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Previous Patches



  • Will no longer decay over time.

Instead, each room has a 250 item limit max. The oldest 20 items will be removed if new items are dropped over that max.

This should make the world feel a little more lived-in, and should eliminate any 'items vanishing too fast' issues when trying to loot. It should also eliminate the build-ups that used to happen in places like the the Throne Room that would crash the zone.

Server recreates (aka patches) will clear all these items and restore the world to a pristine unpolluted state.


  • Marauders can now drop most masks. Except the dusk rat mask, that's unique to Toxus.

The masks have the ilvls of the marauder that drops them, max 240.

  • Marauders can now drop an item from a random assortment of most gear. That item can generate sockets, or armor spell procs, or weapon spell procs.

Or some combination of all three.

  • Marauders can now drop socketable gems, including two new gems that boost alchemy and bestiary spellpower respectively.
  • Marauder reagents shaved down a bit.


  • Now has +10 sp instead of -5.


  • Minions spread out normally now and have collisions vs other monsters, but players can still walk through them.

If the master of a monster is a monster, that monster master will also skip collision to be able to lead minions properly.

  • Minions will never attack their master, even when attacked.
  • Minions will never attack other minions with the same master, even if those minions attack them somehow.
  • New 'righteous authority' spell in Bestiary 5 gives more loyalty than 'bind creature', and at high power can make a minion permanently your servant.

A special message will let you know it's permanent. It requires good karma and doesn't work on undead or evil creatures. (but does work on neutral and otherwise) Sold by Princess Kateriina.

  • New 'dominate will' spell in Bestiary 5 gives more loyalty than 'bind creature', and at high power can make a minion permanently your servant.

A special message will let you know it's permanent. It requires evil karma and doesn't work on good creatures. (but does work on neutral and otherwise) Sold by Zuxana.

  • New 'defiant stand' stance in Knightcraft 4 makes your minions protect the spot at which you cast it.

The stance falls off if you leave the room, since they'll be bumped to your new room. Your minions will automatically attack enemies under this behavior if an attackable player or monster gets close. They also get a flat damage bonus to attacks based on your skill and Intellect. Sold by Jonas.

  • New 'loyal guard' stance in Knightcraft 5 makes your minions follow you while still aggroed on enemies.

They'll fight anyone who gets close (or they'll shoot spells / ranged at a distance) while still sticking to you if possible. Your minions will automatically attack enemies under this behavior if an attackable player or monster gets close. If your minions are within range 5 (slightly further than a splash spell), they'll also absorb up to 15% of damage dealt to you. This damage can never kill them, only reduce them to extremely close to death (at which point they'll stop taking damage for you). Sold by Jonas.

  • Summoned creatures never lose loyalty.
  • Animated creatures now count as summoned and will never lose loyalty.

However, if you summon them beyond your leadership limit, they'll still be independent and hostile.


  • Area spells like fire storm can no longer damage across ladder barriers under certain circumstances.
  • Hunter Swords and Necromancer Amulets no longer get hungry over time.

Not only were they set to such an extraordinarily huge amount of online time that it never mattered anyway - has anyone even seen one get hungry? - but the proliferation of these items was responsible for 70% of the server's timers. Every single soth and ao3 had a hunger timer always running. Yeah, let's just not do that.



  • For one week, Princess Kateriina will teach any willing adventurers the secrets of Alchemy.


  • Starting Friday November 8th at 8 pm EST, the first great Meridian Ladder Challenge will begin.

You have one week to plan strategies for a new style of play.


A challenge ladder is a separated pool of players, ranked by wisdom, that can only interact with each other. They have their own economy – out of ladder items can’t be picked up by them and they can’t give items to normal players. No spells, buffs, AEs, etc can cross over. Separate wall element limits in a room. Players in ladder / non-ladder can see each other, mainly for cool purposes like watching fights, but also because mules can be used for spotting anyway. Monster killing with ladder + non-ladder is possible, but only because monster XP is split based on damage dealt anyway. You can’t really gain an advantage by building with out of ladder players. Players in a ladder join building groups separate from non-ladder players.

Ladders also have special events, rules, and rewards. The first challenge ladder will have specially crafted Marauders – aka PKs and hunters – active at unpredictable times. Players may find themselves under attack by a variety of PKs while out in the world. These PKs may also be pursued by a variety of hunters, who will appear shortly after to assist law-abiding citizens. Be aware, players who are outlaws or murderers themselves will not be treated so kindly by these hunters! Not all the PKs are red. Some have soldier shields, or ao3s/swords of the hunt, to challenge players participating in those systems. Defeated Marauders generally drop the specialized gear they’re using, plus something extra and unexpected…

The challenge ladder also has special drops available in certain places. These unique items offer powerful school-based abilities. For example, the Shadowstep Tabi boots grant Qor 6 players a new level 6 Qor spell called Sanguine Fervor, which makes all of your attacks cause bleed for 10 seconds, but can only be cast once per minute. Shadowstep Tabi boots also grant the passive abilities ‘You are hidden while not in combat.’ and ‘You are immune to poison.’ These unique items are obviously only available to ladder players.

The character with the highest wisdom at the end of the challenge ladder gets a title and an INSANE REWARD. The top ten characters get a GREAT REWARD. The top one hundred characters receive a PRETTY COOL REWARD. Rewards will be announced at launch of the ladder!


  • A curious tower has always stood on the sea beyond the Ancient Ziggurat… a structure built by gnomes in ancient days and filled with strange mechanisms.

It seems someone has finally found a way to pick the gnomish locks and get inside. He was overheard in Tos claiming that a combination of runes and crystals can open pathways unimaginable straight down into the earth… He also claimed an enormous creature lived within, and that potential explorers would be insane to challenge it. Keep your eyes peeled over the next week for this mysterious person. He is known only as the Locksmith, and his appearance will precipitate the opening of the Endless Sea Palace.


  • You can now see your breath remaining when underwater. It takes over the vigor bar.

On a related note, some users have reported issues seeing water centipedes. We’re working on that.


  • Chaos strata have been fixed.
  • As a refresher, a Chaos Stratum is a high level pvp-on area with variable monsters that can only be accessed by those reincarnation 5 or higher.

The Chaos Stratum itself is actually in the world, an overlay on top of a real room. You can stumble upon it by accident and attack or be attacked. Defeating the boss within dispels the Chaos Stratum and has a chance to drop a dye bottle. Chaos Stratum are created by putting Scrying Crystals in the device in the Ancient Ziggurat. Shard mods rolled on the Scrying Crystal can affect loot quality and difficulty.

  • More interesting bosses for CS are being worked on.


  • A new weapon, the ceremonial mace, has been added to the game.

It does silver and bludgeon damage. It can’t roll weapon mods. Instead, it can roll a variety of caster mods. Unlike regular maces, this type of mace knocks back on crit. It’s not meant to be a main weapon, but rather a caster stick + knocking option.

It only drops in the new Endless Sea Palace.


  • Can now roll on some items in the form ‘% increased charm damage’ and ‘% increased illusion damage’.


  • Fire and Death prism should be functional now.


  • Now has 6 portals to graveyard themed locations as originally intended by the designer.


  • Drain damage, such as from drowning, is no longer reduced by general magic resistance.



  • Shillings reduced.


  • You can now enter guildhalls while temp safe or pvp opted out. However, you WILL be attackable, as these are special combat zones.
  • You are also attackable in chaos zones like the Maze.
  • As a reminder, players may request up to 2 characters opted out of pvp. We do this manually, so message/gmail Gar if you’re looking to do this.
  • PvP opt out cannot be lifted once granted.


  • Space itself is broken at the site of the Diffraction. Phasing isn’t possible.
  • The High Sorcerers see you on their wide flat area of bare stone. Sneaking, hiding, and spying isn’t possible.
  • If you log off at the Apex of the Ziggurat, you will get sent to Embalming Chambers.


  • Minions are now logged off with you, and return upon logon. They’ll retain HP, champion statuses, and loyalty.

Because they’re actually being destroyed and recreated, some minor things may change, such as avar blazon color.

  • Charm spells have been given higher charm multiples, so it’ll be easier to charm mobs with weak spellpower.
  • Bestiary skill and spell books can now disappear off the ground like any other item.
  • Bestiary skill and spell book drop chance reduced. These should now hopefully be less annoying and more ‘oh cool’.

They’re meant to be a community knowledge pool type of thing, but if sharing books becomes too annoying, we might change how Bestiary is acquired. Let us know your feedback!


  • Books of Alchemy can be earned in the new Endless Sea Palace.
  • Alchemist’s Rings have had their spell list customized instead of riffing off Distill.

Existing Alchemist’s rings with personal enchantments that are no longer allowed have been set to Bless. Generally, the allowed spells include personal enchantments level 3 or below that don’t pose a design problem by being ‘always on.’

EXISTING HEALS BUFFED, 1 NEW HEAL SPELL We are beginning an experimental push toward removing or minimizing heal rods in favor of more interesting healing options. Nothing’s been done with heal rods yet. We’ll see how this goes first.

  • Spell heals are now affected by %increased damage modifiers.

Minor heal, hospice, and major heal will all heal more if you have %increased holy damage on your gear. %increased magic damage also counts. This will also increase the damage victims of a very strong Black Mantle hex will take when healed. Heal rods & healing potions aren’t affected by this.

  • Experimentally extending on that theme, Faren 3 has been given a fire-based heal called Cauterize.

Cauterize heals at roughly half the rate of Major Heal, but comes at a temporary cost of an equal amount of maximum health. For example, a 99 sp Cauterize may restore 25 health, but also lower the recipient’s max health by 25. You only lose max health equal to the amount actually healed, so you can never accidentally damage yourself or weaken yourself directly. A point of max health returns roughly every three seconds. So if you heal yourself for 25 and lose 25 max health, that max health will fully return in 75 seconds (1 minute 15 seconds). No big deal in some situations, hugely critical in others.

%increased fire damage and %increased magic damage increase both the amounts healed and the max health lost in equal measure. This spell can be used as a heal albeit with a tradeoff (true heals are Shal’s domain), but also as a way to long-term hinder one’s enemy in drawn out combat. For example, you could continually cauterize an opponent after damaging them, continually lowering their max health. Cauterize consumes 2 red mushrooms, 2 elderberries, and 2 herbs per cast.

If Cauterize’s heal is reversed into fire damage by a very strong Black Mantle, no max health is lost. You will instead be given burning like normal fire damage.

Cauterize is sold by Maleval.



Survival room now lingers for 5 minutes if you disconnect beyond level 20 and if you have any lives left. This means if you're the last fighter remaining and you accidentally lose connection, you have 5 minutes to get back in.

But this won't apply on your last life, so you can't extend a survival when you're about to lose.


  • All monsters in a chaos stratum have a chance to drop one or more shards. Bosses always drop at least 4.
  • Kills needed dropped by 60 across the board. Now equal to chaos level. So the first one you buy is 40 kills instead of 100.
  • You can now PvP properly within.
  • The entrances from the real world work properly.
  • You can't replace someone else's chaos strata until it's done.
  • Loot is dropped normally by bosses instead of given whoever got the killing blow.
  • The mod pool for modifying crystals has been expanded. Generally, each patch will add more mods that alter how monster behave or fight.
  • Monsters in Chaos Strata no longer affect karma.
  • Monster variety increased.


  • Punch relic changed to +0.5 punch damage instead of +1.2 to bring it in line with other relics.


  • Slight tweak down on damage. We'll continue to adjust this (along with adding new abilities to Shadowcraft) as time goes on and we see how people use the school.


  • Moved the three new forget potions to the Mysterious Traveler, since the Seer has a custom buy behavior, oops...



Are now purchasable from Korath at Waylay Oasis. He found them after the defeat of the High Sorcerers by our brave adventurers...
It appears that these crystals can be modified with shards to add strange enchantments to them... for now, only five modifiers are available until the system gets explored by adventurers a bit.


There's a scrying device in the Ancient Ziggurat under the waters of the Great Ocean. It accepts only Scrying Crystals.
When a Scrying Crystal is put in, the device opens a portal to one of the many strata of Chaos radiating from within the world, where the Ancient One sleeps.


The first 5 tiers of chaos strata are now available. These are nightmarish versions of the real world with wildly harder and more chaotic monsters than ever seen before. TP, XP, and drops are all boosted based on difficulty. You can also make a Stratum harder by enchanting the Scrying Crystal used to open it. Doing so improves your chances of getting another Scrying Crystal from the boss within it... and that Crystal will be one step higher difficulty, with a chance of being from a new tier of areas.

Unlike survival, there are no complex special rules going on. PvP is on, death is real, and anyone can attack anyone.

Death is real in a Chaos Stratum. I repeat, death is real there.

Thing is... a Chaos Stratum isn't a tucked-away instance. If you create a Chaos Stratum nightmare version of Main Gate of Tos, then that is where the Stratum is. Anyone with 5 enlightenments or higher will be able to perceive it, and can enter and exit at will through normal doors and edges. Anyone below 5 enlightenments will have no idea anything is different...

Chaos Strata have a boss that appears after a number of kills. That number rises with difficulty. The boss can drop up to two Scrying Crystals.

The boss also has a 1% chance to drop a Bottle of Dye.

Have fun exploring this new system! And please pelt us with feedback. This is a massive endeavor that will probably have many revisions.

In the meantime, solo and guild survival are turned off. Public survival remains for now.


Part 2


  • New creature conversations written by SunnyCat have gone in for Giant Spiders, Scorpions, Skeletons, Living Trees, the Lich, and the Mad King.

(these don't activate quests yet, but soon)

  • The new schools have been enabled for Meditate now that we have enough data about what imping them is like. Thanks for your hard work! Newbies who don't have tons of TPs will appreciate it.
  • Shadowcraft is Jonas, Alchemy is Duke, Bestiary is Cess.
  • Forget potions added for Alchemy, Bestiary, and Shadowcraft.
  • New skills and spells should properly give Accumulated Wisdom when imping them the old fashioned way now.
  • Willpower & Soul Domination imp on any CanControlNewMinion check now, not just when you're at max control. Concession to how annoying it was.


  • Turned off that godawful token rumor spam for League NPCs.
  • Turned on the Mysterious Traveler's teacher talk, e.g. 'level one', 'level two', how much you need for level and so on.


  • Flicker Strike and Shadowstep no longer have any base damage reduction at 99%. They're probably going to be OP now, so bear with us as we see how this goes... see the next section.
  • Breath skill imp rates increased.
  • Pressure Points imp rate greatly increased.
  • Flowing Cloth only imps while wearing a robe now.


  • Punch damage empowerment mods now exist.
  • Punch empowerment mods can roll on rings, necklaces, and so on, but especially on gauntlets and berserker rings. Berserker rings also got a third possible suffix.

In general, berserker rings will always roll offense, punch damage, weapon damage, might, aim, and now also agility. So if you have a 6 mod zerker ring, that's what the 6 mods will be.

  • Punch empowerment mods can be crafted from Quake Tier 2 on the Adventurer's League forge. See next section.


  • Heartstone shards forge value is now 10, up from 2. So previously 100 shards gave 200 value toward the next tier, now 100 gives 1000 points.

Tier 2 starts at 5000 points.


  • Automaton vigor regeneration doubled. You will now reach equal to 99% Fortitude at Reincarnation 10, and double it at Reincarnation 20.

This makes automatons basically inexhaustible at high reincs, so yeah, that's kinda their theme.


  • New Holy Shields ilvl now go to 3x spellpower, up to ilvl 300.
  • New Holy Shields have 4 sockets.

You can remove gems from sockets using herbutte's gem removal tool.

  • Purge now applies the same humbling to players as it does to monsters.

So when a player's purged, not only will they lose buff power like you're used to, their magical resistances will be drastically reduced by the same effect given by Holy damage. However, this source is pure. Holy touch is an attack, so it applies impurely at half strength. Not so here. Pure humbling energy is very effective. A 99 spellpower purge will drain 50% or 60% magical resistances initially. Humbling wears off by roughly 10% resistances every 3 seconds, so it takes 20 to 30 seconds to recover fully.

As a reminder, Humbling can't take someone below 0 resists, so it does not stack well with hexes. Hexes act first, so if your hex takes someone low, humbling won't do very much (or anything at all if the hex hits 0 or lower).

Sorcery's Inert Form helps resist this powerful new piece of Purge, but does not resist the buff-degrading portion. That's because Inert Form resists elemental status effects, which include humbling. Knightcraft's Piety resists the buff-degrading portion, but does not resist the humbling status effect.


Part 1

Champion Xeos and Thrashers are possible now. Be careful!


  • Shadowcraft has a series of skills called asanas, which represent breathing and pose techniques.

They have powerful effects, but only while resting, and only if you haven't been hit in the last few seconds. For example, Mayurasana, the level 6 asana, can provide up to triple the amount of health regenerated per tick - but only if you're resting, and only if you haven't been hit in the last 4 seconds. This represents a monk retreating from combat temporarily between bouts to rapidly recharge. You can't use these to simply tank damage, since they'll fail to work if someone is hitting you.

This is important for people to know in case of PvP - if your enemy backs off to employ asanas, do not give them time.

Undersea Palace

  • Had to have its inner content disabled at the last second due to a surprise bug appearance on live that didn't happen on testing. However, the entryway is still there, if you're looking to go diving.

Expect Undersea Palace in the next 2 to 10 days!


Alchemy is Meridian's school of Item Magic and is an expression of the Natural Sciences in a world with magic. It is heavily based on Intellect and highly connected to civilization and the sciences. Its primary reagent is shillings, portrayed as actually transmuting the gold or purchasing alchemical supplies.

Alchemy books that teach spells and skills have been completely lost to the ages. The last known alchemist was purported to be heading to Meridian by sailing ship, but he never made it...

Level 1

Create Shield - Spell. Manifests a temporary shield.
Create Helmet - Spell. Manifests a temporary helmet.
Ring Sustainment - Skill. Resist charge loss of worn rings. Consumes shillings when successful.

Level 2

Mechanized Quiver - Skill. Resist arrow consumption. Consumes shillings when successful.
Douse - Spell. Puts out your + enemy firewalls.
Maintenance - Skill. Resist durability loss. Consumes shillings when successful.

Level 3

Imbue Ring - Spell. Craft a ring containing a buff of your choice.
Transmogrification - Skill. Resist reagent use by burning shillings instead
Detonate bombs - Spell. Detonates your bombs.
Fire bomb - Bomb. Sets enemies on fire in an area. (Applies lots of STATUS_BURNING). Also leaves firewalls.

