Amulet of the Three

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Amulet of the three.

The opposite of the Sword of the Hunt. There is something deeply disturbing about this amulet. When you look at it in the corner of your eye, you can almost see the evil pouring forth from it.

You must have at least 61HP.

You no longer need to kill monsters or players to keep it from harming you.

It will add mana to the wearer for every creature or player killed in their area. The most mana is gained from positive karma creatures such as Lupoggs. The Necromancer does not have to have killed the creature or player to gain mana in this way. Because nothing says evil like stealing the souls of the fallen to regain mana like some sort of savage.

Repeatedly tugging on the Amulet will cause you progressively large amounts of damage. When you die the amulet will re-spawn at the location it was found. Maybe you should think twice before putting deeply disturbing amulets on your neck, especially ones found on the floor of an ancient, evil city.

Necromancers are now able to use gods gifts while wearing an Amulet of the Three. It turns gray items such as jerkins and Qor master's robes to red. If dispel illusion is cast in the Necromancer's vicinity they are revealed with gray skin and red eyes. While in this form they will take more damage but also deal more damage in combat.

  • The stats granted by the Ao3 would be of benefit to any mage. However, you are opened up to combat against those wielding a SotH.

  • To get one, visit the Goad in Goad's Arena inside Brax and check his bio. They can spawn anywhere in Brax and near Tendrath's location in Cragged Mountains.

If you die while carrying one, it will return to a random spot in Brax.

Token deaths will cause you to drop your amulet.


You can shard the amulet when you first pick it up. However, logging out without equipping the amulet will drop it on the floor. Unlike the SotH, once equipped you CANNOT unequip it.

Item level 200.


Name Value
Weight 25ems
Mendable No
Enchantable YES
Protection vs Magic No
Magical Find No