stacks with witchery hexes.

Examples: 75% resist becomes 25%; 15% becomes -10%. Enemy players can adapt by getting resistance 'over max'. 100% is capped to 75%, but 100% reduced by Sorcerer Crest's 25% is still 75%. The resistances considered are fire, shock, cold, acid, holy, and unholy.


  • Time between casts upped to 4 seconds to reduce the spammy deadliness of faction mages.


  • Buffed to 100% proc rate at max ability, but effect divisor reduced.

A player rightfully pointed out that this skill is best when reliable but weaker than casting. The calculation gives it something like a 40 spellpower max base effect. Increased Hex Effect is then added on top of that. You will have to gear and skill properly to use this best.

PRISM OF DEATH Unholy Xeo'chicatls

  • Chance to cast hold in melee range reduced dramatically (from like 70%+ to 5%). They'll cast Vampiric Drain more often.
  • Unholy xeo's mana cost for Blind was upped to 30, making them capable of casting it once (max mana is 30).

In the Prism of Death, this means they'll probably blind you when they first aggro, but that'll be it. The boss can blind (also for 30 mana), but only outside of melee range. Boss's chance to hold was also reduced to 5%.

Dark Angels

  • Chance to cast blind and hold reduced.


  • Reincarnating with over a million wisdom now gives the proper wisdom bonus.


  • The Stamina equation has changed due to very high Staminas possible with Automaton.

The effect of Stamina above 50 has been halved, so that 100 stamina = old 75 stamina, and 70 stamina (draconian) = old 60 stam.

  • A multiplier based on Enlightenments has been added for experience needed.

A character at 8 Enlightenments needs x2 XP for every HP. A character at 12 Enlightenments needs x3 XP for every HP. A character at 16 Enlightenments needs x4 XP for every HP. A character at 20 Enlightenments needs x5 XP for every HP.

  • This multiplier also boosts XP gained from bosses. (beneficially)

This actually isn't intended to nerf leveling, but rather it's an attempt to get endgame characters to try raid/boss content as part of their leveling process, since bosses give such tremendous XP bonuses now. For example, a 12 enlightenment character with 50 stam may need 15,000 XP for their 100th hp, but a lupogg king gives 9000 XP per kill to that same character. Then there's +60% from tear drops of wisdom in a hall most likely, bringing the total to just about 15k XP. So 1 pogg king = 1 HP at that level of progress.

If this is super unpopular we're not too diehard about it.