Surviving the Desert

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Surviving the desert takes preparation but it really is quite a fun place. There are four phases, three of which have damaging environmental effects unless the corresponding prism is down. An easy way to tell without taking damage is to right click the effects near the top of your main view screen. If the description ends with "Strangely, there doesn't seem to be any effect..." you're safe.

First, I recommend reading the Desert page at least once. It provides you with the times of each phase and how to counter the effects.


  • Nerudite Armor - The 40% magic resist provided drastically increases your chances of surviving the raging elements (I'll go into those soon).
  • Plate Armor to farm (once you're more comfortable]].
  • Any type of helmet for the Evening/Acid phase. Wearing one protects you from the environmental acid rain.
  • Robes for the nighttime/ice phase.
  • Resist Rings
  • Rescue potions if you can't rescue (until you are more familiar with the areas). While you can recall to safety, it takes time and concentration.
  • Rod of Healing - you can use these while recovering from phasing or while held.
  • Nomad Shield if you have one (for raging elements)
  • Regular shield of your preference for farming.
  • Foods
  • If you have Jala songs, great! Many of them increase your elemental or magic resistance.
  • You can add resistances to your gear with shards or the Magical forge. I have different sets of pants/shirts with different resists on them.

The rationale for neru/nomad shield is that combined, you will have 50% magic resistance. If you have Kraan 5, you can get up to 65% magic resistance which greatly increases your chance of surviving raging elements. Combining that with Resist Rings and/or Faren resists means you can basically stand in the raging elements and drool happily while taking almost no damage.

Environmental Effects

Here's a quick breakdown.

  • Morning/Lightning = safe
  • Day/Fire = no armor or robes unless you're a half-demon.
  • Evening/Acid = wear a helm. Masks don't count.
  • Night/Cold = wear robes if you aren't half-undine.

The damage from Night/Day can be ignored with sufficient magic/fire resist (50-60+)


This horrible nasty mechanic is found in a few areas and has claimed more than a few players. A harrowing cleft and the two Cliffbound River areas. With low resists, you WILL die when it hits you. In the harrowing cleft you can avoid it by moving into the areas marked in the map. It is basically a moving light that deals elemental damage (based on the time of day) while you stand in it. This is not to be confused with the random lights you might see in the desert. Those are actually beneficial.


Xeos and golems are quite tough. Scimitars are ideal, particularly hold, blind, or corrosive. With every prism active, night time is the worst time to farm as you have to wear a robe which increases physical and magical damage taken by 10% and ice xeos love their Hold spell. Fire is next as you can't wear armor. Acid and lightning are fine but beware the earth golems during the acid phase, they love to stun. Be careful fighting bandits. If you attack one, they will all attack you unless you use Sneak/Hide and focus on the leader. The others will leave you alone until you attack them, which is odd but helpful.