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Witchery is a very unique school of spells and skills practiced by the witches of Biskalane. Their magic comes not from the Meridian, but through alliances with demons from realms orthogonal to our very existence. As such, their abilities are unlike anything seen in our lands. It is this fundamental difference that allowed their magic to survive unscathed through the cataclysm centuries ago, while many other lands and magics were forever changed.

Witchery’s spells are all Hexes, which are debuffs that do not do anything themselves. Instead, they react to other conditions on the afflicted target. For example, they may increase fire damage taken, or reduce outgoing damage from melee weapons. Witchery’s skills increase hex duration, increase hex effectiveness, or reduce hex mana costs, reduce hex vigor costs, or offer hex resistance.

Hexes have an inherent 'limit' in number. The default limit is one, meaning a player or monster that already has a hex will lose a random hex if another is cast on him.

Hexes tend to have a very high mana and vigor casting cost and long flat duration. Hexes all scale in effect based on caster ability and bonuses, as well as target Hex Resistance. Hexes inform the whole room when they are cast.

While Witchery magics are accessed through demons, those demons have ancient rivalries, and will not teach students from hated enemies.

Xaerdun, the demon of greed, has issue with Ventdal for her altruistic tendencies.

Those who draw power from an ancient pact with the demon Nequzon tend to favor magical combat and the untamed elements. Allies of Nequzon may not learn Iwodach magics.

Those who have learned from Iwodach draw their traditions from the ancient Biskalane battle witches. They favor scholarly knowledge employed through physical combat. Iwodach battle witches revile the careless passions of Nequzon followers.

Not all students of witchery are keen on harming others. The demoness Ventdal protected witches during their persecution, and she still protects those who forsake greed. She won't offer her power to followers of Xaerdun.

Nobody knows how to ally with the demon of sadism, Raumlar. His hexes are rare and powerful. (generally monster only hexes)


Level Cost Name Reagents NPC Chance
to Imp
1 500 Weaken 2 Cold Fragments Iwodach 30
2 1000 Arcane Knowledge Iwodach 35
3 2000 Corruption Iwodach
Humility Iwodach
4 4000 Ancient Pact Iwodach
Efficient Casting Iwodach
Noxious Strike Iwodach
5 8000 Frailty Iwodach
6 16000 Black Mantle Iwodach


Level Cost Name Reagents NPC Chance
to Imp
1 500 Barbs Nequzon
2 1000 Corrosion 2 Entroot Berry Nequzon
3 2000 Algidity Nequzon
Rote Memorization Nequzon 45
4 4000 Conductivity Nequzon
Flammability Nequzon
5 8000 Vulnerability Nequzon
6 16000 Ostracization Nequzon


Level Cost Name Reagents NPC Chance
to Imp
1 500 Nightgrip Vrinna 30
Sever 1Shock Fragment Vrinna 30
2 1000 Thorns 1Shock Fragment Vrinna 70
Weariness 1Cold Fragment Vrinna 30
3 2000 Becloud Vrinna
4 4000 Vengeance Vrinna
Mana Shield Vrinna
5 8000 Aversion Vrinna
Spirit Shackles Vrinna
6 16000 Hermitage Vrinna


Level Cost Name Reagents NPC Chance
to Imp
1 500 Fester Xaerdun
Mute Xaerdun
2 1000 Exhaustion Xaerdun
Leeches 1 Herb Xaerdun
3 2000 Sap Xaerdun
4 4000 Bestill Xaerdun
5 8000 Slow Xaerdun
Unhallowed Runes Xaerdun
6 16000 Blood Runes Xaerdun