Keens Admin FAQ

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creating tempstrings
send o 0 AdminSetString q q enter text here

setting a player name
send o 0 adminchangeusername ouser o obj_id sname q new_name_str

change name color
set o piNameColor 16776960
(int is decimal of rgb)

setting strings that del promises me won't crash people
Send o 0 adminsetstring s s rankstr_id q q new_string

Make an EC
create ec <account #>

move user from/to account
set account object acct_num obj_num

Set all rooms to NO PK
Send c room setroomflag flag i room_no_pk value i 1

set one room to NO PK
Send o <obj#> setroomflag flag i room_no_pk value i 1

restore room flags
send c room SetRoomFlagToDefault flag i room_no_pk

restore newbie flag
send o obj_id AddHonorString string r player_newbie_honor_string
send o obj_id setplayerflag flag i PFLAG_TUTORIAL value i 0