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The Drow, or Dark Elves, are a mysterious race. Like the Fey Dirhai, the Dark Elves are the twisted creations of Qor, made from corrupted sylvan entities such as fairies and dryads fused with human souls. However, the Drow had wills of their own, and immediately betrayed Qor to set up their own society hidden away from civilization. They are incredibly xenophobic, and their crippled souls can never channel holy energies. They can learn and cast Shal'ille spells with her grace, but holy touch and holy enchanted weapons will deal no damage in their hands. They have dark purple skin tinted by their overflowing unholy energies.

Due to the acidic processes that originally melded their ancestors together from various living beings, they are very weak to acid. However, their natural proclivity for sneaking around in caves with knives the last few centuries have hardened them against cold and piercing. They also have good eyesight equal to that of an Undine due to living deep in the caves.

Drow focused on stealth and intellect during their time underground. They are among the most cunning fighters in existence, with a maximum of 70 intellect. However, their crippled souls keep their Mysticism no higher than 10.

Drow Traits

Racial Resistances & Empowerments:

  • Excellent nightvision
  • 10% resist cold
  • 10% resist pierce
  • -25% vulnerability to acid
  • 15% increased unholy damage
  • Cannot deal holy damage under any circumstances!

Mass of 175.

Racial Stat Maximums:

50 Might

70 Intellect

50 Stamina

50 Agility

10 Mysticism

50 Aim

They rest to a vigor similar to humans, but eat slightly less due to scarcity of food underground.

Drow are found in a room in the maze called Antechamber of Eternity, the same place Draconians are found.


To reincarnate as a drow, state thus:

I wish to reincarnate as drow.

This process will destroy all of your worn and held items, and you will forget everything you have learned in this life. You will be as a newborn, save a little wiser for your experiences.