Level 4

Reconstruct - Spell. Repair a completely destroyed item.
Unstable Infusion - Stance. Causes the alchemist's weapon to randomly deal fire, shock, cold, or acid damage, but never the same one in a row.
Lightning bomb - Bomb. Detonation applies STATUS_SHOCKED, leaves lightning walls, and dazzles in an area.

Level 5

Spellbomb - Bomb. Creates a bomb that, when detonated, casts an attack spell you know.
Elemental Imbalance - Skill. The alchemist's elemental hits very briefly give an nemy +% resistance to the elements they're hit with, but -% to all other elements.
Potion Preservation Skill. Resist potion charge use, lower potion filling cost.

Level 6

Harmonics - Skill. Alchemist can wear a second ring. Increased damage taken until 99% is reached.


Bestiary is a school of research and knowledge, which comes in many forms.

Bestiary books that teach spells and skills have a 5% chance to drop from any champion mob.

Bestiary books are not consumed upon use. You can use them then lend them.

Much of the monster dialogue when you Creature Speak monsters was written by a new contributor, SunnyCat.

Level 1:
Crawling Charm - charm insects
Creature Speak - talk to monsters
Mark of Aggression - caster's minions attack the marked battler
Study Mysticals - analyze a live monster to learn about its spells
Release Minion - releases a minion
Skitteratic - insect language

Level 2:
Verdant Charm - charms plant-type creatures
Study Physicals - gain info on resistances
Soothing Presence - spell that makes weak mobs ignore you
Towering Presence - spell that causes up to 500 pts additional aggro
Sylvan language - fey and tree language
Amphibic language frogmen and water monster language

Level 3:
Willpower - increase minion control limit
Mark of Defense - caster's minions cast ally spells on caster
Creature Binding - prevents charm from wearing off for up to 90 minutes
Birdsong - avar language
Orcish - orc language

Level 4:
Convoke - bring all minions to you (move animation stops, bug)
Primal Charm - charms animals
Gift of Vitality - caster sacrifices some of his/her health to heal minions
Gift of spirit - caster sacrifices some of his/her mana to give mana to minions
Primal Language - animal language
Trollimaic - troll language

Level 5:
Animated Charm - (requires neg Karma) charms undead
Inspiring Charm - (requires good Karma) charms living humanoids
Soul Domination - dramatically increase minion control limit
Mark of Magic - caster's minions cast spells at the marked battler, if they can

Level 6:
Prismatic Charm - charms elementals
Draconic - dragon language


Shadowcraft is a school of monk and martial arts disciplines taught by a mysterious traveler in the Adventurer's League in Cor Noth...

A note on breath skills: they activate when resting, and being hit stops them for 4 seconds. So if you haven't been hit recently, you can rest and start them immediately. However, enemies can hit you and stop your breath skills. All breath skills that you have work together. You don't have to choose.

Level 1
Way of the Serpent Skill. Greater offense with punches. Stacks with Punch WC skill.
Wound Mask Skill. Your screams always sound like you are on full health.
Flowing Cloth Skill. You have increased defense in robes.
Matsyasana Breath. Extend your breath time underwater.

Level 2
Pressure Points Skill. You can critical with punches, applying stun.
Iron Weave Skill. You reduce the weapon and magic resistance penalty of robes.
Mystic Stealth Stance. Your casting sounds are muffled.
Salabhasana Breath. Your vigor regeneration increases dramatically while resting.

Level 3
Touch of Death Skill. More damage with punches.
Unified Blazon Skill. You get the spellpower boost of robes of the disciple for any school. Special robes color.
Vrikshasana Breath. You can sense hidden and invisible enemies while resting.

Level 4
Way of the Bird Skill. Defense while unarmed.
Desecration Skill. Dealt holy damage becomes unholy, fire becomes cold, and shock becomes acid.
Sirsasana Breath. Mana regeneration increases dramatically while resting.

Level 5 Flicker Strike Skill. Punch twice as fast.
Sanctification Skill. Received unholy damage becomes holy damage, cold becomes fire, and acid becomes shock.
Padmasana Breath. You cleanse debuffs moment by moment.

Level 6
Shadowstep Stance. Teleport to random angle, leave afterimages, strike up to three times (normal, flicker strike, and shadowstep)
Mayurasana. Breath. Your health regeneration increases dramatically while resting.


  • You can now see who owns a minion, and what their binding level is, in the monster's description.
  • There are ten binding levels representing your control. A generic monster shrugs off one binding level per 10 minutes.

You will receive a warning for each lost binding level. The bestiary binding spell can take this to level 9, which means roughly 90 minutes of control before refreshing binding is needed. This system is designed to make minions last for a solid adventure, but not make minions trivial to keep and obtain. Our current design philosophy is that minions should not be simple permanent upgrades to your character. They're something you need to manage and protect. If you find a way to bring a monster to level 10 binding, it will be permanently bound, aka no loyalty loss.

Loyalty and binding aren't lost in safe areas. You can AFK safely and your minions will be on 'pause'.

If you phase, your minions remain, but can't attack or be attacked. Their loyalty will 'pause' as well.

If you log off, all of your minions will vanish with you into limbo, and their loyalty will 'pause'. When you log on, they will reappear with you.

There are some grace periods on unpausing the loyalty timer, so you won't generally lose bits of loyalty from brief runs outside.

Some monsters are charm resistant and bind resistant. Intelligent and humanoid monsters tend to shrug off binding faster.u

  • Your minion limit is now based on your health. You can control, at base, monsters whose max health points sum to your base max health.

The new Bestiary skill Willpower doubles this, and the new Bestiary skill Soul Domination doubles it again. (x4 total). This means you can control dozens of giant rats or one awesome champion avar, just to list some examples. (champion status vastly increases HP) Note that level is not hp. Some monsters have less hp for their level, and some have more. HP is also random, so you might fail to control one avar, but nab another that spawns with less hp.

  • Anything under your control follows you when you enter a new area now.

Previously, the monster had to be within a small range of you. That was really annoying, and we'd already coded exceptions for animated undead and reflections. Now all monsters zone with you. So run as fast as you like, they'll zone with you. It's still on you to wait for them within an area, though, unless you use the new Convoke spell to bring them to yo

  • Reflections still have their own 2-flec limit. They don't count for minion control, as they're not real monsters. They're illusions, Michael.
  • The Qor Crest now halves the minion cost for undead, so you can control double the number of undead.

If you're also a Bestiary mage, you could theoretically control up to x8 your base max HP of undead. This is a force to be reckoned with, and we're watching it for balance reasons, but the fact that it's limited to one player per server and undead have some huge vulnerabilities probably makes this not so overpowered. Have fun commanding an army of undead.

  • If you use the Qor spell animate to create an undead beyond your minion limit, it'll be hostile. Careful.
  • Minions are now pass-through aka you can move through them.


  • You can no longer block, dodge, parry, shield wall, counterattack, or tumble while resting.
  • In fact, you can no longer evade attacks at all while resting. You are guaranteed to be hit.

Not that players were really resting mid-combat or anything, but you might now, considering the new Shadowcraft asanas.

  • You can no longer block while held.
  • You can however, shield wall and counterattack while held, so that these stances aren't bypassed by a simple hold.
  • Counterattack now breaks hold when it triggers. If you're held, you'll be freed as part of the counterattack move.
  • Shield Wall still works while held because you're already holding your shield ahead of you, and you're vulnerable from the back.


  • For those who use the Ogre client or whose stat window dll doesn't work due to system incompatibility, there is now

an alternate stat change mode.

The elder in Raza, the elder in Marion, and the elder in Jasper can all do this. Check out their bios for the process.

First, reset all your stats to one by saying 'reset stats', then train stats by saying, train might train five might train ten might

And so on for each stat. You'll get a report after each addition to help you quickly set your desired stats. When you leave the area, your stats will be set in stone and your trinket or free reset will be consumed. If you go over your intended amounts, say 'reset stats' again for no cost.


  • There's a new guild hall somewhere in the world...


  • Using Ogre? Having trouble with hotkeys and stances? Use the new Recitation Scroll item sold by Frisconar.

Recitation Scrolls cause you to say whatever you've written on them when you 'use' them. This can activate stances. It's exactly the same as a normal say command. You can assign a Recitation Scroll to a hotkey like any other item - and thus you can now hotkey stances.


  • Now lists correct max stats for gnomes.


  • Items have dramatically increased in value. There is now a server setting that limits the maximum number of singular items that can be taken from a corpse.

That setting is initially 2. So, for example, you can take all the reagents and money and shards, because those are number items. But you will have to pick and choose the 'singular' items, such as armor, weapons, shields and so on. With the current setting, you will only get to take 2 equipment pieces of your choice.

Guildmates can take any number of items from your corpse. The assumption is they're getting the items for you.

This corpse looting rule is a test thing. If people hate it, we'll totally revert it. It just seems rather crushing to lose your entire set(s) of gear in one death now that items can have so much work put into them.


  • No more text spam when you enter or exit guildhall-cast songs.


  • The hexes applied by Noxious Strike have had their spellpower cut yet again.


  • Faren's level 1 Light spell finally has its sound back.


  • Has been fixed. It was improperly classified as a suffix when it's supposed to be a prefix.



  • Monsters have had their speed stat split into move speed and attack speed.

This means that monsters that sprint at you don't necessarily super-spam attacks anymore. It also provides the potential for slow-moving but fast-attacking monsters.

  • A new casting system for monsters, in which they visibly and audibly charge up spells to cast, has been created but not turned on yet.

Look for that in the future. It will give all monsters different cast speeds based on their abilities. For example, a Duke's mage might take 3 seconds to charge up a lightning bolt, but a Xeo will only take 1 second. This will let us create deadly spells that require you to get out of range before they go off, as one example of future content.



  • The 'increased XP needed at 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th reincarnations' multiplier has been removed.

The increased bonus XP at these levels for bosses remains. Now there's no nerf, just incentive to do bosses before fully built on endgame characters.

103's general building policy has been updated to the effect: We're not here to slow you down from reaching character goals. We want you to reach R20!


  • The Adventurer's League now exists in Cor Noth. It's a very sparse bare-bones building, and it's up to players to expand its capabilities.

Its humble beginnining starts with a single facility - a forge. This forge gains power from melted elemental fragments, heartstone shards, elemental chunks, and major heartstones. Sacrifice them to improve the forge. There are 10 tiers of power in several categories. Each odd tier opens up a new mod. The higher the tier, the higher the mod the forge can enchant on a piece of gear.

For example, a single red heartstone shard will raise the forge permanently to tier 1 in fire. It can then enchant any piece of armor that can normally roll it with 1% fire resistance. The forge ignores item level and is never random. However, if you reroll the values of an item with an instilling shard, those values will respect item level.

With enough tiers unlocked, you can craft some pretty solid gear reliably and for free. For instance, a forge with tier 7 in fire, acid, and shock can craft ~7% fire, acid, and shock resistance on anything you want.

The forge is a community effort, and it will retain its imbued powers forever once you unlock them. Pump it up!


  • Look at its description and it will tell you how to select an additional hex for Noxious Strike.


  • Bumped up base effectiveness of applied hexes.


  • Determination's equation has been changed. Previously, its damage reduction was (Skill*100)/3300 + Stamina/100. Partial points of protection do matter.

The new equation is Skill% * Stamina / 3300, meaning you will get a full -3 at 99% and 100 Stamina. However, for most characters with Stam in more reasonable ranges like 30 to 50, you're looking at 1 to 1.5 points of damage reduction. 70 Stam Draconian = 2.1. Partial points of protection still matter. This is a nerf. Determination was too strong, and was starting to trivialize content all by itself. You can still make a godly tank, but you're going to have to really commit and put a ton of stat points in Stamina for that. In general, we are moving toward a design where stats matter heavily in specific ways. This is the biggest example of that so far, where you can dramatically scale an ability off a stat. If you are 1 Stamina, for example, like a crazy person, you'll get hardly anything.


  • Monsters of level 150 and above now get half their base size added as offense.

Not too worrisome for stuff like statues, who are of comparable size to humans, but lupogg kings and ice dragons are now (rightfully) extremely difficult to evade. For one example, the Lupogg King has 3000 size, so he will gain 1500 offense. If you intend on avoiding this massive creature's attacks, you're probably going to want 2k+ defense.


  • Shal 6's spiritual shield now has 50 base defense, so it can go up to 150 defense, making it even with the sylvan shield.

Holy Shield's supposed to be basically all shields in one, so it's been updated to the new norm.


  • You can now enter Cor Noth from the southern water gate. You'll have to blink to get in, though.

This adds an angle of entry for bowing and casting through the fence.


  • Illusionary Firewall text fixed to reflect the fact that illusionary damage can kill you.
  • Some statue issues fixed up - no more duplicates.



  • Can now be encountered and fought somewhere horribly dangerous. Do you have what it takes to save Biskalane?

The High Sorcerers are unlike any encounter you've had before. They are intelligent, and they don't want to die. Expect incredible danger.


  • Effect of spellpower greatly buffed. Night Vision should feel useful in all situations now.


  • There is a new guild hall in the game, the first of the Custom Guildhall program. It's up to you to figure out where it is and who owns it.



  • Monster spell system had a complete overhaul.

Monsters now have much better spell AI, including separate strategy sets for spells. For example, if you hit living trees with fire, they'll start to use spells you wouldn't otherwise see them use...

Monsters that cast their 'close combat' spells will do so instead of attacking that round, rather than in addition to attacking like before. They will also have a cast animation that in some cases may be specific hints that a devastating spell is 'charging up.'

Monsters casting 'ranged spells', however, will continue to move. Just because it's awkward if they keep stopping to bolt you.

Monsters also have 'special set' spells now that react in special circumstances. For example, the Pogg King will 'monstrous roar' when held, blinded, or dazzled.

There is now a minimum time between spell casts for individual monsters. 'Aggro spell spam' has become something of an issue at times when a monster enters chase behavior multiple times a second.

Monster spellpower is now subject to all the same bonuses and penalties you are. If you cast Darkness, monster Qor spells will get stronger, for example. They are also affected by server's shrines, antimagic aura, mana convergence, and dement the same way you are. Nomads wearing robes / torches get Faren bonuses from that, for another example. Monster's Kraanan secondary bonus isn't based on vigor (since they have no vig stat) but on % health remaining (10 kraanan sp at full health, down to 1 at near death). Individual monsters also have different spell powers for spells. For example, one Shaman might be great at earthquake, while another might be bad at it, but good at hold.

Antimagic aura and dement are strongly effective against monsters, so try them out if you're having trouble with spells. They won't stop the frequency of spell casts, just lower the power.


These come from the Test of Mind and Body, and you can only have one per character. It remains through reincarnations.

  • Axe Wielding adept skill is in. Your exertion while cleaving with an axe will be greatly reduced.
  • Fortitude adept skill is in. Your max vigor gets +40 if you have Fortitude.
  • Heavy Arms adept skill is in. While in the Heavy Arms stance, damage you receive is reduced by 20% before all other modifiers.


  • Holding a statue will grant you a bio title.
  • Holding a statue will grant you a 'crest' item, which has its own unique equipment slot so that you can always wear one.

These crests can be be powerful, since only one person will ever have each at a given time, and you're able to compete over them by taking statues.

Greatest Adventurer (Crest of the Adventurer): Does nothing on its own, but can be enchanted with shard mods to customize it. (Other crests can't be enchanted)

Greatest Wizard (Crest of the Wizard): +20 spellpower, all schools.

Greatest Warrior (Crest of the Warrior): +5 melee damage, all weapons.

Shal (Crest of the Healer): While equipped, grants a level 6 shal 'group heal' spell.

Qor (Crest of the Necromancer): Animated minion limit is doubled. Currently goes from 4 to 8.

Faren (Crest of the Elementalist): While equipped, grants level 6 area spells Firestorm and Ice Nova.

Weaponcraft (Crest of the Soldier): +200 offense, double health regeneration.

Banditry (Crest of the Bandit): +200 defense, double tumbling.

Knightcraft (Crest of the Knight): 20% resistance to every individual physical damage type, and stun and knockback resistance.

Witchery (Crest of the Witch): +1 max hex.

Sorcery (Crest of the Sorcerer): Your elemental damage pierces enemy elemental resists. (Acid, fire, shock, cold, holy, unholy -25).

Jala (Crest of the Bard): Your songs can't be discorded.

Riija (Crest of the Trickster): Your illusionary damage never 'heals back' on victims.

Kraanan (Crest of the Juggernaut): Your buffs can't be purged.

Alchemy (Crest of the Alchemist): ?

  • The statues also now function correctly for today's state of the game.

First off, inactive users are no longer counted. It didn't add anything to the game having the statues owned by people who hadn't logged on in years. Next, the statues are no longer based on total %s, because that doesn't really make sense when you can reincarnate and meditate into anything. So, instead:

  • Greatest Adventurer goes to the character with the highest total accumulated wisdom.
  • Greatest Wizard goes to the character with level 6s in the most magic schools, then with highest mana if tied, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Greatest Warrior goes to the character with level 6s in the most weapon schools, then with the highest health if tied, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Riija goes to a level 6 Riija character with the highest Intellect, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Faren goes to a level 6 Faren character with the highest Mysticism, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Kraan goes to a level 6 Kraan character with the highest Stamina, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Shal goes to a level 6 Shal character with the highest Karma, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Qor goes to a level 6 Qor character with the lowest Karma, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Jala goes to a level 6 Jala character with the highest Mana, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of WC goes to a level 6 WC character with the highest Agility, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of KC goes to a level 6 KC character with the highest Might, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Banditry goes to a level 6 Banditry character with the highest Aim, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Sorcery goes to a level 6 Sorcery character with the highest Mysticism, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Witchery goes to a level 6 Witchery character with the highest Mysticism, then with accumulated wisdom if tied.
  • Master of Alchemy goes to a random user at this time.

These rules were chosen so that players who have more accumulated wisdom can't simply reincarnate into a new spec and take statues. Those players who have dedicated time, stats, and equipment into raising Agility, for example, can keep the Master role over someone with higher Wisdom.

The statues have the hierarchy listed, and you can't have more than one, so if you qualify for Greatest Wizard while having Jala 6, you won't also get the Jala statue.

