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Half-orcs are built with the toughness of the caves. Resisting damage from scimitars and arrows alike, they prefer their battles up close and personal.

Half-orcs make ideal melee brawlers, but it should be noted that they have similar capacity to humans for knowledge and spirituality. Some scholars have pointed out that we should have noticed this long ago. After all, a decent percentage of their population become wizards by trade.



Racial Stat Maximums:

60 Might

50 Intellect

60 Stamina

30 Agility

50 Mysticism

30 Aim

Mass of 250

Racial Traits:

20% unholy resistance

10% pierce resistance

10% slash resistance

15% holy vulnerability

+10% slash damage

Immune to the Prism of Death's grasping darkness threat

Half-orcs have very large appetites, and can eat a great deal of food in one sitting. Their resting max vigor is also very high. They have the best natural night vision of all races.


If you have reached the proper state of enlightenment, you will undergo the process of reincarnation into a half-orc. This process will destroy all of your worn and held items, and you will forget everything you have learned in this life. You will be as a newborn, save a little wiser for your experiences.

For each reincarnation you have achieved, you will have one(1) additional stat point to distribute. When you reincarnate, you have a chance to choose your stats anew. Should you fail to choose at the time of reincarnation, you will retain one free stat reset that you can use by going to an Elder and saying 'change stats'.

Your guardian angel will never return once you reincarnate.

To reincarnate as half-orc, visit The Hall of Genealogy in Cor Noth and

Say I wish to reincarnate as half-orc.