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103 has a variety of useful text commands that may not be obvious.

School & Intelligence report

Say out loud, "What schools am I?"

Example response:

You take a moment of introspection. Looking inward, you see knowledge of:

6 Weaponcraft

3 Kraanan

1 Faren

You are intelligent enough to learn 4 more levels.

As a reminder, levels one and two of any school are easier to learn; together, they count as one full level.

Automatic inventory sorting

  user_say_inventory = "inventory"
  user_say_inv_sort_clear = "inventory sort clear"
  user_say_inv_sort_report = "inventory sort report"
  user_say_inv_sort_add = "inventory sort add "
  user_say_inv_sort_help = "inventory sort help"
  user_say_inv_sort = "sort inventory"

Survival Arena