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The powerful smell of rotted flesh and embalming herbs assault your nostrils. This shambling horror in front of you seems like it was crafted in madness, and birthed in nightmares. Various limbs, none of them matching, sprout from this monster in disarray, and in its eye a strange malignance glows. Run for your life.

Level 150

Attacks twice, may cast Enfeeble when it hits. Utilizes a spin attack when surrounded.

Located in level three of the Marion Crypt.

Blue Dragon Scale
Dark Angel Feather
Purple Mushroom
Inky Cap Mushroom
Night Vision Potion
Berserker ring
Red Mushroom
Mystic Sword

Weapon 0
Magic Weapons 0
Nerudite 0
Bludgeon 50
Pierce 50
Slash 50
Thrust 0
Magic 0
Acid 0
Cold 0
Fire -20
Shock 90
Quake 0
Holy -15
Unholy 50