Biskalane Desert

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The new desert area. It is EXTREMELY dangerous. Populated by xeos, golems, diseased trees, and deadly bandits, only the most powerful characters should venture here.
The environment itself wants you dead as the desert cycles through four elements, each with their own counters and dangers. Bring resist rings!! If you don't have them, farm them from Narthyl Worms and Trolls

Portal to New Desert

The Portal is located in the Basement of the Bourgeois Castle. It is always accessible, and entering the Desert will give you the desert quest chain if you do not have it.


  • Mobs: Acid Xeos and Earth Golems
  • Environmental Effects: Elemental Acid Acid effect.PNG
  • The toxic rain of the desert will corrode your bare skin. Wearing a helmet will protect you.
  • Draconians are immune to the desert's dusk acid rain
Earth Golem
Acid Desert
Ci'xeochicatl.PNG EarthGolem.PNG Aciddesert.PNG
This monster is level 150. This monster is level 200. View of Acid Desert


  • Mobs: Ro'xeochicatls, Fire Golems
  • Environmental Effects - Elemental Heat Fire.gif
  • The desert heat will burn you every few seconds if you are wearing armor.
  • Removing Chest armor or robes will prevent you from taking damage. (you still can use: helmet, gauntlets, and shields)
  • Half-Demons are immune to the desert's day heat
Fire Golem
Fire Desert
Ro'xeochicatl.gif Fire-golem.gif Fire-desert.gif
This monster is level 170. This monster is level 200. View of Fire Desert


  • Mobs: Ice creatures, ice xeos, ice golems.
  • Environmental Effects - Elemental Blizzard Elemental blizzard.PNG
  • The freezing winds of the desert will damage you unless you are wearing disciple robes (it doesn't matter what dedication).
  • Half-Undines are immune to the desert's night blizzard
Ice Creature
Ice Golem
Snowy Desert
Ice Creature.PNG Ice Golem.PNG Ma'xeochicatl.PNG Snow Desert.PNG
This monster is level 160. This monster is level 200. This monster is level 190 View of Snowy Desert


  • Mobs: Ve'ro'xeochicatls and Diseased Trees
  • Environmental Effects - Elemental Static Shock Static.gif
  • The safest of the desert's elements.
  • Growing bright spots will appear and give you a temporary boost to shock resistance.

Diseased Tree
Ve'ro'xeochicatl.gif Diseased tree.gif
This monster is level 170. This monster is level 150.

Nomad Bandit

This desert nomad has been hardened by a life of danger and hardship. It would not be wise to trifle with the tribe.

They can be found on Desert - Desolate Dunes.

Nomad-bandit.gif Nomad-bandit- chest.gif
This monster is level 150. Nomad Bandit Chest

The Ancient Tomb

  • The Ancient Tomb can be found on Desert - Desolate Dunes.
Ancient Tomb Entrance.gif Ancient Statue.gif Ancient Tomb.gif Sorcerous Mortuary.gif
Ancient Tomb Entrance This monster is level 150. The view of Ancient Tomb Sorcerous Mortuary

Timeworn Altars

Located throughout the desert are timeworn altars. Interacting with these altars can bless you with shillings or experience points, or curse you with negative effects.
Also, they can kill you with their magic.

Timeworn Near.PNG TimewornFar.PNG
Close up of an altar Shrine with the altar

Elemental Canyon

This zone is extremely dangerous for the unprepared and flat-footed. Without high elemental and magic resistance, adventurers must take shelter from the raging elements or face certain death.


The shifting sands of the desert are always in motion, regularly changing the landscape. As a general rule, heading east from the portal will eventually lead you to a sheer cliff. There is a break in the cliff leading to the zone connecting the Waylay Oasis. This zone is extremely dangerous, with constant barrages of elements that you must avoid by hiding in cracks. If you are caught in these waves without high resists, death is certain.

Minotaur's Maze

The Exciting, Dangerous, Treasure Filled... And dangerous. Very dangerous Minotaur's Maze. The level of danger cannot be stressed enough. YOU NEED TORCHES! Magical sources of light will not work in the maze.


You cannot leave by dying, as Xaerdun controls life and death in the desert. Dying will send you to Eternal Wastes, where you must bargain with him for your escape. If you say "summon" to him, he will summon your corpse after a set time, allowing you to loot it. You can buy One Pre-Packaged Soul for 64,000 shillings to buy your way out. If you don't have the shillings, Xaerdun will accept a sacrifice of 2 HPs in exchange for passage to the land of the living. Regardless of your means of escape, you still face normal death penalties. Once you have revived, you will find yourself in the Waylay Oasis.