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* You can now say 'summon' repeatedly at Priestess Xiana or Xaerdun and get more corpses beyond the first.
If you died repeatedly, your corpse with all your loot on it is probably the last one, so you'll have to summon them all.
(It summons the most recent first).
===THE MAZE===
* Will no longer reset monsters while players are in a room.
Among other things, this means you have all the time you need to take down bosses like the Lava Frog.
Previously, 1 player would fall just a little bit short of soloing the Lava Frog in time if they tried to do it alone.
* Now has its own loot table. Previously it just had the shared 'tough' treasure profile since 1997ish, which is... weird.
It drops mostly cyan mushrooms (highly lucrative loot), but can also drop a jala necklace, a glove, and an amulet of shadows.
* Added an option to turn off applied hexes. Check the bottom of the skill description.
* The bug with Noxious Strike and Blood Runes has been fixed. This comes with a change in behavior:
* Noxious Strike will not attempt to apply hexes if the target is already hexed.
That means if you manually cast a hex, for example, you won't override it with your noxious strikes.
Blood Runes' second hex checks for 2 hexes to prevent casting, so if you manually hex someone, your noxious strike will always apply your 'also' chosen noxious strike hex.
That sounds confusing, so I'll put it this way:
1: You have both Blood Runes and Noxious Strike.
2: You choose Barbs as your first hex, and Humility as your second hex.
3a: Manually hit a fresh target, they'll get Barbs and Humility.
3b: If instead you cast Sap on a fresh target and then hit them, they'll get only Humility.
3c: If instead you cast Sap and Slow on a fresh target and then hit them, they'll get no hexes at all from Noxious Strike.
In other words, you have complete control over your hexes now.
* Backstab has had one major buff and a careful package of damage changes.
Backstabs were initially limited to working on players & monsters at 95% hp or above, AKA nearly full health.
The thinking was that Backstab was intended to be a PvP opener to put your opponent on surprise back footing.
We didn't want builders getting instakilled out of nowhere.
It turns out that Backstab is most dangerous and has the least counterplay near inns and in towns,
where fully built players are full health and have very little chance to react to a Backstabber.
In at least one instance, a fully buffed 135 hper died in one hit simply stepping out of an inn.
That's not exactly what we were looking for with Backstab's design.
* Backstab no longer requires a minimum HP on the target.
This is a setting now, and we've set it to zero for the time being.
That means you can backstab any player or monster of any health.
Damage changes:
* The portion of damage from Aim has been changed to 'Aim/2 capped to +50%', rather than simply 'Aim capped to +70%.'
The previous system made Aim over 70 useless. Now you will see effects all the way up to 100 Aim.
This keeps Backstab heavily reliant on your Aim stat.
* The portion of damage from Backstab skill has been reduced to a max of 50% more damage, down from 100% more damage.
Non-dagger weapons still retain a /2 modifier on these bonuses,
so while a Dagger backstab with 100 Aim can do 100% more damage, an Axe backstab can only do 50% more damage.
* Against players, Backstab can never do more than 2/3rds of the target's health.
Realistically, the above percentage damage changes are less important than this cap.
The equation changes just reduce 'waste' damage most of the time (like if you did 130 damage reduced to 80 against a 120 HPer, that's a lot of wasted damage).
Nothing else has changed.
Backstab still ignores target resistances, bypasses damage caps, and always hits.
---- Discussion ---
This new behavior still allows you to instakill players.
However, those players, instead of being fully built and fully buffed players in town, will shift demographics.
The players most likely to die to a Backstab are:
1: Builders who are at least somewhat wounded.
We like this demographic for this because they are active, out in the world, and have a chance for counterplay by seeing you sneak up.
2: PvPers who are already fighting someone else.
We like this demographic because again, they are active, already out, and you must sneak up on them mid-battle.
The situation that has been completely removed is that of a Backstabber sitting outside an inn door and instakilling full HP full buffed characters that step out unknowingly.
And of course you can still start off any fight with your opponent at 1/3rd health if you pull off a Backstab. The rest is up to you.
For anyone doing damage calculations, this means that the 135 damage strike reported above can still happen - to a 203 HP character, likely some sort of Draconian HP tank.
203 * 2/3 = 135.
People just won't be dying instantly in one hit from full health anymore.
This gives PKs a powerful new tool they didn't have before.
Previously, PKing with standard attacks is pretty severely hampered by a 1/3rd max health cap.
Even a 50 HPer requires at least 3, sometimes 4 hits (because of regen) to kill.
However, Backstab is the first skill in the game specifically designed to do 2/3rds instead of 1/3rd.
Be wary.
* Players with Gnome Ancestry have:
* +20% damage with nerudite. This includes nerudite swords and arrows.
* 20% blind/dazzle resistance (additive with Profane and Sacred Resonance, multiplicative with eagle eyes)
* 10% resistance to many mundane monster attack damage types: Claw, Whip, Bite, Sting
* -25% weakness to fire
Maximum Stats:
50 Might
55 Intellect
10 Stamina
40 Agility
50 Mysticism
70 Aim
Gnomes have 40 resting max vigor and eating capacity as poor as a half-demon.
They have infravision almost as good as Draconians, but still only half as good as half-orc.
They have slightly smaller body mass than full humans, taking knockbacks, stuns, and bleeds the way drow and half elves do.
* Items now don't lose any mods on breaking except cursed status.
You can still break a curse by breaking the weapon.
However, everything else - colhorr, procs, soft white light, and so on will now remain.
This is because there is now a spell somewhere in the game that can repair even broken items.
* Conciliation, the anti-kraan song, now adds up to 16% resistance to enchanted attacks and weapons.
This means mystics, kraan dedicated weapons, and xeo attacks (among other mobs).
It also adds up to 16% resistance to punch.
Neither of these are visible in stat bars.
* Disharmony now adds up to 33% quake resistance. This is not visible in stat bars.
You'll primarily see this type of damage from avar shaman attacks and the spell earthquake.
* Spellbane now adds up to 33% to general magic resistance. This is visible in stat bars.
This is exactly as strong as it sounds.
It's a level 5 song and has never been as strong as it should have been.
Good luck with that mana cost though :)
===MANA MOD===
* Had its upper limit increased so ilvl matters more at the top end.
* Bleeding was moved slightly in the damage equation so that you will always take bleed's bonus damage against you.
Previously, Determination could cancel out the first 3 bleed damage. It still can, but not once you near 0 damage taken.
Now, Determination happens, damage is floored to 0, then bleed is applied.
So your new 'minimum damage taken', instead of 0, is equal to the number of bleeds on you.
As a reminder, players with bleed mastery can apply bleeds that add up to 2 damage instead of 1.
So for example, three bleeds on you from a player with 99% bleed mastery will make your minimum 6 damage taken.

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