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* There is now a new school of charming, summoning, and minion spells called Bestiary.
* There is now a new school of charming, summoning, and minion spells called Bestiary.
(delayed for the subsequent sub-patch)

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  • Can now be encountered and fought somewhere horribly dangerous. Do you have what it takes to save Biskalane?

The High Sorcerers are unlike any encounter you've had before. They are intelligent, and they don't want to die. Expect incredible danger.


  • Effect of spellpower greatly buffed. Night Vision should feel useful in all situations now.



  • Monster spell system had a complete overhaul.

Monsters now have much better spell AI, including separate strategy sets for spells. For example, if you hit living trees with fire, they'll start to use spells you wouldn't otherwise see them use...

Monsters that cast their 'close combat' spells will do so instead of attacking that round, rather than in addition to attacking like before. They will also have a cast animation that in some cases may be specific hints that a devastating spell is 'charging up.'

Monsters casting 'ranged spells', however, will continue to move. Just because it's awkward if they keep stopping to bolt you.

Monsters also have 'special set' spells now that react in special circumstances. For example, the Pogg King will 'monstrous roar' when held, blinded, or dazzled.

There is now a minimum time between spell casts for individual monsters. 'Aggro spell spam' has become something of an issue at times when a monster enters chase behavior multiple times a second.

Monster spellpower is now subject to all the same bonuses and penalties you are. If you cast Darkness, monster Qor spells will get stronger, for example. They are also affected by server's shrines, antimagic aura, mana convergence, and dement the same way you are. Nomads wearing robes / torches get Faren bonuses from that, for another example. Monster's Kraanan secondary bonus isn't based on vigor (since they have no vig stat) but on % health remaining (10 kraanan sp at full health, down to 1 at near death). Individual monsters also have different spell powers for spells. For example, one Shaman might be great at earthquake, while another might be bad at it, but good at hold.

Antimagic aura and dement are strongly effective against monsters, so try them out if you're having trouble with spells. They won't stop the frequency of spell casts, just lower the power.


These come from the Test of Mind and Body, and you can only have one per character. It remains through reincarnations.

  • Axe Wielding adept skill is in. Your exertion while cleaving with an axe will be greatly reduced.
  • Fortitude adept skill is in. Your max vigor gets +40 if you have Fortitude.
  • Heavy Arms adept skill is in. While in the Heavy Arms stance, damage you receive is reduced by 20% before all other modifiers.


A number of monsters & bosses gained base experience bonuses. Instead of just getting basic experience equal to any other mob kill, you'll now get more. This bonus is reduced to half or zero the same way normal experience is if you're overleveled compared to the mob.

  • Air elementals +170
  • Dark angels +400
  • Dragonfly queen + 435
  • Ice dragon +15000
  • Elementals +190
  • Lieutenant elementals + 380
  • Ghost +40
  • Kriipa +110
  • Lava Frog +2000
  • Lupogg King +3000
  • Orc Pit boss +115
  • Orc Wizard +20
  • Mutant Ants +65
  • Scorpion +65
  • Snow Rat +20
  • Spider Queen +215
  • Thrasher +50
  • Yeti +150
  • Queen Groundworm +40
  • Vix'xeochicatl +5000


  • You can now swim out from the Great Ocean. This area is a test preceding more extensive underwater areas. Please provide feedback :)


  • Hatchet is a smaller, swifter axe type.

It counts as an axe for all skills, but has 80% cleave damage instead of 100%, and has 8% chance to cause bleeds instead of 2%. Otherwise, it has the same damage type and quality as the traditional axe. It weighs 70 ems instead of 90 like the heavier axe. It uses axe wielding as its proficiency.


  • Blood Maul is a heavier hammer that uses inlaid runes to cause bleeds instead of stuns.

It counts as a hammer for all skills, but is always considered 'magic'. It has a 7.5% chance to cause bleeds. It weighs quite a bit more than a regular hammer. It is high quality, meaning it has slightly more base damage. It uses hammer wielding as its proficiency.


