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Written by Qua Kornedrin, High Sorcerer of Fire


While the process of reincarnation is little understood, what little we have observed shows that it is a crude process that destroys all of the skills, knowledge, and toughness of spirit and body that a person has acquired in his or her life. I myself am still researching ways to reincarnate without loss of so much of the self, but that is a writing for another time.

The first race we sorcerers were able to fuse our spirits with was the dragon, mightiest of the beasts of Biskalane. This gave rise to the Draconians, a primal half-human with animal intellect and the toughness of a titan.

The life of a Draconian is one I myself would not choose, but they have proven fantastic bodyguards and mercenaries. When apprentice sorcerers try a life or two as a half-dragon, they find that their claws greatly improve the effectiveness of their charged clutch attacks.

So there's that, at least. Toughness and claws.


Racial Resistances & Empowerments:

10% slash resistance

5% pierce resistance

5% thrust resistance

20% acid resistance

10% bludgeon vulnerability

15% increased punch damage

10% chance to inflict bleeds with punches

20% chance to inflict bleeds with touch spells.

Draconians can't use human headgear

Immune to the desert's dusk acid rain and the Prism of Acid's acid rain (but not the severe damage when you fall off).

Mass of 300.

Racial Stat Maximums:

50 Might

30 Intellect

70 Stamina

30 Agility

50 Mysticism

50 Aim

Draconians have extremely large appetites, and can eat an enormous amount of food in one sitting. Their resting max vigor is also extremely high.


For each enlightenment you have achieved, you will have one additional stat point to distribute. When you reincarnate, you have a chance to choose your stats anew. Should you fail to choose at the time of reincarnation, you will retain one free stat reset that you can use by going to an Elder and saying 'change stats'.

Your guardian angel will never return once you reincarnate.

Draconians are part dragon. This defines everything about how they live their lives. If a Draconian can get close with a claw or charged clutch attack, their opponent will suffer dearly for it.

Draconians have limited animal intellect which severely curtails any chance of doing battle with spells. Most Draconians enter the business of weapons, for ten intellect is all that is needed for getting down and dirty. However, those Draconians that do manage to learn some spells use them to augment their natural abilities.


To reincarnate as draconian, state thus:

I wish to reincarnate as draconian.

This process will destroy all of your worn and held items, and you will forget everything you have learned in this life. You will be as a newborn, save a little wiser for your experiences.