Sword of the Hunt

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This weapon is truly a fine piece of workmanship. Intricate organic carvings intertwine along the hilt, enclosing an exquisitely beautiful gem, almost as if it were an eye gazing calmly back at you. Indeed, every now and then out of the corner of your eye you almost catch it blinking.

You must have at least 61HP and be an innocent character (white).

It will alter your stats as follows:

  • +10 Might
  • -5 Intellect
  • -5 Mysticism
  • +10 Aim

It will add vigor to the wearer for every creature or player killed in their area. The most vigor is gained from negative karma creatures such as trolls. The Hunter does not have to kill the creature/player to gain vigor in this way.

If the Hunter kills something that takes his karma below -30 the Sword will damage the wielder. Each attack raises the Hunter's karma by about +4 and deals them about 5-6 damage. The attacks come every 3-4 seconds.

If the wielder of a Sword of the Hunt becomes an outlaw the sword will leave them and re-spawn wherever it was found. The sword will also leave the wielder if they die.

Unlike the disadvantages Necromancer's face, wielders of the Sword of the Hunt can change weapons at will.


Name Value
Primary Stat
Damage Type
Mendable No
Enchantable No
Protection vs Magic No
Magical Find No