Damage Type

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Weapon Damage

Thrust - Fencing weapons

Bludgeon - Hammers, Mace, Blood Maul. May Stun targets (excluding mauls).

Slash - Axe, Bandit Scimitar, Hatchet Scimitar, Sword of the Hunt, Cleave,Sword of Riija . May caused Bleeding

Pierce - Arrows, Dagger, Flail. May cause Bleeding

Unarmed - Fist + monster's face.

Magic Damage

In addition to the initial damage, each magic type applies a status effect to the target, amplified by Empowerment. Targets with Inert Form experience reduced status effects.

Fire - Afflicts your target with a damage over time.

Shock - Reduces target's defense

Cold - Reduces target's offense

Acid - Reduces target's Weapon Resist

Holy - Reduces target's Magic Resist

Unholy - Reduces target's heals received


Enchanted/Magical - Kraanan dedicated weapons, Mystics, Blood Mauls.

Illusionary - Slowly "wears off" over time unless target is killed.

Other types

Nerudite - only from nerudite weaponry/arrows.
Silver - only dealt by Silver Arrows, does additional damage against the undead and ice dragon.