Curse Weapon

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Makes the target weapon nearly ineffective for a time, and curses the user to wield it until he or she gains divine aid. Requires the blood of a magic-casting beast and teeth of a fierce fighting monster.

Requirements to buy from Maleval: 1 Sweat of the Warrior King, 1 Blood of the Innocent, 75% Hold and at least -80 karma.

When you have -80 or less karma, say "Curse Weapon" to Maleval and he will tell you to bring him the Sweat of the Warrior King. Give him the sweat and he will ask you to bring him some Blood of the Innocent. Give him the blood and he will sell you the spell Curse Weapon.

Say "curse weapon".

Maleval tells you, "Oh, *character name*, it is indeed a pleasure to see you. I have watched your progress in the arcane studies with great interest; rarely have I encountered one so worthy of my tutelage. You may know of my research in the magical arts. Well, I have at last crafted an entirely new spell, grafted together from the energy fields of what the religious rabble would call Faren and Qor. I will teach you my new incantation, if you but perform one small task for me: bring me the sweat of the warrior king, that I may research its mystical properties."

Offer Maleval Sweat of the Warrrior King.

Maleval tells you, "You are a worthy pupil, indeed, *character name*. Ah, the sweat of the warrior king! Can you feel its magical essence, coming off it in waves? The power contained herein is far beyond the trivial religious significance those parlor priests attach to it. This is the stuff of which the universe is fashioned! ..."

Maleval tells you, "Ah yes, the spell, the spell. Sporeburst! Now bring me the blood of the innocent, and I shall teach you that, and more - I have recently discovered another intriguing spell as well."

Offer Maleval Blood of the Innocent.

Maleval tells you, "It has been many moons since the blood of the innocent last touched my lips. Would you care for a sip? It's quite refreshing. Well, return when you wish to learn the sporeburst spell, and we'll have a little toast - To the foolish masses, who offer up their feeble bodies of blood and bone to be swallowed by silent stones or jigging delusory puppet-gods."

You are now able to buy Curse Weapon.


Mana 25
Vigor 40
Reagents 2 Shaman Blood
1 Orc Tooth
Purchased From Maleval
Concentration 20 Seconds