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Note: These commands are all used in the chat Menu.

Most other commands in this help file are used by admins by the $ menu

Basic DM commands:

DM help

Show Unexplored Map Area:

Show Map

Hide Explored Map Area:

Hide Map

Become Mortal/Immortal:

DM Mortal and DM Immortal

Bard Warping:

go rid_<mapname>

(This is how DMs aka bards teleport.)

Take a Tour of all the screens:

DM Start tour


DM End Tour

Force NPC talking:

DM npc chat

(Npc talking has to be enabled but it still works in Raza if it isn't)

Admin Warping:

go <map#>

Reset Client Info:


(This is about the same as relogging on)

Change Karma:

DM Good or DM Neutral or DM Evil

Remove/Return/Lock/Unlock your Guardian Angel:

DM PK enable and DM PK disable and DM PK lock and DM PK unlock

Add Attribute to a Weapon:

DM create itematt <keyword>

(Click Here for a list of keywords)

Become anonymous:

DM Anonymous

Get full Hps/Mana/Vigor:

DM boost stats

Get all spells in the game:

DM get spells

Get all skills in the game:

DM get skills

Get all weapon ammo in the game:

DM get ammo

Get all rings in the game:

DM get rings

Get all wands in the game:

DM get wands

Get all necklaces in the game:

DM get necklaces

Get all gems in the game:

DM get gems

Get all food in the game:

DM get sundries

Get all quest objects and junk items in the game:

DM get misc

Open/Close the portal in Meridian University:

DM Portal

Get the Totem:

DM Get Totem

Get a relic:

Dm Get Relic <RelicNumber>

1 = Priceless Heirloom of Barloque

2 = Gold Urn

3 = Minjaka Vase

4 = Ancient Shield

5 = The Emperor's Chalice

Clear all spells and skills from you:

DM clear abilities

Show a message when you create an item:

DM Stealth ON/OFF

With stealth off, everyone in the room will see a message like this when you make an item:

Sock reaches into the void and pulls forth a plate armor!

Make it morning, afternoon or night:

DM morning DM afternoon and DM night

Restore the time to normal:

DM restore time

Almost Complete Invisibility:

DM Blank

(works with admins/creators only and a blue dot shows on the map for players with detect invis up)

Earthquake/Yeti/PoggEarthquake/Yeti/Pogg King Rumble Effect:

DM rumble

Show the points where monsters spawn in a room:

DM testmonstergenpoints

Show the exit points in a room:

DM testexitpoints

Show where Items spawn in a room:

DM testitempoints

Disable Log Off Penalties:

DM logoffghost on

Enable Log Off Penalties:

DM logoffghost off

Remove Disguises:

DM plain


First go to the Dukes ballroom:

Goroom rid_duke5

Then use these commands to change the music:

Dm song<SongNumber>

Change <SongNumber> to any number between 1 and 50, eg:

Dm' song24

(No Space between the number)

DM Disguises:

DM Disguise <replace>

Disguise <replace> List:


(or Yaga)




(or Joline)




(or watcher)





Yellow Name Only Quick DM Disguses:

DM armor

DM shrub

DM tree

DM ghost

DM stool

DM priestess

DM ant

DM red ant

DM human

DM cow

DM spider

DM troll

DM shadow

DM Spell List:

Agility Effect - Boosts Agility

Aim Effect -Boosts Aim

Armageddon -Kills all monsters in the area

Bonk -Harmless, just for fun

Damn -Sends player to OOG (Out Of Grace)

Deliverance - Sends the player to their hometown

Engrave -Adds a message to an item

(Cast Engrave, say the words you want adding to the item, and then click on it in the inventory)

Evaluate -Shows you what the player needs to kill to improve

Health Effect-Boosts Health

Insight -Shows you players spell percentages

Intellect Effect -Boosts Intellect

'Mana' Effect -Boosts Mana

'Megajolt' -Attack Spell

Mysticism Effect -Boosts Mysticism

Page -Sends the player a heavenly noise

Pardon -Gives outlaws or murderers a white name again

Scry' -Shows you how many points the player needs to level up

Smite -Instant kill of the target

Stamina Effect -Boosts Stamina

Strength Effect - Boosts Might

Superior Hold -10 minute hold spell (cast again on the target to release )

Vilify -Makes the player an outlaw or murderer