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Allows you to channel your experience in meditation in order to open your mind and improve your abilities. To do so, speak the name of the ability you wish to improve while in trance. This will use up accumulated training points. It will attempt to either max the spell/skill or use all of your training points. There is no way to set how many points you'd like to use.

Meditate is a Utility Spell.

It does not require reagents or mana to cast.

Meditate has a 20 second concentration time.

Meditate has 2 different kinds of usage.

  1. If you cast Meditate you have 20 seconds concentration time. If you say the name of a skill or spell within this time your Training Points will be used to improve it.
    • The number of Training Points needed per improve are shown in every spell and skill description.
    • The improvement chance of Meditate itself is based on the amount of Training Points used. If you only use 10 Training Points you have a 10% chance to improve in Meditate. If you use 100 Training Points your improvement chance for this cast raises up to 100%.
    • Meditate can only improve once per cast!
  2. If you cast Meditate but don't say anything while concentration time, you will recover an amount of your Mana equal to your % in Meditate.
    This makes Meditate very useful at higher % to recover Mana very fast (especially as pure mage or while working spells)

Meditating in 'Guild Halls can affect training point use as well.


Mana 0
Vigor 0
Reagents None
Purchased From
Concentration 20 Seconds