  • Flail is a mace on a chain that deals both bludgeon and pierce damage.

It can cause both bleeds and stuns, albeit at small percentages each. It has higher bulk than a mace. It can cleave, but only at 40% effectiveness. Because it is normal quality instead of low like a mace, it has slightly higher base damage than a mace. Thanks to its chain, it has .5 units more range than mace, making it 2.5 range (for comparison, fencing is 3). It uses mace fighting as its proficiency.


  • Bandit scimitar is a low-quality, and thus slightly lower damage, version of a scimitar.

It counts as a scimitar, has 8% chance to bleed (instead of 4%), and can cleave equally as well as a scimitar. It uses scimitar wielding as its proficiency.


  • Knight's helm is a heavy armor helm. It offers 10% (!) weapon resistance... but lowers spellpower by -20.


  • Runed helm is a light magical helm. It offers 3% magic resistance and does not lower spellpower at all.


  • Spiked helm is a defensive helm. It offers 80 defense, but only 1% weapon resistance.


  • Sylvan Shield offers 150 defense but only 2% weapon and magic resistance.

All of these new items are found in the Maze's Ancient Armoury, bosses, and hidden chests, among other places.


  • Holding a statue will grant you a bio title.
  • Holding a statue will grant you a 'crest' item, which has its own unique equipment slot so that you can always wear one.

These crests can be be powerful, since only one person will ever have each at a given time, and you're able to compete over them by taking statues.

Greatest Adventurer (Crest of the Adventurer): Does nothing on its own, but can be enchanted with shard mods to customize it. (Other crests can't be enchanted)

Greatest Wizard (Crest of the Wizard): +20 spellpower, all schools.

Greatest Warrior (Crest of the Warrior): +5 melee damage, all weapons.

Shal (Crest of the Healer): While equipped, grants a level 6 shal 'group heal' spell.

Qor (Crest of the Necromancer): Animated minion limit is doubled. Currently goes from 4 to 8.

Faren (Crest of the Elementalist): While equipped, grants level 6 area spells Firestorm and Ice Nova.

Weaponcraft (Crest of the Soldier): +200 offense, double health regeneration.

Banditry (Crest of the Bandit): +200 defense, double tumbling.

Knightcraft (Crest of the Knight): 20% resistance to every individual physical damage type, and stun and knockback resistance.

Witchery (Crest of the Witch): +1 max hex.

Sorcery (Crest of the Sorcerer): Your elemental damage ignores elemental resists. (Acid, fire, shock, cold behave as if 0. 'magic resistance' still counts. Hexes are useless).

Jala (Crest of the Bard): Your songs can't be discorded.

Riija (Crest of the Trickster): Your illusionary damage never 'heals back' on victims.

Kraanan (Crest of the Juggernaut): Your buffs can't be purged.

Alchemy (Crest of the Alchemist): ?

  • The statues also now function correctly for today's state of the game.

First off, inactive users are no longer counted. It didn't add anything to the game having the statues owned by people who hadn't logged on in years. Next, the statues are no longer based on total %s, because that doesn't really make sense when you can reincarnate and meditate into anything. So, instead:

  • Greatest Adventurer goes to the character with the highest total accumulated wisdom.
  • Greatest Wizard goes to the character with level 6s in the most magic schools, then with highest mana if tied, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Greatest Warrior goes to the character with level 6s in the most weapon schools, then with the highest health if tied, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Riija goes to a level 6 Riija character with the highest Intellect, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Faren goes to a level 6 Faren character with the highest Mysticism, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Kraan goes to a level 6 Kraan character with the highest Stamina, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Shal goes to a level 6 Shal character with the highest Karma, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Qor goes to a level 6 Qor character with the lowest Karma, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Jala goes to a level 6 Jala character with the highest Mana, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of WC goes to a level 6 WC character with the highest Agility, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of KC goes to a level 6 KC character with the highest Might, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Banditry goes to a level 6 Banditry character with the highest Aim, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Sorcery goes to a level 6 Sorcery character with the highest Mysticism, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Witchery goes to a level 6 Witchery character with the highest Mysticism, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Alchemy goes to a random user at this time.

