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Mysticism is the main stat for Faren, Qor and Shal'ille. It affects softcaps, starting values and improving with spells out of this schools.


Mana nodes are no longer required for mana.

Your max mana is now 68 + Mysticism. Veterans may remember 68 as the amount 5 mysticism PFs had, and 128 as the amount max myst mages had. So now the system simply scales from 68 to 128, respecting 60 myst races as the new 'natural max'.

All new chars have 68 mana and will expand that as they build. You unlock Mysticism mana with experience. As you gain toughers, you will also gain mana. Items may be sharded to increase mana as well.

Why did we do this? Well, we're trying it out. Modern gamers just hate the mana node mechanic at this point. This change is also intended to tone down the absurd amounts of mana characters were reaching on the top end without nerfing low Myst chars or new players.

Circlets and so on still work, nothing else has changed/


Together with Mysticism, Intellect boosts the damage of splash spells and bolt spells. For these spells, Intellect and Mysticism are added together, then halved. Therefore, only the best mages can take full advantage of stat-based damage bonuses. This damage is an additional percentage of base damage. The bonus is 1% per 1 point over 25.