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General Changes

Vigor drain caused by narthyl worm hits was far too high with safe spots removed and the possibility of multiple aggro. Lowered the vigor loss min bound from 3 to 0, and the max from 7 to 3. In testing vigor still noticeably drops, but no longer requires the player to rest or be constantly too full to eat.

Frogmen tougher range increased from 75 to 85.

Height is now a factor in fighting. Mobs and players will no longer be able to attach each other when their heights are greatly different. ie no more getting attacked from the bottom of cliffs.

Training points are awarded every day, even when you miss a day. New players are awarded training points the first time they log in.

Raza’s fruit trees should now start blooming in the spring.

Stat bar added for bulk carried items such as regs. This is different than weight carried and will give you a better idea of when you are reaching your maximum item weight.

Survival Arena

Players can work together in a new instanced challenge.

Say "start solo survival" in any safe area to begin a survival challenge by yourself.

Say "start guild survival" in any safe area to begin a survival challenge that your other guild members have one minute to join. Your guild can only run one survival at once. If you're too late, you can't join.

Say "start public survival" in any safe area to begin a survival challenge that anyone on the server can join in the next five minutes. The server will only allow one public survival at any given time. If you're too late, you can't join until everyone inside dies.

Say "join guild survival" in any safe area to do the expected.

Say "join public survival" in any safe area to do the expected.

If you wish to exit the area, log out of the game and when you will return to an inn.

Reagents are consumed during the arena.


+50 shillings per kill every level, +1 TP every level, +1 item dropped every 4 levels, +1 xp per 5 levels (Subject to change depending on balance issues.)

The survival arena will be a random Monster Room with similar spawn points, lighting, etc. A survival room can spawn almost any monster type, along with 1 boss and 2 minibosses each round. The round only advances once players complete a certain number of kills and, at times, a boss or two miniboss kills. Players share a pool of extra lives. If you die and have lives left, you will use up a life and respawn at the blink spot with full health and mana. Extra lives can be gained by doing certain challenges. For right now, those are (at random) killing a boss, killing two minibosses, or killing another player. Players can murder each other at any time without using up a 'life' - and the victims are expelled from survival. There are no consequences for dying in a survival arena. You can improve and gain XP in a survival arena. Each round clears all mobs for 20 seconds, after which harder monsters appear for the next level. Rewards increase each level.

Stat Resets are in the game!

To reset your stats you will need to visit one of the elders around Meridian. Everyone is provided a stat reset token upon login. Tokens will decay from inventories and vaults 60 real life days from the time they are acquired. Tokens have a change to drop off of any mob that you have a chance to get a tougher from.

When using the Stat Reset window you will notice that all the same sliders that you saw when you created your character. Due of the nature of your current progress any changes made to stats that lower a vital stat such as int or stam will affect spell levels and hp. For example, if you currently have 30 stam and 130 hp but lower your stam to 15, you will instantly lose 15 hit points. Also lowering your int/stam might result in you needing to adjust the school level sliders on the bottom. If you are a master of four magic but lower your int to 20, you will not be able to do so until you remove some levels off of some of your schools. In addition, you will lost 2% skill/spell points per point that is moved around.

Guardian Angels return when you’re in need.

If you are under 100 hp and are slain by another player, the guardian angel that protected you when you first started will sense that you were murdered and will rush to aid you. They will protect you for an addition three hours after your death. If you are over 100 hp they will send you a pitty post card when they find the time.

This option can be turned off in the Preferences menu.

New herald shields

Fehr’loi Quan has sent a new shipment of herald shields out to his storage area in Castle Victoria. He is known for his metal smithing, not the security of his wooden crates. <wink wink> New herald shield color choices are: dark green, dark grey or black paired with one of three skin tones, red or blue paired with black, and black paired with white (two translations for this, will flip where each color is on the shield).