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Racial Resistances & Empowerments:
Racial Resistances & Empowerments:
40% resistance to pierce, thrust, slash, and bludgeon
40% Resistance to pierce, thrust, slash, and bludgeon
40% vulnerability to acid, cold, shock, and fire
40% Vulnerability to acid, cold, shock, and fire
Immune to Bleeding
Immune to Bleeding

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Written by Qua Kornedrin, High Sorcerer of Fire


Throughout the history of Biskalane, there have been many misguided attempts at immortality. The first and most obvious was that of fusing one's soul to a constructed chassis that naturally never ages. These automatons were mostly machine, and came with the drawbacks any learned mage might expect. The machine can be constructed to nearly any specification, but takes on no extra attributes regardless of the bonded soul's level of enlightenment.

Automatons live what many consider to be a tortured existence. They cannot experience many of the earthly pleasures of being alive, since they are not technically alive, yet they are subject to most harmful forces, since they are not technically dead. Numerous automaton shells remain stored away in the tombs and catacombs of the Sorcerers, because the first few fools to undergo the recreation process rightfully warned the rest against following suit.

Those who remain trapped in automaton form are indeed ageless, but should be pitied. Many remain rusted solid and unmoving in dark spaces under the earth for all time.


Racial Resistances & Empowerments:

40% Resistance to pierce, thrust, slash, and bludgeon

40% Vulnerability to acid, cold, shock, and fire

Immune to Bleeding

Cannot eat

Cannot drink

Racial Stat Maximums:

100 Might

100 Intellect

100 Stamina

100 Agility

100 Mysticism

100 Aim

Automatons are artificial forms that cannot eat or drink. They have max vigor equal to their Stamina at construction, cannot rest, and gain vigor regularly whether they are working, fighting, or standing still.


You will not have any additional stat points to distribute, regardless of enlightenment level. When you reconstruct, you have a chance to choose your stats anew. Should you fail to choose at the time of reconstruction, you will retain one free stat reset that you can use by going to an Elder and saying 'change stats'.

Your guardian angel will never return once you reconstruct.

Automatons are unlike any living being. It is up to you to determine whether this torturous path is right for you.


To be reconstructed as an automaton, state thus:

I wish to reconstruct as automaton.

This process will destroy all of your worn and held items, and you will forget everything you have learned in this life. You will be as a newborn, save a little wiser for your experiences.