Adventurer's League of Meridian

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The Adventurer's League exists in Cor Noth. It was a very sparse bare-bones building located in the western side of the town, but the adventurers of Meridian have expanded its capabilities quite a bit.

Adventurer's League Funding

Swimming in shillings? Donate them to the Adventurer's league for use in its expansion! Once certain thresholds have been reached, new upgrades will be added to the league.

Adventurer's League Forge

This forge gains power from melted elemental fragments, heartstone shards, elemental chunks, and major heartstones. Sacrifice them to improve the forge. There are 10 tiers of power in several categories. Each odd tier opens up a new mod. The higher the tier, the higher the mod the forge can enchant on a piece of gear.

For example, a single red heartstone shard will raise the forge permanently to tier 1 in fire. It can then enchant any piece of armor that can normally roll it with 1% fire resistance. The forge ignores item level and is never random. However, if you reroll the values of an item with an instilling shard, those values will respect item level.

With enough tiers unlocked, you can craft some pretty solid gear reliably and for free. For instance, a forge with tier 7 in fire, acid, and shock can craft ~7% fire, acid, and shock resistance on anything you want. To get the best values possible for items, you will still need to use instilling shards. A shard of empowerment may still be used to raise items up to 6 enchantments IF the item allows it.

The forge is a community effort, and it will retain its imbued powers forever once you unlock them. Pump it up!

Elemental fragments contribute 2 points to the respective forge element. Heartstone shards contribute 10 points to the respective forge element. Chunks of elements contribute an average of 1000 points to the respective element.

New mods of various types are unlocked at levels 3, 5, 7, and 9 in each tier. Tier costs (cumulative, you don't have to duplicate investment):

1: 1 point

2: 5000 points

3: 15000 points

4: 30000 points

5: 60000 points

6: 120000 points

7: 240000 points

8: 480000 points

9: 750000 points

10: 1,000,000 points

Available enchants are in bold text.

Realm Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 5 Tier 7 Tier 9
Fire Fire Resist - Health Might Thrust Resist Fire Damage
Cold Cold Resist - Mana Agility Slash Resist Cold Damage
Acid Acid Resist - Vigor Stamina Armor Acid Damage
Shock Shock Resist - Intellect Melee offense Defense Shock Damage
Holy Holy Resist - Mysticism Melee damage Pierce Resist Holy Damage
Unholy Unholy Resist - Aim Ranged offense Bludgeon Resist Unholy Damage
Quake Bludgeon Damage Unarmed Damage Thrust Damage Slash Damage Pierce Damage Weapon Damage
Illusion - - - - - Magic Damage
  • Armor from T7 acid imbues the item with weapon resistance.

Currently the only way to empower the realms of illusion and quake is through purple and brown heartstones, respectively.

All items except instruments, God Gifts, and necklaces can be forged. These items can still be shard modified.


Check Resistance for the types of resistance. For shard information, elemental damage/resists are acid, cold, fire, and shock while karma damage/resists are holy and unholy. All are a %increase.

Prefix - Health, Vigor, Mana, damage increases, offense/defense increase
Suffix - Resistances, Primary Stats

  • Armor gets weapon resistance, weapon type resists, element resists, health, defense rating, vigor, and mana.
  • Shields get weapon resistance, weapon type resists, element resists, defense rating, vigor, health, Agility, and mana.
  • Resist Rings get element damage, melee base damage, weapon damage, weapon type damage, offense rating, defense rating, element resists, karma resists, weapon type resists, Might, Aim, Agility, and mana.
  • Weapons (excluding the Sword of Riija) get Might, Aim, Agility, melee base damage, weapon damage, and weapon type damage.
  • Robes get mana, melee defense, weapon type resistance, element resistance, vigor, and elemental damage.
  • Gloves get weapon type damage, element type damage, Mysticism, Intellect, and mana.
  • Gauntlets get melee base damage, weapon type damage, element type damage, weapon type resists, elemental resists, unarmed damage, Mysticism, Intellect, and mana.
  • Helmets get weapon type resistance, melee defense, vigor, mana, element type resistance, Agility, health, and weapon resistance.
  • Circlets get melee defense, health, mana, vigor, elemental damage, Agility, elemental resistances, weapon resistance, and weapon type resistances.
  • Ivy Circlets get defense, health mana, vigor, holy damage, Agility, elemental resistances, and weapon type resistances.
  • Jewel of Froz gets Intellect, weapon type resists, Mysticism, mana, element resists, vigor, karma damage, and element damage.
  • Shirts and pants get Melee defense, weapon type resistances, and magic type resistances.
  • Sword of Riija get weapon damage, melee offense, weapon type resistances, and elemental resistances.
  • Berserker rings get weapon damage, melee offense, Might, Agility, unarmed damage, and Aim.
  • Ao3 can get mana, vigor, weapon type damage, weapon damage, elemental type damage, weapon type resistances, elemental type resistances, karma resistances, Might, Agility, Aim, Intellect, Stamina, and Mysticism.
  • Necklace of Jala can get mana, vigor, elemental damage, weapon type damage, unarmed damage, weapon type resistances, elemental resistances, karma resists, Agility, Might, and Aim.
  • Lutes can get Mana, vigor, magic damage, elemental damage, karma resistance, elemental resistance, weapon type resistance, weapon type damage, Agility, Might, Aim, Intellect, and Mysticism.
  • SotH get melee offense, weapon damage, weapon type damage, Might, Agility, and Aim.

Mysterious Traveler

Shadowcraft trainer.

Bestiary Shop

Buy and sell monsters by interacting with Torin B'hob in the basement of the Hall.


by donating to the Adventurer's League Membership statue in the basement, you are able to set the Adventurer's League as your home point. Rycksher works in the bar, selling Inky Cap Mushroom and Oranges

The Seer

Located across the hall from the League's Inn, this NPC will buff you with several level 2 and level 3 Kraanan or Faren spells for a small fee. While the enchantments aren't 99 spellpower, they last for over an hour.