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Mana Node

Mana nodes are the life blood of any caster in Meridian. Some nodes are harder to get than other and a few require a large group of people and one requires the sacrifice of your life.


>>Ancient Place


Map node badlands.gif

>>Castle Victoria

>>Caves of Ice

Located in the Yeti's room. Only available after killing the Yeti.

>>Icky Cave

>>Martyr's Battleground

>>Seafarer's Peak

>>Shadow of Sentinel


Appears at midnight in the stonehenge area, guarded by stone trolls. You will need a relic of qor to access it.


>>Vale of Sorrow


>>Avar Village

For negative karma players: Kill all of the avars you can. If you are eligible, you will see the message "The ground shakes and the air seems a bit fouler. You have displeased the avar gods. For positive karma players: Drop some inky-cap mushrooms (8 should do it) on the altar. You will see the message "Your offering is accepted. Partake of my power, kindred spirits."