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Patch testing -

Testing Results
Pull Request Test Results - Daenks Delerium Morbus Keen
729 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
720 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
719 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
718 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
717 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
714 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
713 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
712 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
711 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
709 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
708 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
707 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
706 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
696 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5

Additional Comments

Place any notes regarding the update here if there is insufficient room in the table.

Update 15 ( Pull Request List

729 - Lower Seduce costs.
720 - Heartstone and Kocatan room code formatting. Heartstones no longer deleted by room item disposal.
719 - Lower fountain.wav by 8dB.
718 - Convict
717 - Don't penalize XP for dodging
714 - Stop attacks against own minions.
713 - Adjust mob chance to cast for movement upgrades.
712 - Fix broken text on reflection or evil twin deletion. Fix errors with faction flags being sold to NPCs.
711 - New high resolution grid with heights (heightmap)
709 - Prevent skeletons from spawning in side rooms
708 - Re-add bonkstick to the game.
707 - Fixed a bug that made it possible to create unreadable posts on a news.....
706 - More intuitive Apparition fail message for caster, update Glow description/resources, lower Glow cost to 10 mana from 15. Fix guild disband error, stop characters gaining defense from hitpoints over 150.
696 - Changed the help link to point to the openmeridian wiki gameplay portal.

Update 15 ( Patch Notes

Gameplay Changes
- Monsters now move in smaller step sizes - each 'square' they could move on has been divided into 16 smaller squares which they can move on.
- Monsters can now move in almost all areas of a room. This means they will no longer be blocked from entering corners or tight spaces to attack players.
- 'Line of Sight' code has been vastly improved - if you can walk directly to a monster, it will be able to attack you.
- Minion movement around their master has been slowed down to avoid them constantly getting in the way.
- Dodging all of a monster's attacks now gives the same XP on kill as being hit by it.
- You can no longer attack your own minions.
- Monster healing is slightly faster, but as before they only heal when not in combat.
- Skeletons no longer spawn in the side rooms in the main room of Castle Victoria.
- Player movement should appear much smoother now and more accurately reflect where a player is.
- Seduce reagent cost lowered from 2 moss/3 claws to 1 moss/2 claws, mana cost lowered from 22 to 18 and vigor from 20 to 14.

Bug Fixes and Misc.
- The improved monster movement and line of sight mean that nearly all safe spots will no longer work.
- Spell fizzles caused by bad 'Line of Sight' should no longer occur.
- Monsters are now more responsive due to a faster timer governing when they take an action (due to the smaller movements they now make). Monsters should move at the same overall speed as they did before but it will appear much smoother.
- Fixed some graphical errors in Island sewers.
- Tos fountain sound is now softer.
- Added Escaped Convict class for events.
- Firewalls no longer kill minions you couldn't otherwise attack.
- Fix missing text on deletion of a reflection or evil twin.
- Fix error when faction flag sold to NPCs.
- Fixed bug with unreadable posts on the globes.
- Improved the fail message when attempting to cast Apparition in a 'full' room (+25 monsters).
- Updated spell description and spell text for Glow, and lowered the cost to 10 mana from 15.
- Changed 'Help' link in client to point to Wiki.
- Fixed timer errors caused by manually disbanding a guild.
- Stopped characters gaining defense from hitpoints over 150. This really only affects event characters and immortals with more than 150HP.