Yes, the statues as designed have varying difficulties of achieving and maintaining maximum status. For example, with Shal and Qor, there's a heavier emphasis on wisdom, since Karma's simple to maintain at 100/-100.

The statues update on patch days and then every 24 hours. If your statue looks goofy, change your clothes, and the statue will follow suit at the 24 hour refresh time. In cases where the notes say 'mana', it means max mana when not counting reservation. You won't lose a statue just because you reserved some buffs. For mana and health, all other modifiers count. Zealous Fervor, Crystalize Mana, items, etc.


A number of monsters & bosses gained base experience bonuses. Instead of just getting basic experience equal to any other mob kill, you'll now get more. This bonus is reduced to half or zero the same way normal experience is if you're overleveled compared to the mob.

  • Air elementals +170
  • Dark angels +400
  • Dragonfly queen + 435
  • Ice dragon +15000
  • Elementals +190
  • Lieutenant elementals + 380
  • Ghost +40
  • Kriipa +110
  • Lava Frog +2000
  • Lupogg King +3000
  • Orc Pit boss +115
  • Orc Wizard +20
  • Mutant Ants +65
  • Scorpion +65
  • Snow Rat +20
  • Spider Queen +215
  • Thrasher +50
  • Yeti +150
  • Queen Groundworm +40
  • Vix'xeochicatl +5000


  • You can now swim out from the Great Ocean. This area is a test preceding more extensive underwater areas. Please provide feedback :)


  • Hatchet is a smaller, swifter axe type.

It counts as an axe for all skills, but has 80% cleave damage instead of 100%, and has 8% chance to cause bleeds instead of 2%. Otherwise, it has the same damage type and quality as the traditional axe. It weighs 70 ems instead of 90 like the heavier axe. It uses axe wielding as its proficiency.


  • Blood Maul is a heavier hammer that uses inlaid runes to cause bleeds instead of stuns.

It counts as a hammer for all skills, but is always considered 'magic'. It has a 7.5% chance to cause bleeds. It weighs quite a bit more than a regular hammer. It is high quality, meaning it has slightly more base damage. It uses hammer wielding as its proficiency.


  • Flail is a mace on a chain that deals both bludgeon and pierce damage.

It can cause both bleeds and stuns, albeit at small percentages each. It has higher bulk than a mace. It can cleave, but only at 40% effectiveness. Because it is normal quality instead of low like a mace, it has slightly higher base damage than a mace. Thanks to its chain, it has .5 units more range than mace, making it 2.5 range (for comparison, fencing is 3). It uses mace fighting as its proficiency.


  • Bandit scimitar is a low-quality, and thus slightly lower damage, version of a scimitar.

It counts as a scimitar, has 8% chance to bleed (instead of 4%), and can cleave equally as well as a scimitar. It uses scimitar wielding as its proficiency.


  • Knight's helm is a heavy armor helm. It offers 10% (!) weapon resistance... but lowers spellpower by -20.


  • Runed helm is a light magical helm. It offers 3% magic resistance and does not lower spellpower at all.


  • Spiked helm is a defensive helm. It offers 80 defense, but only 1% weapon resistance.


  • Sylvan Shield offers 150 defense but only 2% weapon and magic resistance.

All of these new items are found in the Maze's Ancient Armoury, bosses, and hidden chests, among other places.


  • Monsters now have creature types, such as animal, undead, magical, mundane, intelligent, elemental...

It's up to you to figure out what's what.


(held back for next patch w/ bestiary)


  • There is now a new school of charming, summoning, and minion spells called Bestiary.

(delayed for the subsequent sub-patch)


(delayed for the subsequent sub-patch)


  • ATCK_SPELL_DRAIN applies:
  • Drained. For each point of STATUS_DRAINED on you, your maximum health is reduced by 1 point.

Drained is applied by extremely rare and deadly monsters, and applies 1 point of draining per 1 point of damage. For example, if a monster capable of Draining hits you for 7 damage, you will lose 7 maximum health temporarily. You regain one lost max health point every 3 seconds. Your maximum health can't go lower than 20. STATUS_DRAINED doesn't affect any advancement calculations. If you are hit by a player while your health is drained, all 'damage caps' take your current max health in mind. For example, if you are white and drained down to 20 hp, a player can't kill you in one hit. The most they can do is 6-7. Monsters don't care about the cap. They can and will instakill you if you are extremely drained.

  • ATCK_SPELL_CHARM applies:
  • Charmed. For each point of STATUS_CHARMED on a player or monster, the damage they deal is reduced.

If a monster's STATUS_CHARMED exceeds their remaining health, they become the minion of the charmer. In other words, it's easier to charm monsters you've already somewhat damaged. Charm spells apply more points of STATUS_CHARMED than the damage they deal. The exact ratio depends on a number of factors. The exact numbers aren't as important as knowing that higher level spells are better.

Fully charming someone else's minion will make it yours instead. Monsters do have charm resistance, often based on level and toughness. Some monsters can't be charmed at all, either because of high resistance, or the appropriate spell for their monster type doesn't exist. (Charm Insect, Charm Animal, Charm Undead, Charm Humanoid etc...)

Players can only be harmed by Charm Humanoid, level 5. If a player's STATUS_CHARMED exceeds their remaining health, their outgoing damage is 0, but other effects on the victim, like bleeding, still take effect. This is the same point at which a monster would be fully charmed (STATUS_CHARMED > health remaining). A mysterious willpower from beyond this world prevents true domination of a player's actions, however.


  • The Lava Frog now respawns every 6 hours, too.
  • The Lava Frog and the Ice Dragon won't 'reset' at elemental phase change now.
  • Nerudite armor, as dropped by the Ice Dragon, can now have sockets.


  • The monster size range bonus now is also given to spells, not just attacks. For example, you can blast of fire the lupogg king from a bit further away.


  • Can have sockets now.


  • Now has correct visuals when viewing another player/monster/object crossing it in Hardware Renderer mode. You will never know how hard this was to pull off.


  • Now have their angles restored. When and how the proper angles of hall chests were lost, we'll never know. But they're back now.


  • You can now say 'summon' repeatedly at Priestess Xiana or Xaerdun and get more corpses beyond the first.

If you died repeatedly, your corpse with all your loot on it is probably the last one, so you'll have to summon them all. (It summons the most recent first).


  • Will no longer reset monsters while players are in a room.

Among other things, this means you have all the time you need to take down bosses like the Lava Frog. Previously, 1 player would fall just a little bit short of soloing the Lava Frog in time if they tried to do it alone.


  • Now has its own loot table. Previously it just had the shared 'tough' treasure profile since 1997ish, which is... weird.

It drops mostly cyan mushrooms (highly lucrative loot), but can also drop a jala necklace, a glove, and an amulet of shadows.


  • Added an option to turn off applied hexes. Check the bottom of the skill description.
  • The bug with Noxious Strike and Blood Runes has been fixed. This comes with a change in behavior:
  • Noxious Strike will not attempt to apply hexes if the target is already hexed.

That means if you manually cast a hex, for example, you won't override it with your noxious strikes. Blood Runes' second hex checks for 2 hexes to prevent casting, so if you manually hex someone, your noxious strike will always apply your 'also' chosen noxious strike hex. That sounds confusing, so I'll put it this way: 1: You have both Blood Runes and Noxious Strike. 2: You choose Barbs as your first hex, and Humility as your second hex. Now: 3a: Manually hit a fresh target, they'll get Barbs and Humility. 3b: If instead you cast Sap on a fresh target and then hit them, they'll get only Humility. 3c: If instead you cast Sap and Slow on a fresh target and then hit them, they'll get no hexes at all from Noxious Strike.

In other words, you have complete control over your hexes now.


  • Backstab has had one major buff and a careful package of damage changes.

Backstabs were initially limited to working on players & monsters at 95% hp or above, AKA nearly full health. The thinking was that Backstab was intended to be a PvP opener to put your opponent on surprise back footing. We didn't want builders getting instakilled out of nowhere.

It turns out that Backstab is most dangerous and has the least counterplay near inns and in towns, where fully built players are full health and have very little chance to react to a Backstabber. In at least one instance, a fully buffed 135 hper died in one hit simply stepping out of an inn.

That's not exactly what we were looking for with Backstab's design.


  • Backstab no longer requires a minimum HP on the target.

This is a setting now, and we've set it to zero for the time being. That means you can backstab any player or monster of any health.

Damage changes:

  • The portion of damage from Aim has been changed to 'Aim/2 capped to +50%', rather than simply 'Aim capped to +70%.'

The previous system made Aim over 70 useless. Now you will see effects all the way up to 100 Aim. This keeps Backstab heavily reliant on your Aim stat.

  • The portion of damage from Backstab skill has been reduced to a max of 50% more damage, down from 100% more damage.

Non-dagger weapons still retain a /2 modifier on these bonuses, so while a Dagger backstab with 100 Aim can do 100% more damage, an Axe backstab can only do 50% more damage.

  • Against players, Backstab can never do more than 2/3rds of the target's health.

Realistically, the above percentage damage changes are less important than this cap. The equation changes just reduce 'waste' damage most of the time (like if you did 130 damage reduced to 80 against a 120 HPer, that's a lot of wasted damage).

Nothing else has changed. Backstab still ignores target resistances, bypasses damage caps, and always hits.

Discussion ---

This new behavior still allows you to instakill players. However, those players, instead of being fully built and fully buffed players in town, will shift demographics. The players most likely to die to a Backstab are: 1: Builders who are at least somewhat wounded. We like this demographic for this because they are active, out in the world, and have a chance for counterplay by seeing you sneak up.

2: PvPers who are already fighting someone else. We like this demographic because again, they are active, already out, and you must sneak up on them mid-battle.

The situation that has been completely removed is that of a Backstabber sitting outside an inn door and instakilling full HP full buffed characters that step out unknowingly.

And of course you can still start off any fight with your opponent at 1/3rd health if you pull off a Backstab. The rest is up to you.

For anyone doing damage calculations, this means that the 135 damage strike reported above can still happen - to a 203 HP character, likely some sort of Draconian HP tank. 203 * 2/3 = 135. People just won't be dying instantly in one hit from full health anymore.

NOTE! This gives PKs a powerful new tool they didn't have before. Previously, PKing with standard attacks is pretty severely hampered by a 1/3rd max health cap. Even a 50 HPer requires at least 3, sometimes 4 hits (because of regen) to kill. However, Backstab is the first skill in the game specifically designed to do 2/3rds instead of 1/3rd. Be wary.


  • Players with Gnome Ancestry have:
  • +20% damage with nerudite. This includes nerudite swords and arrows.
  • 20% blind/dazzle resistance (additive with Profane and Sacred Resonance, multiplicative with eagle eyes)
  • 10% resistance to many mundane monster attack damage types: Claw, Whip, Bite, Sting
  • -25% weakness to fire

Maximum Stats: 50 Might 55 Intellect 10 Stamina 40 Agility 50 Mysticism 70 Aim

Gnomes have 40 resting max vigor and eating capacity as poor as a half-demon.

They have infravision almost as good as Draconians, but still only half as good as half-orc.

They have slightly smaller body Mass than full humans, taking knockbacks, stuns, and bleeds the way drow and half elves do.


  • Items now don't lose any mods on breaking except cursed status.

You can still break a curse by breaking the weapon. However, everything else - colhorr, procs, soft white light, and so on will now remain. This is because there is now a spell somewhere in the game that can repair even broken items.


  • Conciliation, the anti-kraan song, now adds up to 16% resistance to enchanted attacks and weapons.

This means mystics, kraan dedicated weapons, and xeo attacks (among other mobs). It also adds up to 16% resistance to punch. Neither of these are visible in stat bars.

  • Disharmony now adds up to 33% quake resistance. This is not visible in stat bars.

You'll primarily see this type of damage from avar shaman attacks and the spell earthquake.

  • Spellbane now adds up to 33% to general magic resistance. This is visible in stat bars.

This is exactly as strong as it sounds. It's a level 5 song and has never been as strong as it should have been. Good luck with that mana cost though :)


  • Had its upper limit increased so ilvl matters more at the top end.


  • Bleeding was moved slightly in the damage equation so that you will always take bleed's bonus damage against you.

Previously, Determination could cancel out the first 3 bleed damage. It still can, but not once you near 0 damage taken. Now, Determination happens, damage is floored to 0, then bleed is applied. So your new 'minimum damage taken', instead of 0, is equal to the number of bleeds on you. As a reminder, players with bleed mastery can apply bleeds that add up to 2 damage instead of 1. So for example, three bleeds on you from a player with 99% bleed mastery will make your minimum 6 damage taken.


  • Outlaws and Murderers have had their time before poofing raised from 30 seconds to 6 minutes.

We set that value awhile back and PKing stopped abruptly and completely. Time to go back to the drawing board.

  • Everyone now has a new utility spell called Donate. Unlike Conveyance and Guild Conveyance, it can transport gear items such as swords or armors.

It cannot transport stacked items. It is therefore sort of the opposite of existing conveyance spells. Donate puts the item in a permanent new chest in the Adventurer's Hall of Marion. That room has also been sculpted to provide a noticeable new platform for the chest. Since all new players start in Marion, if they happen to enter the Marion Ad Hall, they will see the lit chest right away. Donate costs no mana, vigor, money, or reagents.


  • Changing stances now breaks focus. Notably, Sneak and Hide are dropped if you change Stance.

The one exception is Light Feet. If you switch TO Light Feet, you will not lose Sneak and Hide. Changing stances does break spell focus, for spells like Blink and Earthquake.

However, Volatile Focus in Sorcery 5 can prevent loss of focus this way by expending mana.

There are two purposes to this change. The first is to fix the 'lore' of stances a little bit. It was sort of odd that changing stances didn't break focus. The second is to remove a use case of Backstab where a Banditry user runs, sneaking and hidden, using Light Feet, but then switches to Reckless Heart once in striking range. Now if you want that uber Reckless Heart strike, you'll have to walk, as was initially designed.


  • A resistance calculation oddity made the ghost more vulnerable to magic weapons (Kraan ded) than holy. This has been fixed.

The ghost had its magic weapon resistance changed from -50 to 0. Its resists currently look like this:

Fire: 90% Cold: 90% Unholy: 90% Acid: 90% Nonmagic weapons: 90% Holy: -50%

Punch and most weapons count as nonmagic. Punch is included in Holy Touch attacks, which are Punch + Holy. This means that the ghost will experience 90% - 50% = 40% resistance to holy enchanted weapons and holy touch.

However, if you can figure out a way to deliver holy damage on some source that isn't punch / a nonmagic weapon, the ghost will experience 0% - 50% = -50% vulnerability. That includes a kraan ded/ mystic sword with holy touch using charged clutch, or a Holy Weapon enchanted Nerudite Sword, or a Holy Weapon enchanted bow with Nerudite Arrows.

In any case, this makes the ghost's vulnerabilities more sensible. As it was before, a mystic sword (-50%) was more damaging than a holy sword (40%) and further adding holy to that mystic sword made no difference. Oops.

To reiterate, mundane weapons with holy enchantments will experience 40% resistance. Kraanan enchanted weapons with charged clutch + holy touch will experience -50% resistance. Nerudite swords and arrows with holy enchantments will experience -50% resistance.

And of course the ghost remains 0% resistant to lightning damage.


  • Now stun instead of knockback.


  • Now have a chance to passively imp while you are fighting, the way cast buffs do.

Their imp rate is half that of normally cast buffs, however.


  • Now properly list the skill of the enchanter. This hasn't worked for years and nobody noticed, apparently.

There's also a new level of text. If you're under 24%, you're an Initiate. Then 24-49 is Novice, 50-74 is Apprentice,74-98 is Journeyman, and 99% is Master.

Abilities for item enchantments have been added.

  • The Glow spell now adds up to 10 offense against all targets, and 1 base damage against certain creatures of darkness, such as shadowbeasts and dark angels, and players with Shadow Form.

You will see the offense listed on the weapon, but not the conditional damage.

  • The Enchant Weapon spell now adds up to 100 offense based on spellpower.

Equation = + 1 + Spellpower.

  • Unholy Weapon and Holy Weapon now add up to 3 base damage based on spellpower.

1-32 sp = +0 33-65 sp = +1 65-98 sp = +2 99 sp = +3

Note that these damage bonuses are specifically tied to unholy weapon and holy weapon. Just dealing holy damage, such as with charged clutch, does NOT count. If you attempt to use charged clutch to override the elemental damage type of holy weapon or unholy weapon, the damage bonus is lost. What this means is, if you have the skill charged clutch and an active touch spell enchantment, you will not receive the damage bonus from unholy/holy weapon, because you are ATTEMPTING to use charged clutch, even if charged clutch fails to proc due to low % or no mana. You can check that this is happening by looking at your weapon, which will not have the base damage bonus while you have charged clutch + a touch spell. Your damage bonus will return if your touch spell wears off, is cancelled, is purged, or if you forget charged clutch. THIS COUNTS TOUCH SPELLS OF THE SAME TYPE! Holy Touch + Charged Clutch will still turn off the damage bonus of your Holy Weapon enchanted weapon! Your sorcerous redirection of elemental energies is overriding the Unholy/Holy Weapon enchantment entirely.

All of these bonuses do apply to ranged weapons. All of these bonuses apply for other purposes. For example, the offense granted by Enchant Weapon counts for Fencing Mastery's defense bonus from listed weapon offense values. You can actually see these values if you look at your weapon's stats once enchanted. For example, a mace normally has 75 offense rating bonus. With a 99 sp Enchant Weapon, it will have 175. These are BASE values, and can thus become rather strong once values like Might or buffs are taken into account!

As a reminder, you can overwrite dedications by simply casting a new one. Many don't realize this ability was added a few years ago. You can, therefore, enchant the same item over and over to work the spell, or to attempt a better spellpower.


  • Shroud is now an 'identified' mod, meaning for the first time in 23 years you'll get to see shroud's text when it is added to an item.

This is far more informative than simply saying an item has something odd about it while preventing Identify and Reveal!


  • Witchery finally has its own effectiveness reports, since hexes use a different system of power measurement.

When you cast a hex, if you have the preference set to see spellpower, you will see a message akin to: The effectiveness of your flammability hex is 140.

