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Survival room now lingers for 5 minutes if you disconnect beyond level 20 and if you have any lives left. This means if you're the last fighter remaining and you accidentally lose connection, you have 5 minutes to get back in.

But this won't apply on your last life, so you can't extend a survival when you're about to lose.


  • All monsters in a chaos stratum have a chance to drop one or more shards. Bosses always drop at least 4.
  • Kills needed dropped by 60 across the board. Now equal to chaos level. So the first one you buy is 40 kills instead of 100.
  • You can now PvP properly within.
  • The entrances from the real world work properly.
  • You can't replace someone else's chaos strata until it's done.
  • Loot is dropped normally by bosses instead of given whoever got the killing blow.
  • The mod pool for modifying crystals has been expanded. Generally, each patch will add more mods that alter how monster behave or fight.
  • Monsters in Chaos Strata no longer affect karma.
  • Monster variety increased.


  • Punch relic changed to +0.5 punch damage instead of +1.2 to bring it in line with other relics.


  • Slight tweak down on damage. We'll continue to adjust this (along with adding new abilities to Shadowcraft) as time goes on and we see how people use the school.


  • Moved the three new forget potions to the Mysterious Traveler, since the Seer has a custom buy behavior, oops...



Are now purchasable from Korath at Waylay Oasis. He found them after the defeat of the High Sorcerers by our brave adventurers...
It appears that these crystals can be modified with shards to add strange enchantments to them... for now, only five modifiers are available until the system gets explored by adventurers a bit.


There's a scrying device in the Ancient Ziggurat under the waters of the Great Ocean. It accepts only Scrying Crystals.
When a Scrying Crystal is put in, the device opens a portal to one of the many strata of Chaos radiating from within the world, where the Ancient One sleeps.


The first 5 tiers of chaos strata are now available. These are nightmarish versions of the real world with wildly harder and more chaotic monsters than ever seen before. TP, XP, and drops are all boosted based on difficulty. You can also make a Stratum harder by enchanting the Scrying Crystal used to open it. Doing so improves your chances of getting another Scrying Crystal from the boss within it... and that Crystal will be one step higher difficulty, with a chance of being from a new tier of areas.

Unlike survival, there are no complex special rules going on. PvP is on, death is real, and anyone can attack anyone.

Death is real in a Chaos Stratum. I repeat, death is real there.

Thing is... a Chaos Stratum isn't a tucked-away instance. If you create a Chaos Stratum nightmare version of Main Gate of Tos, then that is where the Stratum is. Anyone with 5 enlightenments or higher will be able to perceive it, and can enter and exit at will through normal doors and edges. Anyone below 5 enlightenments will have no idea anything is different...

Chaos Strata have a boss that appears after a number of kills. That number rises with difficulty. The boss can drop up to two Scrying Crystals.

The boss also has a 1% chance to drop a Bottle of Dye.

Have fun exploring this new system! And please pelt us with feedback. This is a massive endeavor that will probably have many revisions.

In the meantime, solo and guild survival are turned off. Public survival remains for now.


Part 2


  • New creature conversations written by SunnyCat have gone in for Giant Spiders, Scorpions, Skeletons, Living Trees, the Lich, and the Mad King.

(these don't activate quests yet, but soon)

  • The new schools have been enabled for Meditate now that we have enough data about what imping them is like. Thanks for your hard work! Newbies who don't have tons of TPs will appreciate it.
  • Shadowcraft is Jonas, Alchemy is Duke, Bestiary is Cess.
  • Forget potions added for Alchemy, Bestiary, and Shadowcraft.
  • New skills and spells should properly give Accumulated Wisdom when imping them the old fashioned way now.
  • Willpower & Soul Domination imp on any CanControlNewMinion check now, not just when you're at max control. Concession to how annoying it was.


  • Turned off that godawful token rumor spam for League NPCs.
  • Turned on the Mysterious Traveler's teacher talk, e.g. 'level one', 'level two', how much you need for level and so on.


  • Flicker Strike and Shadowstep no longer have any base damage reduction at 99%. They're probably going to be OP now, so bear with us as we see how this goes... see the next section.
  • Breath skill imp rates increased.
  • Pressure Points imp rate greatly increased.
  • Flowing Cloth only imps while wearing a robe now.


  • Punch damage empowerment mods now exist.
  • Punch empowerment mods can roll on rings, necklaces, and so on, but especially on gauntlets and berserker rings. Berserker rings also got a third possible suffix.

In general, berserker rings will always roll offense, punch damage, weapon damage, might, aim, and now also agility. So if you have a 6 mod zerker ring, that's what the 6 mods will be.

  • Punch empowerment mods can be crafted from Quake Tier 2 on the Adventurer's League forge. See next section.


  • Heartstone shards forge value is now 10, up from 2. So previously 100 shards gave 200 value toward the next tier, now 100 gives 1000 points.

Tier 2 starts at 5000 points.


  • Automaton vigor regeneration doubled. You will now reach equal to 99% Fortitude at Reincarnation 10, and double it at Reincarnation 20.

This makes automatons basically inexhaustible at high reincs, so yeah, that's kinda their theme.


  • New Holy Shields ilvl now go to 3x spellpower, up to ilvl 300.
  • New Holy Shields have 4 sockets.

You can remove gems from sockets using herbutte's gem removal tool.

  • Purge now applies the same humbling to players as it does to monsters.

So when a player's purged, not only will they lose buff power like you're used to, their magical resistances will be drastically reduced by the same effect given by Holy damage. However, this source is pure. Holy touch is an attack, so it applies impurely at half strength. Not so here. Pure humbling energy is very effective. A 99 spellpower purge will drain 50% or 60% magical resistances initially. Humbling wears off by roughly 10% resistances every 3 seconds, so it takes 20 to 30 seconds to recover fully.

As a reminder, Humbling can't take someone below 0 resists, so it does not stack well with hexes. Hexes act first, so if your hex takes someone low, humbling won't do very much (or anything at all if the hex hits 0 or lower).

Sorcery's Inert Form helps resist this powerful new piece of Purge, but does not resist the buff-degrading portion. That's because Inert Form resists elemental status effects, which include humbling. Knightcraft's Piety resists the buff-degrading portion, but does not resist the humbling status effect.