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As times change and the progeny of our fellow races multiply, it is important to remember the achievements of our forebears, as well as the struggles we still face today. The other races have their own conflicts and interests, but we humans are still under vicious assault by the forces of evil. Our great cities and our centuries of civilization are ours to defend against threats political and supernatural alike. Should you choose to bear proudly your fully human ancestry, never forget that your greatest strength is your fellow man.

Human beings are the most diverse race in Meridian. They are not as smart as half-demons, not as strong as half-orcs, and not as agile as half-elves, but they have above-average potential in all areas.



Racial Stat Maximums:

50 Might

50 Intellect

50 Stamina

50 Agility

50 Mysticism

50 Aim

Humans have a base mass of 200.

Fully human adventurers have no base resistances or weaknesses, mainly because we defined the scales in the first place.

As diversity is the greatest asset of our race, human beings are extraordinarily flexible. While humans have no innate strengths or weaknesses, they get two stat points per reincarnation. These points adjust with your number of reincarnations, and are not retained or lost when switching ancestries, therefore you do not have to reincarnate in a certain order.


If you have reached the proper state of enlightenment, you will undergo the process of reincarnation into a human. This process will destroy all of your worn and held items, and you will forget everything you have learned in this life. You will be as a newborn, save a little wiser for your experiences.

For each reincarnation you have achieved, you will have two(2) additional stat points to distribute. When you reincarnate, you have a chance to choose your stats anew. Should you fail to choose at the time of reincarnation, you will retain one free stat reset that you can use by going to an Elder and saying 'change stats'.

Your guardian angel will never return once you reincarnate.

To reincarnate as fully human, visit The Hall of Genealogy in Cor Noth and

Say I wish to reincarnate as human.