These rules were chosen so that players who have more accumulated wisdom can't simply reincarnate into a new spec and take statues. Those players who have dedicated time, stats, and equipment into raising Agility, for example, can keep the Master role over someone with higher Wisdom.

The statues have the hierarchy listed, and you can't have more than one, so if you qualify for Greatest Wizard while having Jala 6, you won't also get the Jala statue.

Yes, the statues as designed have varying difficulties of achieving and maintaining maximum status. For example, with Shal and Qor, there's a heavier emphasis on wisdom, since Karma's simple to maintain at 100/-100.

The statues update on patch days and then every 24 hours. If your statue looks goofy, change your clothes, and the statue will follow suit at the 24 hour refresh time. In cases where the notes say 'mana', it means max mana when not counting reservation. You won't lose a statue just because you reserved some buffs. For mana and health, all other modifiers count. Zealous Fervor, Crystalize Mana, items, etc.


  • Monsters now have creature types, such as animal, undead, magical, mundane, intelligent, elemental...

It's up to you to figure out what's what.


  • There is now a new school of charming, summoning, and minion spells called Bestiary.

(delayed for the subsequent sub-patch)


  • ATCK_SPELL_DRAIN applies:
  • Drained. For each point of STATUS_DRAINED on you, your maximum health is reduced by 1 point.

Drained is applied by extremely rare and deadly monsters, and applies 1 point of draining per 1 point of damage. For example, if a monster capable of Draining hits you for 7 damage, you will lose 7 maximum health temporarily. You regain one lost max health point every 3 seconds. Your maximum health can't go lower than 20. STATUS_DRAINED doesn't affect any advancement calculations. If you are hit by a player while your health is drained, all 'damage caps' take your current max health in mind. For example, if you are white and drained down to 20 hp, a player can't kill you in one hit. The most they can do is 6-7. Monsters don't care about the cap. They can and will instakill you if you are extremely drained.

  • ATCK_SPELL_CHARM applies:
  • Charmed. For each point of STATUS_CHARMED on a player or monster, the damage they deal is reduced.

If a monster's STATUS_CHARMED exceeds their remaining health, they become the minion of the charmer. In other words, it's easier to charm monsters you've already somewhat damaged. Charm spells apply more points of STATUS_CHARMED than the damage they deal. The exact ratio depends on a number of factors. The exact numbers aren't as important as knowing that higher level spells are better.

Fully charming someone else's minion will make it yours instead. Monsters do have charm resistance, often based on level and toughness. Some monsters can't be charmed at all, either because of high resistance, or the appropriate spell for their monster type doesn't exist. (Charm Insect, Charm Animal, Charm Undead, Charm Humanoid etc...)

Players can only be harmed by Charm Humanoid, level 5. If a player's STATUS_CHARMED exceeds their remaining health, their outgoing damage is 0, but other effects on the victim, like bleeding, still take effect. This is the same point at which a monster would be fully charmed (STATUS_CHARMED > health remaining). A mysterious willpower from beyond this world prevents true domination of a player's actions, however.


  • The Lava Frog now respawns every 6 hours, too.
  • The Lava Frog and the Ice Dragon won't 'reset' at elemental phase change now.
  • Nerudite armor, as dropped by the Ice Dragon, can now have sockets.


  • The monster size range bonus now is also given to spells, not just attacks. For example, you can blast of fire the lupogg king from a bit further away.


  • Can have sockets now.


  • Now has correct visuals when viewing another player/monster/object crossing it in Hardware Renderer mode. You will never know how hard this was to pull off.


  • Now have their angles restored. When and how the proper angles of hall chests were lost, we'll never know. But they're back now.