Bleed Mastery

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Increases the duration and power of all bleeds you inflict. Bleeds that you inflict will cause the victim to take more than 1 extra damage, up to 2 total at 99% and 100 Aim. The extra damage taken is counted fractionally, so nothing is ever rounded or wasted.

For example, a 99% 1 Aim character will inflict bleeds that cause the victim to take 1.5 more damage when hit. They will indeed lose that extra .5 hit point, even it isn't displayed in the rounded health bar. The victim might see the first attack taking 1 extra damage, and the second 2, because 1.5 + 1.5 = 3. Behind the scenes, both were really 1.5.


Will not increase when your target cannot bleed.


Sold by Kerrenor