This number is affected by quite a few factors, such as %, spellpower, your gear, and enemy hex resistance. It is quite possible to see numbers anywhere from 0 to 250. However, that number is interpreted by each hex differently through power equations, so:

Hexes also have a custom line of text that will tell you exactly what the hex is doing. You will see a second message like: At that effectiveness, the victim will suffer 34% reduced resistance.

This means hexes are a bit 'overtexty', with many lines of text for each cast, but we'd rather give you all the info than not enough. If you turn off spellpower readouts preference, you won't see either of those lines of text.


  • To fix a bug, Ostracization no longer applies hexes 'forever'. Now it's just 27 hours.

Related text will still say they apply permanently, though, because 27 hours is still literally forever compared to a modern gamer's attention span.


After running some statistics, Ventdal has a serious power problem in its upper levels. Therefore, it's buff time!

  • Ventdal level 4 got Mana Shield, a skill that automatically attempts to shunt a portion of damage you take to your mana.

Its base effect is 10%, which will increase to 20% at 99% in the skill. It will also absorb an additional 1% per 10 Mysticism. That means that at 50 myst, your mana will absorb 25% of all damage you take - as long as you have sufficient mana. Mana Shield stacks with level 5's Spirit Shackles. Together you can reach ranges about 45% to 50% damage taken to mana, if you hex your opponent with Spirit Shackles. Mana Shield is sold by Vrinna.

This has potential to be kind of uber. We'll be watching this one to make sure it's not OP.


Iwodach is in a similar spot to Ventdal and needs improvement.

  • Iwodach level 4 got Noxious Strike, a skill that automatically applies a hex when you hit an enemy with punch or melee weapon.

Touch spells don't work - that's Nequzon's area, and Iwodach followers despise Nequzon. You can set which hex you apply. Look at the skill's description for instructions. The chance to proc can reach 100% when you max the skill and have at least 70 Myst. It is intended as an alternate form of casting that saves you a hotkey, mana, reagents, and time. A player with Noxious Strikes can reliably curse every enemy he fights at melee range simply by fighting normally. The hexes are applied after the hit, so the first hit does not include their effects.

If you have Xaerdun 6 Blood Runes, you can choose a second hex, and every damaging hit you land with punch or a melee weapon will double-curse.

You must know the hex to apply it. The hex's base spellpower has the potential to be stronger than if cast normally, because of the melee hit requirement. Base spellpower of a Noxious Strike hex is 33 + (% in the Hex/3) + (% in Noxious Strike/3) + Myst/3.

So if you have 66 Myst and 99% in the hex and Noxious Strikes, landed hexes will have a base spellpower of 33 + 33 + 33 + 22, or 121. That's in comparison to normal base spellpower, which ranges from 1 to 99. Other effects, such as witchery skills or items that increase effectiveness, all come into play after that, and are still counted. However, 'general spellpower boosts' such as +5 from a mace, and 'general spellpower negatives', such as AMA, are skipped due to the proc-based nature of the casting.

Noxious Strike is sold by Iwodach.

This is REALLY REALLY strong. We'll be watching this one to make sure it's not insane OP. LIKE REALLY STRONG. I can't emphasize enough that people should try out these new abilities.

We've put Ventdal's and Iwodach's new abilities in level 4 to lower the opportunity cost of levels 5 and 6 in those subschools, which can already be quite powerful. If you've already gone to level 4 for one of these powerful skills, then level 5 is just 5 more int, not 10-15 like it might be if you didn't already have these levels. Plus both skills are vastly improved by the abilities above them. Mana Shield because it combines with Ventdal's level 5 spirit shackles, and Noxious Strike because applying Iwodach's Frailty curse (-weapon resist) with weapon hits is AWESOME.


  • Projectiles now travel faster visually in order to improve graphical accuracy. The farther away you are, the faster they'll go.
  • All spells and skills now have a maximum range of 40 (if they were higher before).

This includes long bows, fireball, lightning bolt, hold, and so on. Anything with a single target.

Why did we change this? Well, unlimited range makes for difficult area design. Plus, projectiles fired from too far away tend to 'freeze in the air' visually. At a certain number of 'frozen projectiles', people crash. Solid projectile behavior could only be guaranteed below range 40. Additionally, it's proven very difficult for classic client users to even see targeted battlers more than 40 units away. Meanwhile, Ogre users click a name on a list and cast without even knowing exactly where their target is.

This change might be super unpopular. It's hard to know. Please try it out and give feedback.

This does change balance a bit. If someone is very very far away, you're not going to be able to reach them with attack spells, bow, hold etc.

Tos Streets is just over 40 units in range from duke's to fams. If you stand at the north entrance from Duke's, you'll need to take some steps south to cast on someone standing at the fountain.

This will also help you avoid spells from monsters, such as Ma'Xeo's hold or fireball / LB spam from red / sky xeos.


  • Blind got a new noxious green ring visual projectile. Check it out!
  • Blind causes the victim to glow dimly green. The glow will stop the instant they are no longer blinded.
  • Dazzle got a new blazing star visual projectile. Don't look too close!
  • Dazzle causes the victim to glow very brightly, lighting up the area.

Uses for this are, well, many and varied! From seeing your way in dark places to indicating your guildmates should target someone, check it out! The glow will stop the instant they are no longer dazzled.

These glows (including Hold) now also work on monsters, so you will be able to see when your hold scim's proc wears off, for example.

Glow priority in descending order: Hold Blind Dazzle Other sources of light

That order is made with level of vulnerability in mind. You'd probably want your guildmates to most know an enemy is held, for example, to beat on the unlucky chump. Blind is important after that, then dazzle's probably the least important pacification.


  • Deflect got a visual effect. Try it out. Seriously, it's hella cool. You will actually see projectiles bounce off a magic barrier!


  • Monsters got a new barrier ability. This bounces all projectile-based spells (not just attack spells, hold blind and dazzle too!).
  • The barrier radius for each monster is different. Xeos are range 3, dark angels range 6.
  • If you are casting from inside the barrier, the spell will NOT be deflected! The monster is vulnerable up close!

Fireball and Lightning mastery effects do not occur on a bounced or deflected spell. However, their mastery effects CAN hit shielded or deflected mobs. Specifically, fireballs on a nearby target can splash damage shielded battlers, and lightning bolts can chain to them without issue.


  • Xeos of all types and sizes no longer 'resist' magic. Instead, they now reflect all projectile spells cast from beyond range 3.

This means you WILL be able to cast on them up close. But if you're not inside their aura barrier, you will see a 'bounce' visual effect and the spell will reflect back at you! The spells bounced include anything with a projectile, such as Hold, Blast of Fire, Lightning Bolt, etc. Basically, if the spell shoots something visually, it'll be reflected.

  • Dark Angels no longer 'resist' magic either. They reflect all projectile spells cast from beyond range 6.

This should make them less group-wipingly absurd.


  • The Maze now gives environmental hints when you are going in the right direction. This should make finding important rooms tremendously easier.
  • The Ancient Armory's vault now also contains between 5 and 12 tattoo scrolls that teach sorcery skills.
  • You can now yell in the maze and be heard anywhere in the maze. Part echoes, part confusion, but it helps you communicate.


  • No longer has those silly double extra confirmations.
  • Raising and lowering schools and intellect graphs now works properly. If you don't have enough stat points after sliding schools down and back up, it'll take from other stats, starting with Might.
  • Knightcraft, Banditry, Sorcery, Witchery, and Alchemy are now included in the schools change area.
  • A bunch of bugs and issues were fixed with this.

We've run a function that finds characters with 'illegal' int / schools and sets them to 1 in all stats. They also have a free stat reset, so go stat reset if this happened to you. (This isn't a punishment, the stat reset window will verify a new and working character setup with a legal amount of int)

  • Stat change still only works with the classic client, but we are looking into adding it to Ogre.


  • If you say, "What schools am I?", you will be given a report of your schools and remaining levels.


  • If you look at a spell or skill, you can now see the Primary stat it depends upon for softcap and often spellpower or damage.

You can also see a Secondary stat, if applicable. Ex: Blast of Fire will say Primary Mysticism and Secondary Intellect, since its softcap and spellpower is Myst, but Intellect also helps for damage.

  • Fencing Mastery now has a description when you look at the fencing skill as a master.


  • Hammers now Stun when they crit instead of knocking back. Spirit Hammers, however, for now, still knockback (for balance reasons, but also holy crusader imagery reasons)
  • Hammer's mastery, the leap attack, now also applies knockback in addition to hammer's other qualities. This may be a bit strange or strong, we'll see, but it's an attempt to preserve the leap attack's combat flow control.


  • If you lost your Sorcery tattoos, reserve or unreserve a spell, they'll come back now.


  • TP gains over 300 points will always inform you now. For example, if you kill a boss and get 1200 TP, you'll see a message about it.


  • Can't start or join any survivals from Desert Afterlife now.

All players who started survivals from the afterlife have retroactively been given 1 death per instance...... just kidding.


  • Whenever tattoo scrolls are in a chest, vault, or player's inventory, their name changes to the skill they hold.

Tattoo scrolls on the ground are still just called 'tattoo scrolls' because you're too far away to see specifics without looking at their descrip. So, for example, you'll pick up a 'tattoo scroll' from a tomb, but if you go to offer or drop it, or you put it in a chest, it'll be called 'spirit link' or 'empower' or 'entropy' etc.


  • Just a reminder, for people asking for buffs to hex duration, their BASE duration was upped to a full minute a few patches ago.


  • Passive quests have been fixed up a bit. Still working on them.
  • Vecka now gives you a major sky heartstone when you find her in the Eternal Wastes as part of the desert quest line. She won't give you anything unless her father specifically sent you to find her. (aka you need the quest). This reward only happens once per character for now.
  • Players who've already completed that step of the desert quest line will find a major sky heartstone in their inventory.



A bug allowed players in a group who did not damage a monster at all to receive 100% of the mob's TP when it was killed by another group member. This bug has been fixed, but people seemed to like it. It's now a test feature.

For any group member kill from which you also gain XP, you will gain bonus TP equal to one third the kill's value. Minimum 1 point. This doesn't subtract from the killer's share.

This also applies to a monster being attacked by more than one person. Even if you aren't 'grouped' with a green halo, and even if you did almost none of the damage, you'll get 1/3rd TP minimum from a monster you helped damage.

In fact, 1/3rd is now the minimum across the board. If ten people group up to kill a boss worth 6000 TP, everyone will get 2000 minimum, even though that sums to way more than 6000.

If you're an all star and you do more than a third of the damage to a boss yourself, you will still get your share. For example, if a boss gives 6,000 TP, and if you do 90% of the damage yourself and ten other people only hit the boss once, you will get 5,400 TP. They will all get 2,000.

There is some potential for shenanigans here, which we'll be watching for balance purposes, but the real constraint is that it would take a ton of time and effort to try to kill some major boss solo but bring in a dozen alts to hit it once without them dying. Behavior like that is probably not a real concern at this time.

In some quest flag cases, like Prism bosses, if you are looking for quest credit (such as the permanent resist bonuses) you will still need to at least damage the boss once in the last 5 minutes.


  • As a test feature, if you cast minor heal, hospice, or major heal on a player in a builder group, you will join that builder group.

There's potential for shenanigans here, mainly standing on the sidelines healing while gaining 'free' XP / TP from a builder, but:

1: You ARE actually doing something if you're healing someone who is fighting.

2: This is in line with the Shal'ille subtheme of helping others to help yourself. Heal spells already raise your karma if you heal a higher karma player.

3: With the removal of safespots, 'heal muling' is actually pretty annoying to pull off.

We'll be watching this.

Other changes to heals and grouping:

  • Major Heal, for some reason, didn't boost your karma like Hospice and Minor Heal do. It now does so, with a bigger karma impact than Hospice, which itself has a bigger karma impact than Minor Heal. As a reminder, these spells can only help your karma (raise it), never lower it.


  • Monsters can now react in various ways to you healing a player. This is because one, it makes sense lore wise, and two, it'll be harder to 'heal mule'.

Some monsters will react more harshly than others. For example, Iwodach nomad mages will hex you with Black Mantle if you are their target and someone heals you. If you're Black Mantled, those heals will suddenly deal you holy damage instead of raising your health...


After seeing a few of these abilities in action, tweaks were needed.

  • Battle Shout had its imp rate greatly increased. It was grossly too difficult for a level 2 spell.
  • Battle Shout's mana cost is now 0. However, it now has a base vigor cost of 10. Vigor reducing skills and faction powers can lower this.
  • Valiant Charge also had its mana cost set to 0. Base vigor cost remains 20.
  • Shield Bash had its mana cost set to 0, but its base vigor cost is now 5.
  • Bravery had its imp rate greatly increased, since it's so strange to work. You must hit a monster that is attacking or chasing someone else.
  • Counterattack had its imp rate greatly increased.
  • Zealous Fervor's triggered heal is now half as large, going from Stam/2 + %/2 to Stam/4 + %/4. Instead of gaining 75ish health, you'll now probably get somewhere around 37. The initial settings were a bit too strong. We'll still be watching this skill for further tweaks.


  • A new setting prevents use of Blood Magic for specific spells. Currently, all prism spells are now excluded. Lorewise, their reagent costs are so high, the necessary blood sacrifice would kill you.
  • If you're bleeding, Blood Magic won't cost you health, since you've already got freely flowing blood to burn in place of reagents.
  • Zealous Fervor won't knockback guildmates anymore, only enemies. This will prevent unfortunate deaths in jumping puzzles.
  • Low HP characters won't be booted from guilds. This is a setting that can be turned back on if TOF mules become a problem again someday. For now, you won't lose your guild if you reincarnate and die at a low HP.


Not the dungeon, but rather a prism spell catalyst that only requires one caster. It resides, unmovably, in the Inner Sanctum of Queen Venya'cyr. Previously, only guilded Necromancers could use it, but the Necro guild is currently disabled until it can be fixed. Until then, by player request, anyone wearing an Ao3 can use the spherical prism.

This means Hunt, Bond, Blood Inheritance, Righteous Inheritance, and the like can be cast with one person, cutting their reagents by x3. For those players raiding Prisms, that means you can Bond with 1 major heartstone of each type instead of 3 of each type. (which was a bit excessive) This is also only possible because of concurrent soth and ao3 changes removing karma requirements. The traffic in Brax may increase due to this change, which is interesting because to use the prism you have to have an ao3... which means you're attackable by soth wielders. Have fun :)


Available in the maze for completing The Test of Mind and Body.

  • Hermitage: you are virtually immune to hexes.
  • Fencing: you gain defense equal to half your fencing weapon's listed offense bonus. Includes mods.
  • Shield Wall: you block enemy passage three squares to your left and right instead of one. (Enough to block Main Gate passages in Tos, CN, BQ, etc)
  • Valiant Charge: triple the distance traveled.


Amulet of the Three

Sword of the Hunt

The evil forces behind Ao3s have long employed spies and traitors in secret. Turns out, the karma requirement was a lie acting as cover. Amulets of the Three can be worn by players of any karma.

Some of the most effective hunters have learned the skills of Qor to disable escaping murderers. In a nod to this, Tendrath has expanded the powers of the Sword of the Hunt. Swords of the Hunt can now be worn by players of any karma. They still hate outlaws and murderers.

Both items still have 'hunger' and require periodic killing.

Both items now have item level 200 and can be shard modded. You will have to shard your Amulet of the Three before you put it on - because you can't unequip it. Ao3s no longer clash with other item slots. They can be used with a necklace item.

Lastly, the removal of karma requirements means you can use both an Ao3 and SotH if you so choose. Turns out, this was always possible, but before you had to deal with one of the items periodically damaging you. If you have both, deaths in the area will grant you both health and mana. You will be undead, and vulnerable to silver arrows. At fully satisfied hunger on both items, the balance will leave you with +5 Might, +5 Intellect, +2 Stamina, +5 Agility, +5 Myst, and +5 Aim. But be wary - literally anyone with a SotH or Ao3 will be able to attack a traitor such as yourself... and vice versa.


Monsters now have the ability to bleed, stun, and knockback, depending on their type and size.

Draconians have a 10% chance to cause bleeds when using touch spells now, in addition to the 10% chance when punching. This isn't affected by aim, it's always 10%.

Vampiric procs work on all targets again. Now instead of only working on bleeding enemies, they double health gained against bleeding enemies, mirroring Vampiric Drain's bonus.

Knightcraft has a new level 5 skill called Verge Mastery. It increases the critical strike rate of Maces, Hammers, and Spirit Hammers by up to 5% from skill and up to 5% from Might. It is sold by Cylill. As a reminder, on crit Maces stun, while Hammers and Spirit Hammers knock back.

In addition to periodic health loss, Bleeds now also make the afflicted player or monster take 1 more damage when hit by an attack or spell. Bleed Mastery, the Banditry skill, now also boosts the power of those bleeds. Each % is 1/100th more damage. At 99%, players and monsters afflicted by Bleeding take 2 more damage per bleed. You should now see an immediate difference when applying bleeds.

Throwing Daggers now always apply bleed on hit. Sound insane? Maybe. We'll be watching this. This is pretty much their primary use. Nobody was using them before; now they have a rather extreme tactical application.

Bramble walls now always apply bleed on hit. If they're cast by a player, they use the player's bleed power. If not, they are equal to a human for causing bleeds.

Faren has a new level 3 spell sold by Miriana, Brambleblast. It's a short range splash spell that sends bramble vines blasting at a target. Brambleblast deals weapon + slash damage (no magic) and always causes the victim to bleed. This spell is not boostable by mana focus.

Bleed Mastery can only imp when you apply a bleed now.

Forceful Impacts used to double your attack damage, double your crit rate, and increase knockback and stun power by half. Now Forceful Impacts at max triples your attack damage, triples your crit rate, and triples your knockback and stun power. It does still, however, triple your attack delay after swinging. When you face heavy or huge late game monsters, Forceful Impacts may be your only way to stun or knock them back. Tripling your KB and stun power puts a human (mass 200) on par with a Xeo (mass 600). A Draconian (mass 300), once multiplied by 3, can really wallop Xeos, especially if the Draconian has high Might. As a note, Forceful Impacts multiplies your stun and knocback power for ALL effects, including Shield Bash, Battle Shout, and Zealous Fervor. As another note, Rapid Assault halves knocback and stun power for all effects. This remains unchanged from before.



