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Very little is known about the demon of sadism beyond comments from NPCs and that his hexes are primarily monster only.
Celegorm says, "He sometimes manifests when his followers are slain. Don't be present when that happens."
Iwodach says, "The most common reaction to Raumlar is fear."
Kerrenor says, "A twisted nightmare blight upon existence. I've seen him rip men apart for no reason at all..."
Korath says, "If old Raumlar gets a hold of you, child, kill yourself. 'twould be mercy, compared."
Lucius Aragone says, "Don't. Just don't."
Nequzon says, "Raumlar's objectivity has been lost. His experiments violate ethical protocols." Vecka says, "Raumlar doesn't scare me."
Vrinna says, "He is misunderstood. His tortures are simply a byproduct of his desire to learn the ins and outs of your pleasure and pain responses. One day he may even come to realize that we are creatures of sentience and free will. For now, I suggest you avoid him at all costs."
Xaerdun, Demon of Greed says, "Why are you saying his name? Don't tell him you saw me."