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Kinghtcraft gains spellpower from heavy equipment. Plate, scimitars, helms, all contribute to Knightcraft. No self-respecting knight charges into battle wielding a dagger and leather armor. A knight's shield is required for any shield based skills.

  • Knightcraft is aligned with the Jonas faction.
  • The school leans heavily on Might and Stamina, but also has one skill each in Intellect, Agility, Mysticism, and Aim, making it the first school with skills from all stats.
Level Cost Name Based Stat NPC Chance
to Imp
1 500 Honesty Intellect Cylill 20
Medium Armor Might Cylill 60
Shield Wall Stamina Cylill 30
2 1000
Battle Shout Might Cylill 100
Bravery Might Cylill 30
Rapid Assault Agility Cylill 70
3 2000
Forceful Impact Might Cylill 40
Fortitude Stamina Cylill 60
Heavy Armor Might Cylill 90
4 4000 Counterattack Aim Cylill 60
Determination Stamina Cylill 80
Shield Bash Might Cylill 40
5 8000 Piety Mysticism Cylill 75
Valiant Charge Might Cylill 80
Verge Mastery Might Cylill 50
6 16000 Zealous Fervor Stamina Cylill 110
Weapon Mastery Intellect Cylill 110