Tumble has been rather dramatically upgraded. It now subtracts from the chance to hit roll of an attack. 99% Tumble subtracts 10% from the to hit roll. If you have Tumble, Agility subtracts up to another 10% at 100 agil, scaling with each point. (no truncation, every point matters) That means 99% Tumble with 50 Agility subtracts 15% from the chance to hit of an attack. If that subtraction turns a hit to a miss, you Tumble. Not only is this double the previous percentage from before (which maxed at 7.5%ish), the previous version rolled only against hits that would have landed. This subtracts straight from the chance to hit roll, so if you have enough to defense to put your opponent near the minimum to hit chance of 12.5%, you can actually become unhittable. That means monsters like rats, baby spiders, tof mules and the like literally can't hit you. Your super high defense puts them to the min 12.5%, and Tumble subtracts away the rest. Seriously - this skill is goddamn awesome now. Try it out. Level 3 Banditry.

Reckless Heart has been upgraded 33% outgoing damage increase from skill and up to 10% outgoing damage increase from Might stat. Incoming damage increased up to 33% by skill. Nobody was using a 20% damage increase stance. Now a full third extra damage dealt and damage taken? That's a level 6 stance. Holy schnikeys. You hear that? that's the sound of Future You puking damage on somebody.


Knightcraft has a new level 6 skill called Weapon Mastery. It is the opposite of new Tumble, adding up to 20% directly to your chance to hit (10% from ability, 10% from stat, which is Intellect). In other words, Weapon Mastery can completely negate Tumble. Against players and monsters that don't have Tumble, the weaponmaster's chance to hit rises dramatically. Assuming 100 Intellect, a weaponmaster's minimum chance to hit is 32.5% (base 12.5% + 20% from Weapon Mastery). You could, for example, be a 0 aim garbage character with no weapon skills, and you'd still have a roughly 1/3rd chance to hit. If you have very high Offense, you can guarantee a hit now, when before the defender would always have a minimum 12.5% chance to evade. Weapon Mastery works with any weapon and even touch spells, but not punch.

  • Bravery can no longer take aggro from another player with Bravery. Monsters were spamming attacks back and forth every time they were hit because they get a free attack on aggro switch.
  • Reduced Valiant Charge's spam.
  • Shield Wall and Counterattack both now correctly only work against enemies in front of you. Enemies behind you will always hit you unless you have and use Tumble.
  • Counterattack no longer works against bow attacks or throwing daggers.
  • Shal 6's spiritual shield can now be used for Shield Wall and Shield Bash.
  • Cylill now sells potion of knightcraft forget.
  • Boosts
    • Ivory Chapel's 25% boost to Shal'ille meditation now also applies to Knightcraft.
    • West Tower's 25% boost to Kraanan meditation now also applies to Knightcraft.
    • All the halls that give general bonuses already applied to Knightcraft, but we'll also point out that Old Dwarven boosts Might and Stamina skills and spells, which the majority of Knightcraft's abilities are.


Many witchery hexes had their reagents and mana costs drastically reduced. Take a look if you're got hexes.

A setting was implemented to adjust the power of hexes vs monsters. Previously, a *2 multiplier was in play, which was making hexes way WAY too strong against monsters. Right now the setting is at *1, so let us know if your hexes feel horribly ineffective all of a sudden and we can tune that up to *1.5 or something.

The Xaerdun 5 hex Slow now functions better. It multiplies attack and cast delays by 2 at 99 sp and 3 at 199 sp. This also now works on monsters. (You will only generally hit 199 effect with Ventdal's nightgrip skill, which only works vs monsters) It won't do anything until you hit those breakpoints. It is, however, absurdly powerful when it does work.


Armor of Gort's base mana reservation cost (for those using Master Spirit Link) was reduced to 10% from 40%. This brings it in line with other resist spells, since it's no longer the ridiculous godly spell it once was. Also, you leveled Sorcery to 5, and the game wants to take 40% of your mana for the most ubiquitous reservation? Nah. 10%'s appropriate.

Kara'hol's Curse is now reservable, with a base mana res cost of 20%. With the recently added ability to recast it and avoid the hold, there wasn't really any reason to keep this unreservable. When you turn it off, or if it gets purged, it'll still hold you. Its purge factor has been tuned way up so that it is very easily purged; this keeps the spell risky to simply have all the time. You will run into monsters who purge now and then.


Bait is now instant cast. It was nerfed quite a bit because of safe spot / bait abuse, but safespots don't exist anymore. Think of Riija 2 if you're a Knightcraft user looking to tank!


Monster damage reporting has been fixed. For example, the ghost used to say it did unholy damage with its fireball. It now correctly says its fireball does fire and its attack does unholy.

Monster attack sounds have been fixed. Previously, you'd hear the monster attacking you every time you were dealt damage... by heat, firewall, fireballs, bofs... now the attack sound only plays ON ATTACKS.


Int, Myst, and Stamina are now rollable on various caster items. A few magic mod limits have been eased, such that higher ilvl will be capable of rolling slightly higher. 200+ ilvl can get a 4th stat point instead of maxing out at 3. Defense goes higher now. Health mana and vigor can go higher.

Jewels of Froz can be shard modded now, and don't lose durability on use. They are always ilvl 200. You can now dual wield them with a soldier shield.

All necklaces and instruments can now be shard modded. That includes lutes, necklaces of jala, and god gifts. Amulet of the Three now has is its own unique slot so it doesn't clash with jala necklace or god gifts. Jala necklace has its own slot so it doesn't clash with god gifts. God gifts are super rare and it was pretty ridiculous that jala bards couldn't use them even if they got them.

Instruments of all types have item levels of where they came from. Quest item levels are 20. You'll have to figure out and farm ilvl 200 instruments if you're so inclined. The ghost now has a 1% chance to drop a 200 True Lute and a 1% chance to drop a 200 amulet of shadows. The thrashers chest can drop a 150 true lute.

Amulets of Shadow use the God Gift's 'neck' slot. Yes, we're aware you can use it for mod powers if you don't have a god gift to fill the neck slot. It's cursed and lowers your defense by 150 and light level by 50. It also has a crappy ilvl most of the time. If you want to do that, go right ahead.

The ghost also has a 1% chance to drop a glove.



Knightcraft is a school based on noble virtues and the finer arts of combat. Knightcraft experts know how to better control blocking, parrying, stunning, knocking back, and shield bashing. They can also wear armor more effectively.

Developer's note: Knightcraft is an experimental school we'll be watching closely and updating constantly. All skills are currently sold by Cylill.

Read the descriptions of the skills when you buy them - they're very explanatory, far beyond what's shown here in this simple summary.

KNIGHTCRAFT LEVEL ONE Honesty: Innate illusion resistance, but the knight also deals less illusion damage.

Shield Wall: Hold a shield wall. Players may not pass you on the sides, and you attempt to actively block incoming frontal attacks. Meridian's first 'hold a passageway' skill, among other very useful tactics.

Medium Armor: Reduces the defense penalty of wearing scale armor.

KNIGHTCRAFT LEVEL TWO Bravery: If you hit a monster that is attacking or chasing someone else, it will tend to turn and attack you instead.

Rapid Assault: Stance that allows attacking twice as fast for reduced damage. Critical hit and proc rates are unchanged (we'll be watching this).

Battle Shout: Knockback all enemies around you with a tremendous shout.

KNIGHTCRAFT LEVEL THREE Fortitude: Vigor regenerates up to resting max at a slower rate while not resting.

Heavy Armor: Reduces the defense penalty of wearing Plate and Nerudite armors.

Forceful Impacts: Stance that doubles attack damage and doubles crit rate at the cost of attacking three times more slowly (at 99%).

KNIGHTCRAFT LEVEL FOUR Determination: Reduces damage taken from all attacks and spells by up to 3. Doesn't reduce secondary effects like burning. Weak attacks like those from giant rats can often do no damage to a knight at all.

Counterattack: Reactive stance that knockbacks and stuns an enemy that attacks you from the front. Stance drops after successfully counterattacking, allowing you to press the advantage.

Shield Bash: Stun a close enemy with your shield.

KNIGHTCRAFT LEVEL FIVE Piety: Purge resistance. Double effect vs monsters. This is the only Mysticism based skill in Knightcraft - at very high Myst, you can be completely purge immune versus monsters.

Valiant Charge: You charge forward, knocking back and stunning enemies along your path.

KNIGHTCRAFT LEVEL SIX Zealous Fervor: You gain up to 20 maximum health based on %. When you are low on health, you make a last stand roar that heals you somewhat, clears debuffs, and knocks back enemies around you.

CRITICAL HITS All attacks now have a chance to critical hit. However, they don't do more damage. Instead, they apply the weapon equivalent of elemental status effects: knockbacks, stuns, bleeds.

High Aim characters have a greater chance to land critical hits with attacks. 2 points = 1% more chance. 100 Aim = 50% greater critical hit rate. (so example a 10% crit weapon would crit 15% of the time).

Developer's note: We'll be watching this stat. It double synergizes, in that you will hit more often AND have a higher crit rate.

RIIJA SWORD Riija Sword has a 3.5% crit rate, which is very bad, but for some reason it stuns, knocks back, and bleeds all at once...

ARMORS Plate Armor and Nerudite Armor both grant a large amount of knockback resistance. No stun or bleed resistance. Scale Armor resists a moderate amount of knockback, stun, and bleed. Chain Armor moderately resists bleed. Leather Armor strongly resists bleeds. Robes lightly resist bleeds.

SHIELDS Knight's Shield grants a large amount of knockback resistance. Herald Shields grants some knockback resistance. Gold Round Shield grants a small amount of knockback resistance.

HELMS Helmet grants some stun resistance.

DAGGERS Are now part of the magic weapon loot table and can drop with procs and other magical enchantments

RACE MASSES All players and monsters have now gained an inherent mass attribute. Half Undines are base mass 100. Half Demons are base mass 150. Half Elves are base mass 175. Drow are bass mass 175. Humans are base mass 200. Half Orcs are base mass 250. Draconians are base mass 300.

SO WHAT DOES MASS DO? Mass plays into the 'power' of knockbacks, stuns, and bleeds. If the attacker is equal mass to the defender, the applied effect will be fairly standard. (5 units, aka bof range + 1) The effect gets stronger if the attacker has higher mass, and weaker if the attacker has lower mass. For example, an Undine (100 mass) is going to have a very hard time knocking back a Xeo (600 mass). But a Draconian (300 mass) will do a bit better against that xeo. You don't really need to see these values or know what they are, just play with it and you'll get the sense that the larger the monster, the heavier they are. And for players: demons, elves, and undines are 'lighter' and half orcs and draconians are 'heavier'. Stay out of range of Draconian pure fighters, for example. Don't let them hit you. They will mess you up. On the extreme end, something with 4000 mass, like an Ice Dragon, is going to slam you across the entire arena with a knockback.


New Level 2 Banditry skill - Bleed mastery, increases duration of bleeds you inflict

New Level 4 Banditry skill - Blade mastery, increased base crit chance of daggers by up to 5% from skill and up to another 5% from stat at 100 Aim Both sold by Kerrenor.

The banditry stance Swift Hands had its defense penalty removed. Now it just boosts offense by ~35%. The banditry stance Heavy Arms had its offense penalty removed. Now it just boosts defense by ~35%. After observing how players actually use stances, the cost of only being able to use one stance at a time seems large enough that these stances weren't being used. It turns out, not being able to use other stances like Cleave or Focused Mind is a penalty all its own.

Focused Mind (+HP regen -Mana regen) and Reckless Heart (up to 20% more damage taken and received) keep their penalties for now.

TRAINING STATS TRAINING WITH MASTERS When you have free stat points (for any reason), you can now train with NPCs to directly apply them. Go to these NPCs and look at their bios for further instructions.

Rook - Might Alzahakar - Intelligence Drechx - Stamina Cylill - Agility Esseldi - Mysticism Kochtal ko'Tulca - Aim (the blind bow seller on the island)


TRAINING POINTS The training points cap has been raised to 320,000, which is the max amount you can get from reincarnation.

ACCUMULATED WISDOM Your wisdom is now visible in the very bottom of your stat bar tab. It replaces Unbound Energy, which nobody was looking at now that it's shown in your mana bar.

NEW RACE: DROW NEW RACE The Drow, or Dark Elves, are a mysterious race. Like the Fey Dirhai, the Dark Elves are the twisted creations of Qor, made from corrupted sylvan entities such as fairies and dryads fused with human souls. However, the Drow had wills of their own, and immediately betrayed Qor to set up their own society hidden away from civilization. They are incredibly xenophobic, and their crippled souls can never channel holy energies. They can learn and cast Shal'ille spells with her grace, but holy touch and holy enchanted weapons will deal no damage in their hands. They have dark purple skin tinted by their overflowing unholy energies.

Due to the acidic processes that originally melded their ancestors together from various living beings, they are very weak to acid. However, their natural proclivity for sneaking around in caves with knives the last few centuries have hardened them against cold and piercing. They also have good eyesight equal to that of an Undine due to living deep in the caves.

Drow focused on stealth and intellect during their time underground. They are among the most cunning fighters in existence, with a maximum of 70 intellect. However, their crippled souls keep their Mysticism no higher than 10.

They rest to a vigor similar to humans, but eat slightly less due to scarcity of food underground.

15% increased unholy damage Cannot deal holy damage under any circumstances

Drow base resistances: 10% resist cold 10% resist pierce -25% vulnerability to acid

Drow are found in a room in the maze called Antechamber of Eternity, the same place Draconians are found.

REINCARNATE SAME You may now say 'I wish to reincarnate as my current race.' in the Hall of Genealogy to reincarnate as the race you currently are, even if it's a veteran race from the maze.


Jala songs now only override area music in no combat zones. After watching player livestreams, it became apparent that if Jala songs override music in combat areas, then players will only ever hear Restorate for the rest of their days.

Area spells have had some text reporting changes. Specifically, earthquake, mana bomb, and flash no longer spam safety messages. This is because they were basically used more for *not* being cast - and in not casting it, players get a report of all players nearby. This was an extremely powerful and silent way to detect players, and will no longer work. This doesn't change guild hall functions, since everyone is attackable in guild halls already.

Vampiric Drain gets a health conversion boost if the victim is bleeding. (see NEW PHYSICAL MECHANICS) Specifically, Vampiric Drain gives you half of the damage done normally, but will give all of the damage done if the victim is bleeding. The spell description has been updated to reflect this.

Vampiric proc on weapons now doesn't fire unless the victim is bleeding. (see NEW PHYSICAL MECHANICS) This one was really really strong with Cleave, and since the proc doesn't require neg karma anymore, it was getting out of hand. Now it must be combined with some sort of bleed application. You can no longer just run into 20 mobs, cleave, and heal yourself a half dozen times per swing. The description of the affix on weapons has been updated to reflect this. The proc will also give a message when it fails to fire. This has the appropriate side effect of making this proc never work against mobs that can't bleed, such as skeletons.


KNOCKBACK All knockbacks send the victim some number of squares away from the attacker. Some monsters can knockback with uncommon special attacks. Nerudite bows have a high chance to knockback. (8%) There's also a Banditry skill that increases this rate. Hammers and Spirit hammers can also knockback. Hammers have a moderate crit rate. (5%) Spirit Hammers have a very high crit rate. (10%)

Knockback is resisted by your mass and certain armor choices. More on that under the ARMORS section. High Might characters (including Super Strength etc) can knock back others a greater distance. 2 points = 1% increase. 100 Might = 50% increased knockback power.

Certain skills employed by players will always knockback. More on that in the SKILLS section. Why would you want to knockback? Well, it's a form of area denial for weapon-using players. Keep dangerous monsters away, prevent an enemy getting inside, or knock someone into a web - it's up to you! Knockbacks also provide a great opportunity to run away from enemies.

Knockback's best synergy is with Hammer's mastery leap skill. Knockback an enemy and control the flow of battle - you've got a short window where you can leap attack them and gain the initiative while you are out of their range.

BLEED Some monsters can cause you to bleed with uncommon special attacks. Most bows, fencing weapons, Scimitars, and Axes can cause bleeds. For comparison in these rates, hold procs go off 15% of the time. So use the 'feel' of that as you think about these: Longbows have an extremely low crit rate (2%). Axes have a very low crit rate. (2%) Scimitars have a low crit rate. (4%) Fencing weapons have a high crit rate. (6% to 8%, gold sword 9% in arena) Short swords have a very high crit rate. (10%) Therefore a 100 Aim character could apply bleeds with a Short Sword equal to the rate a hold proc goes off. (15%) Daggers have a base crit rate of 5%, but Banditry also now has Blademastery skill (increased chance to crit with daggers) and Bleed mastery (inc duration). Bleeds are always 1 point of damage per tick. Bleed danger varies with bleed duration and bleed stacks. So for example, a very powerful bleed does 1 damage a tick for a minute. A weak one does 1 damage a tick for a few seconds. Monsters that savagely apply bleeds might stack 3+ on you. Be careful. Bleeds can't kill you, and they won't disrupt focus. Draconians have a 10% chance to cause an enemy to bleed with unarmed attacks due to their claws.

Hospice and Major Heal remove bleeding on a target.

High Agility characters reduce bleeding because of better control over how they are hit. 2 points = 1% resistance. 100 Agility = 50% reduced bleed duration on


Stuns prevent fighting back for a brief time (standard stun is 1 second, the time of one swing). You can still move and see. You are not blinded and held. But your vision will go 'drunk'. Some monsters can stun with uncommon special attacks. Some spells can stun. Battle bows, specifically, can stun. Crit rate is very low. (2%) Magic bows both stun and bleed (2%). Maces can also stun. Their crit rate is moderate. (5%)

Stun is resisted by your mass and by your Stamina stat. High Stamina characters get stunned for less time. 2 points = 1% resistance. 100 Stamina = 50% reduced stuns on you.



Mana nodes are no longer required for mana.

Your max mana is now 68 + Mysticism. Veterans may remember 68 as the amount 5 mysticism PFs had, and 128 as the amount max myst mages had. So now the system simply scales from 68 to 128, respecting 60 myst races as the new 'natural max'.

All new chars have 68 mana and will expand that as they build. You unlock Mysticism mana with experience. As you gain toughers, you will also gain mana.

Why did we do this? Well, we're trying it out. Modern gamers just hate the mana node mechanic at this point. This change is also intended to tone down the absurd amounts of mana characters were reaching on the top end without nerfing low Myst chars or new players.

Circlets and so on still work, nothing else has changed.


