Avar Shaman

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Like the Avar Warriors, the shamans belong to varying clans. They are all level 120 during the day and 130 at night. and share the same loot.

Legend says that the Shaman Avar blind themselves in order to force their third, 'magical' eye to sprout forth. Only a fool would willingly offend one of these fearsome warlocks.

  • Peet-Seeeep are light blue
  • Kyip-Kyip-Kreeet are red

They deal quake damage and can cast the following spells:


Deep in the Jungle
Headquarters of the Noble Avars

Weapon 0
Mundane 40
Magic Weapons -10
Nerudite -20
Bludgeon 0
Pierce 0
Slash 10
Thrust 0
Magic 0
Acid -15
Cold -20
Fire 0
Shock 10
Quake 0
Holy 0
Unholy 0