Experience was previously capped based on your own base max health. It isn't anymore. Now you can kill much higher level monsters to gain large chunks of experience. Also, the super experience bug with passive quests has been fixed.


A number of lingering training points bugs have been fixed by a rework of how they're rewarded. (Accumulated Wisdom from kills works properly now too)


If you and some friends build together, you will split TP rewards. If you didn't deal any damage or dealt way too little, you might get 0 TP. Huge groups will also waste TP, since the monster dies so fast you don't have a chance to learn anything.

Remember, you can still only earn TP on monsters that give you a challenge. You can't just go slaughter baby spiders while fully built.

Now, the base training points earned for a kill are:

1 + monster_level/50

A mob of level 20 gives 1 TP.

A mob of level 50 gives 2 TP.

A mob of level 100 gives 3 TP.

A mob of level 150 gives 4 TP.

A mob of level 200 gives 5 TP.

And then if you're in the Survival Arena you get an additional base TP per 8 rounds. For example, a level 200 mob killed in round 80 would give 15 TP base. Bosses in the Surival Arena and in the game world itself may also give dramatic base XP and TP boosts based on how tough they are. General rule, the longer a boss takes, the more it gives (not necessarily just how difficult).

MAX HEALTH BONUS: Ok, we have our base TP. Now, triple that if you are at max health.

CHAMPION BONUS: Then, multiply that result by the Champion Reward Multiplier, which is 3 for swift, deadly, and tough, 10 for indombitable, and 100 for legendary.

Examples: A level 130 mob killed in Brax while you are 120 HP will give 3 TP. A swift level 130 mob killed in Brax while you are 120 HP will give 9 TP. The Ghost of Far'nohl has 5 bonus TP (not too high since he is rapidly killable). If you're max health, you'll get 30 TP. If the Ghost is swift/tough/deadly, 90 TP. A level 200 indomitable mob killed in round 80 of Survival Arena while you are at max health might give 450 TP. A legendary level 150 mob in the real game world killed while you are max health might give 1200 TP.


First reminder:

ALL MONSTERS NOW SPLIT TRAINING POINT REWARDS PROPORTIONALLY BASED ON DAMAGE YOU DEAL! If you and two friends fight a boss, you do 50% damage, a friend does 30% damage, and a friend does 20% damage, you will receive those splits. Boss base TP bonuses are based on how long it takes to kill the boss, how accessible they are, and how many players will probably split the rewards. Something like the Fire Prism boss is 6k base because it's very hard to access, is only killable like once a week, and takes 3+ players. If you see an absurdly high TP value for a boss you haven't met yet, take it as a fair warning.

If you don't damage a normal monster for sixty seconds or a boss for 5 minutes, you will be dropped from TP sharing consideration.

As a reminder, many bosses have already been upgraded in difficulty. This ain't ya grandpappy's Lupogg King.

These are base values, which will often be subject to tripling by the base max health bonus.

Boss Base TP values:

Liutenant Golems - 1 extra

Orc Pit Boss - 2 extra

Queen Spider - 3

Ghost - 5

Dark Angel - 50

Lupogg King - 500

Lava Frog - 1000

Vix'Si'Xeochicatl - 1000

Vix'Ci'Xeochicatl - 2000

Vix'Ma'Xeochicatl - 3000

Vix'Ve'Xeochicatl - 4000

Vix'Ro'Xeochicatl - 5000

Vix'Zi'Xeochicatl - 6000

The Minotaur - ?

Ice Dragon - 15,000

Five of the High Sorcerers - 20,000

Qua Kornedrin, High Sorcerer of Fire - 50,000

Queen Venya'Cyr - 1,000,000 (killing the upgraded lich is a 'dozens of players' kind of challenge...)

INTERESTING NOTE The Desert and Maze boost the difficulty of all phase monsters during their respective phase if the Prism is undefeated. These levels count the same way as Survival rounds. That boost equates to roughly 30 survival rounds at current settings, so +3 base TP. (30/8 truncated) This doesn't apply to monsters inside Prisms themselves. (so Xeos in the Prism of Fire, for example, are actually weaker). This has always secretly been the case, it's not new.

Some items gained increased hex effectiveness. These increase the effect of the witchery curses you cast similar to the way spellpower does for mainland schools.

  • The skull masks dropped by the Raumlar nomad tribe have 9 inc hex effect.
  • Daggers give 11 inc hex effect due to their common use in rituals.
  • Gloves, the rare caster item from nomad chests, have a random 11 or 22 inc hex effect roll.
  • Orc Shields give 33 inc hex effect.

Some items gained hex resistance. This stat cuts hex effect on you. Hex resistance directly subtracts from hex effectiveness. A standard witch might cast a curse up to 100 effect. A Xaerdun witch might cast as high as 130+ effect. In all cases, the effectiveness will be directly reduced by your hex resistance. (subtracted)

  • The skull masks dropped by the Raumlar nomad tribe have 3 hex resistance.
  • Spiritual Shields have up to 11 hex resistance based on karma and creation power.
  • Nomad shields have 22 hex resistance.
  • Orc Shields have 33 hex resistance.
  • Nerudite Armor has 33 hex resistance.

As a reminder, the Ventdal 6 skill Hermitage offers up to 65ish hex resistance. The Iwodach 2 skill Arcane Knowledge offers up to 35ish.

From gear and skill options alone, you can achieve some pretty significant hex effect or resistance. Hexes and Witchery are neutral, but have more in common with Qor's dark magics. Thus the Orc Shield is the singular best hex effect and resist item, but spiritual shields still have some resistance. There's also a song now, too.

There's a new Jala song sold by Lucius at Waylay Oasis.

  • Arid Aria is a short-range song that boosts the power of hexes listeners cast while also providing hex resistance to those listeners.

This has the overall effect of giving you up to 33 hex resistance from enemy curses while boosting hexes you cast by 33 - but if the opponent gets up close, he'll get the effects too, nullifying all song bonuses on both of you. (+33 + -33 = 0) This was a song used in the great open spaces of the desert; it'll be much tougher to use in cramped fighting quarters. Arid Aria also has the opposite effect of its fellow Hinder songs - it drastically reduces fizzle rates of Witchery spells. Arid Aria's range goes up from 5 to 10 based on spellpower, making it harder to isolate your effects from the enemy the stronger your song is.

"First performed by refugees from the destruction of the Temple of Jala when they fled to the land of Biskalane, this song's notes carry the haunting open echoes of the desert. It was this melody that guided the nomads of the Ventdal tribe over the dunes to meet the Jala refugees, and the compassionate pact made on that day still holds power. Listeners will find they are both protected from hexes and more adept at casting them. "

"A ruby and a shock fragment are required to begin performing this song."

  • Xeochicatl can no longer resist Witchery hexes the way they resist other magics.

The witches have had centuries to fine-tune their spells to work on the primary danger in Biskalane. However, Xeochicatl are still exotic lifeforms and have some innate effect reduction for hexes. (-30 effectiveness)


  • Dement and Denial are no longer classified as illusions. These are definitely mind magic, not illusions. As a result, Dispel Illusion no longer removes either.


Patch Notes Contained sections are NEW REINCARNATION, NEW CONTENT, and RACE PERKS.


Reincarnation is no longer mandatory to gain stat points. No more reinc grinds before you get to play. You can gain those stat points just by playing. Reincarnating, however, still has some cool bonuses.

Instead of reincarnating to gain stat points, you will gain a mostly hidden ticker called Accumulated Wisdom. It more or less represents all your Training Points ever earned. To a certain point, it also represents how much TP you get if you still choose to reincarnate. When you reincarnate, you will be SET to your Wisdom in TP. Not added. You can't build up millions of TP by reincarnating repeatedly.

You get 1 Wisdom per Training Point you earn by killing mobs, quests, or logging in. Remember that killing mobs while you're at max HP gives triple TP - that's the new primary way to gain Wisdom as a finished character.

For all of this, it doesn't matter if you're at the TP cap. You'll still get Wisdom for earned TP even if you're capped on TP.

You also get Wisdom equal to the Training Point cost of any improves you make in a spell or skill. For example, if you imp Slash, you get 30 Wisdom.

Each stat point you reach is called an Enlightenment. Instead of seeing 'Gar has reincarnated 8 times' in a character bio, you will see 'Gar has reached enlightenment 8 times.' All existing characters keep their reincarnations, converted directly to enlightenments. Some existing characters who qualify will get sudden 'free' enlightenments (that they already earned by building / playing but never reincarnated). Log your old toons in to get spammed by enlightenments and get a report on your Accumulated Wisdom.

If you are Human, it is still your racial bonus to get twice as many points from the same number of Enlightenments. For you, 10 Enlightenments = 20 stat points, just as with reincarnations previously.

Enlightenments 1-10 are easy to reach.

1: 10,000 Wisdom

2: 20,000

3: 30,000

4: 45,000

5: 80,000

6: 120,000

7: 165,000

8: 205,000

9: 260,000

10: 320,000 <------- roughly the top normal character mark. 320k TP is also the most you can ever get upon reincarnation.

After that, it gets incredibly hard. It is highly likely nobody will ever reach these values beyond maybe #11. They exist in case content ever extends that far, and to give you something to work for over the years. Believe me, you will NEVER have to worry about random PKs or trolls getting anywhere into these tiers. You yourself might only reach them after exploring several expansions' worth of content. Botting is not a viable way to reach these numbers. You will most likely end up having to do quests as part of future content that have sizable Wisdom rewards. For example, if you do actually defeat the High Sorcerers and save Biskalane, you'll receive 500,000 Wisdom.

11: 1,000,000

12: 4,000,000

13: 8,000,000

14: 13,000,000

15: 19,000,000

16: 26,000,000

17: 40,000,000

18: 60,000,000

19: 90,000,000

20: 134,217,727 <--- absolute max ever.

So what is Reincarnation good for now?

You can now reincarnate at any time to change your stats or race. When you do, you will always start over with your Accumulated Wisdom in Training Points (up to 320k), and you will be 20 HP. But hit points are not wasted. When you reincarnate, your Accumulated Wisdom pool will be increased by a bonus percentage determined by how much health you built to in your previous life. This is a way of rewarding players who build HP, and a way of balancing HP against Int. The bonus is equal to 1% per 5 max HP you reach, starting at 80.

80 HP = 1%

85 HP = 2%

90 HP = 3%

95 HP = 4%

100 HP = 5%

105 HP = 6%

110 HP = 7%

115 HP = 8%

120 HP = 9%

125 HP = 10%

130 HP = 11% <--- Demon natural max*

135 HP = 12%

140 HP = 13%

145 HP = 14%

150 HP = 15% <--- typical max

155 HP = 16% <--- typical max + Duke Shield

160 HP = 17% <--- Half-orc natural max

165 HP = 18% <--- Half-orc + Duke Shield

170 HP = 19% <--- Draconian natural max**

175 HP = 20% <--- Draconian + Duke Shield

180 HP = 21% <--- Draconian + Duke Shield + Brass Medallion

  • (Demon has way more Int and can get more base AW by imping)
    • (Draconian has reduced Int and can't get as much base AW by imping)

Now, how do you actually use all these extra stat points?

You can reincarnate and get a free stat reset.

You can use an Ancient Trinket to manual stat change.


1: Kill things, quest, have fun. Everything you do builds towards more stat points.


2: Reincarnate and try out new builds. Have fun. Everything you do builds toward more stat points.


3: Use an ancient trinket or reincarnate to apply new stat points as you earn them.

You will see your AW total when you first log in. You can also see it by saying, in the Hall of Genealogy, "I wish to be informed of my accumulated wisdom."


  • Due to numerous player complaints, Waylay Oasis had its portals moved to a new room in the hall so people don't accidentally go in and die.

There are also two new portals for the two new Prisms.

  • The Prism of Life is now accessible. When defeated, for 72 hours it is possible to leave the Eternal Wastes by ascending the stairway of life.

This avoids any need to pay 64k or sacrifice 2 hp.

  • The Prism of Death is now accessible. When defeated, for 72 hours death costs in Biskalane are halved. That means you have a chance to not lose a HP and you'll lose half as many %s.

The location of these two prisms is a mystery...

  • Prism of Fire's third boss stage had its HP reduced by 75%, bringing the total for all three stages in line with the other Prism boss HPs.

Even so, we highly recommend using some sort of elemental strategy here. Cold reduces enemy offense, so some sort of combined cold assault (possibly with hexes) could keep that stage 3 monster from purging you (while doing buttloads of damage).

  • The spell Bond requires 1 major heartstone of each type as reagents. Nothing's changed here, we're just saying it's possible to cast now that all the Prisms are active.

It's probably 103's biggest unofficial 'quest' - defeat each Prism three times (since Bond is a prism spell you need min 3 sets) and you can make one of your uber items immune to pvp consequences...

  • Now that all the prisms are accessible, the Maze of the Minotaur may also be exited through the room at its end once all the Prisms are defeated and the barriers are down.

This will complete the 'Exit the Maze' quest for 15,000 TP.

  • The island's triple experience at night should now work correctly.

Also, if you're getting stuck in the Trading Post at night, you know you can blink out or recall, right?

  • Recall and Egress had their cast time halved. Minimum is now 15 seconds at 99 sp, very close to Rescue.
  • Light Feet no longer keeps Hide up during attacking or casting or taking damage. You can still run / rest while hidden as long as you have Light Feet up.

It still retains Sneak, however, under almost all circumstances. Letting people fight while Hidden turned out to be too strong.

  • Offense and Defense caps have been removed. Previously, these values couldn't go over 2000.

Now, the bars in the stat window go up to 2000 for visual purposes, but you can reach any offense and defense. So can monsters... beware.

  • Bottles of dye exist now. They can color head items, shield items, and melee weapons.

There are two varieties of dye: one-color and two-color. A one-color bottle of dye will, itself, be all that color. A two-color bottle of dye has a different colored cap. The bottles are the color they will dye. Bottles are single use and are consumed upon use. Choose wisely!

  • You can now change your human skin color by going to the Hall of Genealogy and saying "I wish to alter my human ancestry."

You will receive a random skin color of the four if you are human. Repeat until you get what you want. Reincarnating into and out of human will no longer lose your original skin color. Altering your ancestry in the hall of genealogy permanently changes your default human skin color.

  • You can now change your hair in the Hall of Genealogy. Say "I wish to alter my hair."

You will get the next hair in a loop, so repeat until you get what you want. Bald is included. Both genders of hair are possible for any character and they don't look half bad.

  • You can now change your hair color in the Hall of Genealogy. Say "I wish to alter my hair color."

You will receive a random hair color of the natural colors. Repeat until you get what you want.

  • A lot of enormous Meditate costs got reduced. Skills that were previously insane to Meditate are now on par with other spells and skills.
  • Crystalize Mana no longer cripples your maximum mana while it is surging.

Crippling max mana made the spell more like a penalty than a boon, and didn't play well with reserved songs. Second Wind was also upgraded not too long ago to not cripple eating and max vigor, so it's only fitting these related abilities match.


  • Draconians now have 20% acid resistance in addition to their other resistances.
  • Pierce and Thrust resists were tweaked down to 5% from 10%.
  • Draconian stat caps were altered due to suggestions: now 50 might, 30 int, 70 stamina, 30 agility, 50 myst, 50 aim.

This should ease some of the overly narrow 'build restriction' of having 10 int max. As a reminder, Draconians have 15% increased punch & touch spell damage, and can rest up to 150 vigor naturally and can eat more than any other race by far. Eating includes potions. You can reincarnate into Draconian in the veteran reincarnation room in the Maze of the Minotaur.

  • Draconians are now immune to the desert's dusk acid rain and the Prism of Acid's acid rain (but not the severe damage when you fall off).
  • Half-Undines are now immune to the desert's night blizzard and the Prism of Ice's water drain.
  • Half-Demons are now immune to the desert's day heat and the Prism of Fire's lung-scorching heat (but not the stepping in lava damage).
  • Half-Elves are now immune to the Prism of Life's overhealing danger.
  • Half-Orcs are now immune to the Prism of Death's grasping darkness threat.

These are just a nice little perk meant to accentuate the feel of each race. They reflect the inherent resistance strengths of each. Each race therefore has one aspect of the desert they are more effective in. A new race may be coming who is akin to lightning, the one element not on the list above.

Races have now also gained some eyesight light level that lets them see in the dark (or not).

  • Half demons see very poorly, worse than humans, because they came from somewhere very bright. They'll have difficulty in poor lighting.
  • Humans are unchanged.
  • Half elves are historically from dim forest lands, so they see a little better than humans. Pitch black is still pitch black, though.
  • Half undines see pretty well, as their ancestors came from the ocean depths. Tier-wise, they're the first race to whom pitch black becomes vaguely navigable.
  • Draconians have the second-best eyesight. They need no lighting assistance to see well.
  • Half orcs see incredibly well in the dark. To them, the darkest caves are well-lit. Some speculate they're actually using hearing or infravision to aid their senses.


Post-patch patch:

REINCARNATION REPORTING --------------- You may now obtain your current reincarnation progress by going to the reincarnation books in the Hall of Genealogy. State 'I wish to be informed of my reincarnation progress.'

This will also turn on reincarnation reporting permanently for that character.

There is a note at the end of every book telling you about this option.

NIGHT ON THE ISLAND --------------- The Ko'catani Jungle now vastly changes at night.

  • Birdsong stops at dusk as a sort of subtle warning. (dusk is 3 meridian hours prior to night, sky goes dark blue)
  • Once night hits, it gets much darker, and the music and all animal noise stops.
  • The Trading Post gate closes and does not reopen until dawn.
  • All jungle mobs are 'deadly', meaning they glow red & have increased damage and offense.
  • All jungle mobs gain 10 levels. Dragonflies, Avar Warriors, and Shamans go to 130, Chieftains go to 145, Kriipa go to 160.
  • Cold damage won't work nearly as well as it did during the day.

The purpose of these changes is to extend the building potential of the area and offer an increased risk + increased reward phase. It also looks awesome. Be sure to check out the details by right clicking on the 'night in the Ko'catani jungle' icon in your Area Effect section.

ITEMS ---------------

  • SotHs & Ao3s no longer give vigor when mobs die. Swords now give health and Amulets give mana.

A little discussion about this: when we reactivated the necromancer scenario, we wanted to be faithful to the scenario people loved. However, monsters have gotten MUCH stronger since those days, and the vigor these items give depends on monster difficulty. When I tested it, the sword was giving 60, 80, or even 100 vigor for a single kill. Simply WOW. We have not been balancing any spell or skill around this insane amount of free vigor. In fact, an integral part of feeling like your character is a Demon or an Orc or a Human is how much they can eat and/or rest up to. Soths / ao3s nuked the entire vigor system. So, instead, they'll give health and mana on a divisor of 10. If the sword was going to give you 100 vigor before, now you'll get 10 health or mana. It's still pretty strong. It's not just totally nutso insane. A little word about how these things are calculated - you get triple bonus from killing a mob yourself. So a boost from someone else killing it is much less.

  • Berserker rings now last forever. As a reminder, they no longer have an offense penalty, either.

Currently, they add 1-4 melee damage. That's finely balanced against rings that offer substantial defense or resists. There doesn't seem to be a reason to keep them short-lived.

SPELLS AND SKILLS --------------

  • Flame Dash and Lightning Strike no longer have a skill requirement.

You can buy them like normal Faren 4 and Faren 6 spells. However, you're still going to need weapon skills to actually land a hit with your weapon when you Lightning Strike.

  • Holy Shield

There is a new Shal 6 spell called Holy Shield. There is an associated quest chain for this spell. To begin the quest chain, go to the Shal'ille Temple and purchase Portal of Life (or have it already and go there). Holy Shield creates a weightless shield in your inventory that you can't drop or trade.

It has ilvl and stats based on spellpower of its creation and your karma. At 100 karma and 99 spellpower, it maxes out at 100 defense and 10% weapon resist and 10% magic resist. It also has space for shard mods. At 100 karma and 99 sp it is ilvl 200. This is the best shield in the game, but reserved only for masters of Shal'ille. It has new graphics and will wow your friends.

Holy Shield costs roughly 60 mana and 100 vigor to cast, as well as 10 polished and 10 holy fragments.

  • All Jala songs now properly change the area music. This doesn't change who is affected by the songs.
  • Jala songs have a new ability: persistence. This means that you can enter and exit rooms without the songs canceling.

The only time songs will cancel upon changing rooms is if they're offensive songs and you're entering a no-combat area.

  • Wearing a Jala Necklace will change how your Jala spells operate. Instead of draining mana on a periodic basis,

they'll reserve a portion of your maximum mana in a similar way to sorcery's spirit link. HOWEVER, Jala has always been strongly themed in tandem with mages and high mana. For that reason, Jala songs reserve FLAT amounts of max mana equal to their drain * 1.5 so that chars with high mana have best use of them. For example, Mirth reserves 30 mana, while Rejuvenate reserves 120. Songs reserved in such a manner never stop, even if you rest. They only end if you logoff, die, cast the song again, or take off your Jala Necklace. Lore-wise, this is because the Jala necklace itself resonates with your song, so you don't have to constantly sing it. You've put your mana into the necklace to maintain the song for you. You can reserve personal enchantments with Sorcery's Spirit Link and songs at the same time. If you reserve personal enchantments such that you don't have enough mana to reserve a current jala song anymore, the song will revert to a normal song with a normal drain.

If you sing a song then put on the necklace, that song will remain normal. It won't change to reserved.

  • New Jala song: Dispassion

Dispassion acts like mirth and melancholy, adding offense and damage against neutral enemies.

  • Mirth, Melancholy, Dispassion

All three of the songs now depend upon spellpower. Right click their descriptions to see what they add. At 99 spellpower, they add 100 offense and 1-5 damage against the proper karma enemies. Previously, these songs gave the same bonus at any spellpower.

  • Crystalize Mana

When you learn(ed) Crystalize Mana, you restructure(d) your spiritual mana flows into a crystalline pattern. For that reason, knowing the spell makes you immune to certain types of mana drain, such as that employed by Xeochicatls.

  • Sorcery

Similar to the Crystalize Mana change, the knowledge of Sorcery requires tattoos and altered mana flows within the body. For that reason, having sorcery tattoos makes you immune to certain types of mana drain, such as that employed by Xeochicatls. This is something the ancient sorcerers of Biskalane devised quite early in the development of their arts. Thus, even level 1 sorcery skills grant the immunity.

  • Reckless Heart has a sweet new icon.



  • Draconian. You have dragon blood running through your veins, and a face only a mother could love.

Draconians are extremely tough (+20 stamina max, allowing 170 max hp) but their intellect is primal and animal (-40 intellect max). Their natural toughness allows them to rest to 150 vigor (+70 over humans). They also have an even bigger stomach capacity than half-orcs (Draconians can eat 40% more food over human, while half-orcs can only eat 20% over).

Draconians are naturally 10% resistant to slash, pierce, and thrust damage thanks to their tough hide. Unfortunately, they've still got squishy human organs, so they are -10% weak to bludgeon. Reflecting those values, they have +2% to slash, pierce, and thrust max resist but -7% to max bludgeon resist. That means they can only ever achieve 68% bludgeon resist and 77% slash pierce and thrust resist, assuming you can piece together that much specific weapon resistance.

Draconians deal 15% increased damage with punch attacks thanks to their claws. Punch damage IS a part of touch spells, which are also boosted as a result. Don't let a weapon-less Draconian get near you.

Draconians can't use human headgear.


  • The boss of the Maze can drop socketed gear. (see video)
  • A massive creature that has taken up residence in the Maze can drop armor that holds spells in the form of engraved runes.
  • Feretories hidden in the maze can contain weapons of ancient power.
  • Relics can boost your entire guild.

ADEPT ABILITIES If you conquer the maze, you may choose ONE spell or skill to master above all others. Right now there are 8 choices.

  • Scimitar Wielders can drain small amounts of vigor with their strikes.
  • Dagger Wielders gain defense as they get lower in health.
  • Hammer Wielders can make short leaps at enemies to close the gap to melee raneg.
  • Inert Form specialists can triple their resistance to elemental ailments.
  • Earthquake specialists damage triple the range.
  • Flame Dash specialists travel triple the distance.
  • Fireball specialists can deal splash damage.
  • Lightning bolt specialists can chain lightning bolts to one extra target (prioritizes enemyplayers).

PASSIVE QUEST SYSTEM These quests are designed to guide players through the game.

  • Raza door timer tripled. You now have six seconds to pull both levers, so that new players may do it themselves.
  • Newbies now always go to Marion as their starting hometown.
  • Characters created after this patch won't get reincarnation progress reports until they complete a reincarnation quest chain. (Confuses newbies) You can still reincarnate without doing the quests.
  • A bigger portal to the desert has been constructed in the basement of Bourgeois Castle. You can find the basement entrance behind the princess.
 There's no longer a portal in the Mocker's Chamber.


Guilds no longer have any base rent. Members also no longer have any rent associated with them. To clarify, if you have a basic guild with no hall, your rent will never increase. This means you can have a basic guild of an unlimited number of members and it will never 'time out' and never have to pay rent. However, ***BE AWARE*** that setting guilds to enemy increases your rent. You will begin to time out if you have enemies. Enemy guilds add +5 to rent per rent tick, the equivalent of having 5 members under the old system.

Ally guilds no longer reduce rent because basic guilds are free.

Remember that the spell Egress can return you to your hall at any time. It has a long focus and works like Blink; everyone has it.


  • Official kill counters
  • Combat scenarios (capture the flag anyone?)
  • Reward & victory conditions

GUILD HALL UPGRADES Guild masters and officers can now purchase upgrades for their guild's Hall.

  • Shard Fusing Device
  • Shard Shattering Device
  • Portals to themed locations
  • Permanent enchantments, such as Rejuvenate, that can be stronger than otherwise possible (spellpower above 99)
  • Improved Meditation aura (using Meditate inside the hall will use less Training Points per % gained, rate varies by hall)
  • Reliquaries (place powerful objects in a place of honor to give all guild members a bonus)
  • Bartenders in appropriate halls that sell food and inkies
  • Meditation ratios!

The power or maximum number of each of these upgrades depends on the hall's quality.

SHARD DEVICES By using the power of the guild hall as a forge, these offer the long-awaited ability to combine and downgrade shards as needed. Fusing rates range from 8 into 1 higher (worst) to 4 into 1 higher (best). Shattering rates from 1 into 2 lower (worst) to 1 into 4 lower (best).

Ratios: Mercenary Alley - Fuse 8 into 1 higher, Shatter 1 into 2 lower Ivory Chapel - Fuse 8 into 1 higher, Shatter 1 into 2 lower Sewer Hideout - Fuse 8 into 1 higher, Shatter 1 into 2 lower Abandoned Warehouse - Fuse 8 into 1 higher, Shatter 1 into 2 lower Jaarba's Abode - Fuse 7 into 1 higher, Shatter 1 into 2 lower Konima's Abandoned Dwelling - Fuse 7 into 1 higher, Shatter 1 into 2 lower Hall of Explorers - Fuse 7 into 1 higher, Shatter 1 into 2 lower Friends of the Forest - Fuse 6 into 1 higher, Shatter 1 into 2 lower West Tower - Fuse 6 into 1 higher, Shatter 1 into 3 lower Bookmaker's - Fuse 5 into 1 higher, Shatter 1 into 3 lower Den of Shadows - Fuse 5 into 1 higher, Shatter 1 into 3 lower Wryn's Keep - Fuse 4 into 1 higher, Shatter 1 into 4 lower Old Dwarven - Fuse 4 into 1 higher, Shatter 1 into 4 lower Slaughtered Command - Fuse 4 into 1 higher, Shatter 1 into 4 lower Waylay Oasis - Fuse 4 into 1 higher, Shatter 1 into 4 lower


The Abandoned Warehouse has had significant layout changes. It is now filled with crates that make it more dynamic than just being an empty rectangular area. The internal blink spot will allow you to climb some of the crates for a height advantage.

The Hall of Explorers had the building behind it bought out and demolished. It now has access to an alleyway and a large private garden.

Mercenary Alley has a new secret passage somewhere within its walls.

Miners in the Old Dwarven Hall uncovered a massive reliquary hall that was never finished. The fate of the dwarves remains unknown...

The Bookmaker's Guild House now has a secret exit available only to those with no sense of shame.

The Wryn's Keep had some of its bar tables trimmed so that players can get behind them. What's the point of a bar with no bartender? :) Wryn's Keep also now has a bartender.

GUILD HALL MEDITATE RATIOS These meditation ratios are designed to encourage players to visit the hall for large TP expenditures. Generally, the more specific the theme, the stronger the bonus. The same is true as hall quality rises. --> They only work inside the hall and if you own the hall. <-- --> To reiterate, these do not work in the foyer! <-- --> You will not get your TP back if you screw up! <--

  • The Abandoned Warehouse boosts meditation of all spells and skills by a tiny 5%.
  • The Sewer Hideout boosts meditation of Qor and Banditry by 10%.
  • Konima's Abandoned Dwelling boosts meditation of all spells and skills by 10%.
  • Jaarba's Abode boosts meditation of all spells and skills by 10%.
  • The Home of the Friends of the Forest boosts meditation of all Jala, Faren, and Shal'ille spells by 15%.
  • Mercenary Alley boosts Weaponcraft and Banditry meditation by 20%.
  • The Old Dwarven Hall boosts meditation of all spells and skills with Might or Stamina as primary stats by 20%.
  • The Den of Shadows boosts meditation of Jala, Qor, and Banditry by 20%.
  • Waylay Oasis boosts meditation of Faren, Banditry, Sorcery, and Witchery skills and spells by 20%.
  • The Ivory Chapel boosts meditation of all Shal'ille spells by 25%.
  • The West Tower Guild Hall boosts meditation of all Kraanan spells by 25%.
  • The Bookmaker's Guild House boosts meditation of Riija spells by 25%, but don't go using those illusions to scam gamblers!
  • Hall of Explorers boosts meditation of all spells and skills level 3 and below by 30%.
  • The Hall of the Slaughtered Command boosts meditation of all spells and skills level 4 or above by 40%.
  • Wryn's Keep boosts meditation of all spells and skills by a tremendous 60%.

... and The Inner Sanctum of Queen Venya'cyr boosts meditation of Qor, Riija, and Faren by 100%, while hindering any other meditations -90%. In other words, if you try to meditate upon something like Shal'ille spells in front of your Queen, she's going to eat your TP.

PORTALS Each hall generally has between one and six fixed portals that can take guild members to various locations around the world. These are designed to encourage regular hall use that involves opening the door / pvp risk. Portals in abandoned halls are dark and do not function.

Bookmaker's Guild House has no portals. Necromancer hall has no portals. The Ivory Chapel has no portals. Old Dwarven has no portals. Mercenary Alley has a secret portal that helps with defense. The Abandoned Warehouse has a portal link to the Jasper Vaults. Konima's Abandoned Dwelling has one portal to Konima's final resting place. Sewer Hideout has a river portal for another angle of attack at North Barloque. Jaarba's Abode's sole portal is actually in the chest room, and acts as an escape hatch for the owner to a destination unknown. Home of the Friends of the Forest has two portals to two important forests. West Tower has one portal for quick deployment outside the Ko'Catan city walls. Slaughtered Command has three portals: the Trading Post and two lonely & abandoned places. The Den of Shadows has pvp angle portals to the Abandoned Fountain Tavern in Tos, the center of North Barloque, and a surprise route into Cor Noth. The Hall of Explorers can take you to the four corners of the world - literally. Waylay Oasis has three portals to the entrances to the Prisms of Acid, Fire, and Ice. Wryn's Keep has 6 portals that go to: Pogg king, Thrashers, Brax, Trading Post, the Desert, and the Orc Pit.

Be sure to examine the portal first to see where it goes. Not all are safe.

PERMANENT SONGS Take a moment to relax in your guild hall. Certain rooms or areas of the hall, such as a bar room or a secluded hospice, may have permanent Jala songs to help you recuperate. They cannot be discorded and only function if the hall is owned. These songs can be (and often are) stronger than a player could hope to perform on their own, but can often be very small in range. As a reminder, Invigorate is vigor, Restorate is health, and Rejuvenate is mana.

Mercenary Alley has no songs. Old Dwarven has no songs. Abandoned Warehouse has a normal Rejuvenate in one tiny corner in risky view of the foyer. Jaarba's Abode has a normal Rejuvenate in one room. Konima's Abandoned Dwelling has a 200% Rejuvenate in one room. The Sewer Hideout has a 200% Restorate in a position to defend its gate. It is the only hall with a specific PvP-placed song. Hall of Explorers has a 200% Invigorate around the fireplace. The Den of Shadows has a 200% Restorate in its bar area, near the bartender. West Tower has 200% Rejuvenate in one small room. Bookmaker's has 200% Invigorate and normal Rejuvenate together in one private area. Slaughtered Command has 200% Rejuvenate and 200% Invigorate together in one area. Wryn's Keep has 200% Invigorate, 200% Restorate, and 200% Rejuvenate in the main newsglobe / bar area. Friends of the Forest has 300% Rejuvenate and 300% Restorate together around the campfire. Waylay Oasis has 300% Invigorate, 300% Restorate, and 300% Rejuvenate together in one major chamber. Ivory Chapel has 300% Invigorate, 300% Restorate, and 300% Rejuvenate together. It is the only hall whose songs reach the foyer, in accordance with Shal'illes giving teachings. Anyone may partake of the benefits.

RELICS Guild halls now have a varying number of Reliquaries based upon hall quality and theme. Some halls, like the Old Dwarven Hall, have as many as 6 Reliquaries. Some have none.

Relics are a new class of treasure that have no effect on players themselves, but which can be placed in Reliquaries to give the entire guild bonuses. Be wary, however, for the magics of the Reliquaries usually require that they exist in the main areas of the hall. If any thieves or intruders manage to gain entrance to the hall, they can typically steal these valuable Relics without conquering the hall or guessing the chest password.

Armor relics include various types of ancient gear, from gold plate to greaves bearing the King's lions. As one example, an ancient helmet gives 20 defense to all guild members while in a Reliquary. Ancient gold armor grants all guild members half a point of melee weapon damage. For some reason, ancient greaves grant one and one fifths points of damage to punches. There are many examples of armor relics. You will recognize them when you find them in treasure in the upcoming maze (they are not available quite yet).

(feature coming soon): Other relics will soon include objects of current power, such as Major Heartstone Shards, God Gifts, Magic Spirit Helms, and more. You'll have to discover for yourself what powers they grant while in a Reliquary.

(coming soon): The most notable relic guild masters must be aware of is the tear drop of wisdom. Each tear drop of wisdom in a hall reliquary increases the experience gain of the guild's members by 10%. In the example of the Old Dwarven Guild Hall, that means that if one was lucky or wealthy enough to acquire six tear drops of wisdom, the guild's members would gain experience 60% faster from any source.

Hall of Explorers has no reliquaries. The Ivory Chapel has no reliquaries. Abandoned Warehouse has 1 reliquary. The Sewer Hideout has 1 reliquary. Friends of the Forest has 1 reliquary. Konima's Abandoned Dwelling has 2 reliquaries. Jaarba's Abode has 3 reliquaries. West Tower has 3 reliquaries. Bookmaker's Guild House has 3 reliquaries. Den of Shadows has 4 reliquaries. Slaughtered Command has 6 reliquaries. Wryn's Keep has 6 reliquaries. Waylay Oasis has 6 reliquaries. Old Dwarven has 6 reliquaries.

The Inner Sanctum of Queen Venya'cyr has no reliquaries.

SHARDS You can now obtain a shard one tier higher for some of the previous shard, using a shard fusing device. You can also split a shard into some of the next lower tier, using a shard shattering device. Both devices are available for purchase as guild hall upgrades. The efficiency of the devices depends on the quality of the hall. The lowest quality halls can fuse 8 into 1 of the higher tier and shatter 1 into 2 of the lower tier. The highest quality halls can fuse 4 into 1 of the higher tier and shatter 1 into 4 of the lower tier.

Minor > Augmentation > Improvement > Major > Disturbance > Disruption > Draining > Instilling > Empowerment

Heartstone shards have been upgraded from weighted Majors to weighted Disturbance shards. What this means is that instead of 3-6 mods, they will generate 1-2. However, there are two buffs. First, their effects have been improved: their weighted mods can be stronger now. Second, they don't require a draining shard to use repeatedly. They will reroll over items with 1-2 mods like a Shard of Disturbance. The new item creation path with these (instead of heartstone, drain, heartstone, drain, etc), goes like this:

1: Heartstone shard repeatedly until you get a good mod(s). 2: If you only have one mod but you want to keep it, use a Shard of Augmentation to reach 2 mods. 3: Use a shard of improvement to reach 3 mods. 4: Use shards of empowerment to reach your desired final number of mods. 5: If at any point you get a bad mod, use a draining shard and then start over.

Unlike normal shards, with heartstones you can't rely on Instilling Shards to fine-tune rolls on your item. The boosted mod that heartstones give will be reduced to normal values if you use an Instilling Shard.

Major hearstone shards - the kind you get from beating a Prism dungeon - can now be used as Shards of Disruption. This means they will generate 3-6 mods; aka they are better heartstone shards. However, they are also used as Bond reagents, so employ sparingly.


Hide now drops aggro comparing your % against Monster Level / 2 instead of Monster Level * 2. That means instead of maxing out dropping aggro from mobs level 49 and below (useless), it now drops aggro from mobs 198 and below (everything but level 200 mobs). This is incredibly strong and we'll be watching the effect carefully.

Sneak and Hide now activate more quickly based on % and Agility. Sneak can activate as quickly as 0 ms, meaning a single walk step can activate it. This point is reached at 99% and 60 agility. Hide can activate as quickly as 2000 ms, meaning a walk of 2 seconds can activate it. This point is reached at 99% and 50 agility. In both cases, agility and % are about equally weighted (2% = 1 agil). In both cases, you are limited by how often the game checks for movement, so there's a fundamental minimum that will keep these from ever being 'instant'. They are, however, much faster to activate now.

Sneak and Hide will no longer drop when you run if your current stance is Light Feet (banditry 1). For now, we're allowing switching stances without dropping Sneak and Hide, but if it becomes a problem in conjunction with Backstab, we'll take away the ability to switch stances and keep up Sneak and Hide.

Poison Blade's poisons have been doubled in effectiveness against monsters - both damage and duration.


Melee offense mods have been reduced to 1/3rd of their former values. This applies to all existing and future rolls. They can be retuned upward at any time (the original value still exists), we're just trying some balancing.

THE MAZE OF THE MINOTAUR Early reports tell of lands beyond the Prism of Fire. Scouts warn of Air Elementals and a destroyed city rife with Chupacabras.

  • Feretories: mighty weapons and relics of power are contained in secret chests - but only if you can find them.
  • The Test of Mind and Body: if you can manage to follow in the footsteps (literally) of apprentice sorcerers, you can become an adept of a skill.

Mastered spells and skills have new extra abilities. You can only have one mastered spell or skill. If you choose another, you'll lose the one you have. Your mastered spell or skill appears in your bio, such as 'He is a renowned flame dash adept.'

  • Recall in the orc caves now takes you back to Icky cave. Recalling to the vigor pool then to aerie didn't really make sense

from a quest / exploration perspective. Newbies with the quest 'find the island', for example, could just recall forward to places they'd never reached yet. This change shifts the onus of travel onto reaching the island instead of fast travel getting there but having to slow-walk back. Now it takes time to get there but you can enter the caves and recall to get back home rapidly. Of note is that Egress will take you to your guild halls on the island from anywhere, so island guild halls are buffed by this change.

  • Recall in the desert dunes takes you back to the drop spot instead of skipping the elemental canyon.

Recall at the drop spot takes you back to the mainland. Recall anywhere beyond the elemental canyon takes you back to Waylay Oasis. Recall in Waylay Oasis takes you back to the drop spot. These changes are to emphasize the distances involved and the way content's supposed to be explored. Like the island change above, Waylay Oasis is still reachable from anywhere by Egress, so this buff's the hall's value. Recall in the maze will take you to just outside the maze. NOTE: >> RESCUE FOLLOWS THESE SAME RULES IN THE DESERT.

  • The desert 'drop' entry point no longer spawns any monsters. The Princess has ordered her Guards to defend it.

In design terms, this smooths the learning transition. Often, players were getting hit by phase dangers, and while trying to learn that, deadly monsters attacked them. Also, it's super annoying to try to recall and get interrupted by a mob hit. The Princess Guards also built a ramp and defenses at the drop platform. If you are near the guards (such as on the drop platform, in their little fortifications, or in the tower) the threats won't harm you. This will allow you to recall if you don't have the proper gear.

  • Weather now comes with effects on damage that you can right click for info in the AE bar.

Rain lowers fire damage and raises shock damage. Snow lowers cold damage and raises fire damage. Humidity in the jungle lowers fire damage and raises cold damage.


  • Shields now correctly take into account defense rating magic mods.


STATUS EFFECTS - HOLY The Holy damage status effect 'Humbled' now has an effectiveness divisor of 1, buffed from 3. What that means is that previously 30 pure holy damage would reduce magic resistances by 10. Now it will reduce them by 30. One-to-one. The complication here is that there are no sources of pure holy damage in the game at all. Therefore, if you are using holy touch, a shal-enchanted weapon, or charged clutch to transfer holy, you are using a partial magic attack and you will only apply half Humbled. For example, a shal-enchanted arrow that hits for 10 will apply 5 Humbled, reducing all magical resists by 5. You can more or less properly assume that hits with holy touch or shal weapons reduce enemy magical resistances by half of the damage you deal. These resistances are: magic, fire, shock cold, acid, holy, unholy, quake.

So, yes, holy damage improves itself. As you continually strike and humble a victim, you will do more and more damage as you reduce their holy and magic resistances. For this reason, Humbled's reduction amount has been upped from 3 to 10, meaning it wears off more than three times as fast. (It took a very long time to wear off before). That means every 3 seconds Humbled equivalent to a 20 damage hit will go away.

Example scenario: Newbie Victim is wearing Nerudite Armor (40 magic resist) and has a Ring of Corruption (10 holy resist) and Unholy Resolve (20 holy resist).

Yang the Barbarian hits Newbie Victim for 16 with a holy + nerudite arrow. Newbie Victim's magical resistances drop by 8, reducing him to 32 magic resist and 22 holy resist.

Yang the Barbarian hits Newbie Victim for 18 with a holy + nerudite arrow. Newbie Victim's magical resistances drop by 9, reducing him to 23 magic resist and 13 holy resist.

Yang the Barbarian hits Newbie Victim for 19 with a holy + nerudite arrow. Newbie Victim's magical resistances drop by 9, reducing him to 14 magic resist and 4 holy resist.

      • Three seconds have passed, because players can attack once per second.
      • Newbie Victim loses 10 Humbled, and his resistances rise by ten points to 24 magic resust and 14 holy resist.

Yang the Barbarian hits Newbie Victim for 18 with a holy + nerudite arrow. Newbie Victim's magical resistances drop by 9, reducing him to 15 magic resist and 5 holy resist.

Yang the Barbarian hits Newbie Victim for 20 with a holy + nerudite arrow. Newbie Victim's magical resistances drop by 10, reducing him to 5 magic resist and 0 holy resist. (zero is minimum)

Initial scenario end result: Unlike using Unholy damage, the victim was able to heal / use heal rods - but the victim now has very low magical resistances. Blast away with Faren spells. From the end point of the scenario, it will take 12 seconds for his resistances to return to normal just from this initial attack. Also, you can continue to use holy weapons at maximum effectiveness, as holy damage helps itself cut through resistances, although holy will never reduce Weapon Resistance, which still counts for half of the victim's defenses against partial magic attacks.

Note that targets with high magic or holy resistance may pass a threshold where you can't damage them enough to 'break through'; Humbled may wear off faster than you can apply it against someone like that.

STATUS EFFECTS - COLD Cold damage slowing victims down isn't really working out for client-based reasons. Classic client only sends commands once a second, so classic users are extremely affected and can be slowed as much as double or triple with just a little bit of cold. Ogre client sends commands much more often, so they often don't even notice the effect.

For that reason, Cold now lowers victim offense on the same curve that Shock lowers defense. This retains Cold's place as the only defensive status effect. It also wears off at the same slow rate that Shock wears off. Cold can also only be applied at short range, unlike Shock, so it hopefully will maintain a unique defensive feel. We encourage people to check out these underused elements; a good Explosive Frost may lop off 200 offense, and victims only restore 20 offense every 3 seconds. Landing a few Explosive Frosts might just turn the tide of a fight.


Outlaws and murderers have had their phase/logoff time until penalty reduced from 3 minutes to 30 seconds. This is a test change to shift white/red combat away from character trains. Typically it seems hunters are often neutrals or newbies with one main character, while reds have a dozen lined up. This should mitigate that. If it doesn't work as intended we'll try something else. We'll be looking into penalty times for whites as well under certain situations (like guild war / shields).

ITEMS Beer mugs can now be obtained at ilvl 210.

Go to Tendrath and say the prompt in his bio to spawn a Sword of the Hunt. Go to Goad and say the prompt in his bio to spawn an Amulet of the Three. Amulets should stop taking 2/3rds of their owner's health now that the Necromancer Guild properly disbands when the lich starves to death.

Sword wielders and Amulet bearers can attack each other outside of town. They cannot fight in town because they are not 'public'. The 'law' that runs towns has no idea whether someone is a necromancer or a hunter, and you won't know either until you run into them out in the wild. In the wild, you will see your opposition as a red halo. As always, guildmates and allies can't attack each other regardless of status.

TELEPORTATION EXPERIMENTS These are some changes to teleportation spells intended to rebalance a few things. They are experimental and may be removed later if they don't work out the way we hope.

The effect of spellpower on rescue time has been doubled. (quicker escape) The chance for rescue to add a random 2-6 second delay has been lowered from 50% to 25%. Rescue will now take you to actual safety every time. If you rescue on the island, you will go to The Aerie Guest House. If you rescue anywhere else, you will go to your hometown inn. Rescue no longer goes to the vigor pool or to guild hall foyers. To reiterate, Rescue will always take you somewhere safe. The other functions have been split into new utility spells.

All players now have a utility spell called egress. It does not count toward intellect max. Egress has a very long cast time that requires focus (starts at a minute and goes down to 30 seconds at 99 sp). Egress takes you to your guild hall foyer from anywhere regardless of region. It does not require karma or reagents. Egress cannot be cast if you've recently pvp'd. The aim of this spell is to maintain access to guild halls despite rescue's change, and to also allow non-Shalilles to access their hall. It should be very difficult to escape from PvP with such a long required focus.

All players now have a utility spell called recall. It does not count toward intellect max. Recall has a very long cast time that requires focus (starts at a minute and goes down to 30 seconds at 99 sp). Recall takes you to a region's central location and is not guaranteed to be safe. It does not require karma or reagents. Recall cannot be cast if you've recently pvp'd. The aim of this spell is to function like a 'camp' ability if you have to log. It should be very difficult to escape from PvP with such a long required focus.

Recall's locations: Caves -> Vigor pool Vigor pool -> Aerie guest house Island -> Aerie guest house

Desert -> Waylay Oasis Waylay Oasis -> Hometown Desert afterlife -> Xaerdun's location in desert afterlife

Anywhere else -> Hometown


You'll no longer crash upon reaching max hp.

Paddock now sells a new type of shield called a mug of beer. Check it out.

Orc shields gained 15% unholy resistance. Ivy circlets gained 10% holy resistance.

Cleave can now imp.

Backstab's imp rate was doubled. Hide's imp rate was doubled. Sneak's imp rate was doubled. Poison Blade's imp rate was doubled. Track's imp rate was doubled. Spy's imp rate was increased 50%. These increases were done because these skills require significant time or effort to activate. As a result, they were more annoying to improve than we liked.

The door opening sound lost 10 decibels.

Spells cast without reagents using Blood Magic can no longer improve.

The Abyssal Bore works a little differently now. If anyone manages to make it to the bottom and phase into the Prism of Fire, every player present in the area is teleported as well. You must be in the room named The Abyssal Bore. You can stand on any ledge as high as you like, or even the tops of the waterfalls. It'll still find you and send you in. The best way to do this is likely to have everyone stand at the very top where it's safe and send in the best jumper to get to the bottom and phase you all in.

The mechanisms under the Arena outside Brax now drain the energies of Lightning Strike, preventing access to Brax in that manner.

Tumble now has a minimum 1% chance of working if you have the skill.

The Spherical Prism is now a bit more obvious, since it looked like the chance of anyone finding it were nil. Uh, hint: it's somewhere in Brax. On a related note, the spell Shadow Rift has been somewhat modified and is now back in the game and sold by... someone very dangerous.

The Lich's Weapon Resistance and Magic Resistance have both been increased to 150%. Yes, that value is correct. The tools do exist to damage her. Get creative and delve into lore, you'll figure it out. As a reminder, we have changed it so that only Guilded Necromancers in the Order of Necromancers die if the Lich dies. Non-guilded necros do not die. As another reminder, wallhacking and line of sight have been fixed in guild halls on this server. There is no longer any 'bugged' way for the Lich to die.

The first desert platform has been altered to allow Ogre users to actually enter the desert.

Nequzon now floats a little higher.


The instakill bug has been fixed and firewalls, flame dash, and lightning strike are back on.

Bond is re-enabled. Its effect has not been changed, but its reagents have. Please read its description. Major heartstones drop from Vix'Xeochicatl, which can only be found within the elemental planes themselves.

Nomad leaders and mages now drop the appropriate ilvl gear.

The Desert altars have been modified. They no longer have a chance to kill you.

Thrasher chest weapons are now generated ilvl 150.

Animate can no longer spawn champions, and has been turned back on.

Apparition can no longer spawn champions.

Revenants can no longer spawn as champion.

Hexes are now removed upon reaching safety, including Nequzon permanent hexes.

Hinder songs have been buffed. Truth now also adds up to 33% illusion resistance to all those affected. Civility now also adds up to 11% resistance to shock, fire, and cold to all those affected. Profane Resonance now also adds up to 33% holy resistance to all those affected. It also adds up to 33% blind&dazzle resistance. Sacred Resonance now also adds up to 16% unholy resistance and 16% acid resistance to all those affected. It also adds up to 33% blind&dazzle resistance. Someone hearing both can resist blinds and dazzles by up to 66%.

GRAPHICS Characters with Sorcery now have visual tattoos. Forgetting Sorcery or reincarnating will remove these tattoos. The tattoos start out black and glow brighter depending upon the amount of mana you have reserved with Spirit Link.

Diggie has made some absolutely fantastic throwing dagger art and projectiles. Check it out at your nearest bandit.

All splash spells now have a burst of light and unique projectiles. Generally they're exploding orbs of elemental energy as you might expect; Illusionary Wounds is based on Color Spray if anyone remembers that DnD spell, and Vampiric Drain blasts the victim with a ball of gross unholy energy.

The spell Hold now has new visuals and effects to indicate to the caster and others that someone is held. This is the first of many graphics we may add for the purpose of 1: information and 2: having the game's combat visible on youtube videos / streamers.

Shal'ille Heals no longer care about your karma and will heal anyone for the full amount.

Base Hex duration has been increased to 60 seconds (up from 10).

STATUS EFFECT UPGRADES Since armor doesn't currently exist for players, acid now also lowers all weapon resistances. Just to be clear, monsters can still have armor, and acid is still reducing those armor values if used. Because acid now lowers weapon resistances, Holy now lowers all magic resistances instead of simply all resistances. Currently, acid is better at what it does because Splash of Acid exists, which is a pure source of acid, whereas holy can only be dealt through weapons or touch spells, which are partially magic and therefore half as effective at delivering status effects. So just keep that in mind - Qors can deliver some serious weapon-resist lowering effects with Splash. We'll be keeping an eye on that.

Unholy, holy, acid, and shock now decay less quickly than fire and cold, allowing their effects to last longer / build up. Shock shrinks half as fast, giving you a chance to take advantage of the enemy's lowered defense. Holy and acid shrinks a third as fast, lowering resistances for a decent amount of time. Unholy shrinks ten times slower, interfering with healing for a very long time. Somewhere around 200 damage from unholy over the course of a battle may reduce even Major Heal's effects on you to zero for quite some time. Again, Qors have the only source of pure unholy damage available to players, so we'll be keeping an eye on Vampiric Drain as well.

There is a new status effect associated with a new damage type. It is described in the SPELLS section.

Status effects are no longer cleared when logging off. By design, you can 'wait out' status effects while logged off or phased, but (as noted just above) some status effects will take awhile to clear. Also by design, burning will stop completely if you are logged/phased for more than 3 seconds. It won't suddenly kill you if you log on later.

MONSTER UPGRADES Some high-level monsters have been upgraded to make them less trivial. Be on the lookout for new damage types or spells. For example, the Ghost of Far'nohl's fireball now deals more than 1-4 damage, and the Ghost himself deals unholy damage.

An issue that has appeared is that shard-enchanted gear does not lose durability, therefore blind weapons have become permanent procs. To ease this, the minimum duration for blind on monsters has changed. Previously, any blind would last at least 4 seconds. Now it can be as short as 500 ms for monsters. This also applies to dazzle. All monsters have now gained blind & dazzle resistance equal to their natural level / 4. A 40 hp monster will resist 10% of a blind or blind proc. A 130 hp monster will resist 32% of a blind or blind proc (roughly a third). A 200 hp monster will resist 50% of a blind or blind proc (half).

Hold resistance has not been naturally gained, but some monsters will resist blind, hold, or dazzle on their own merits.

ITEM CHANGES Weapon resistance mods from shards have been upped to a 2/3 ratio (i.e. they range from 1% to 10% now instead of 1% to 5%). This does not include pierce.

Scrolls and Potions no longer cost mana to use. (This is a live setting now that can be turned back on if there are issues). Dement no longer affects item use. Anti-magic aura still affects wands.

Small round shield lost its 2% weapon resistance out of respect for its +100 defense.

Gloves can now be obtained. They are gauntlets for mages, and come with natural empowerment modifiers. Gloves come with increased elemental damage of a random type instead of offense and melee damage. Where they drop or appear is up to you to discover.

Amulets of the Three will no longer have a chance to torture their own for 30+ damage when the owner takes a pen.

Swords of Riija are now ilvl 222.

A new shield with graphics made by Diggie has been added. It's called a 'nomad shield', and you can guess where to find it.

SKILLS Second Wind no longer prevents vigor gain. You can eat, be relayed, etc. You just can't rest, since your vigor threshold is lowered.

Cleave has been added to Weaponcraft 5.

SPELLS There is a new damage type called ATCK_SPELL_ILLUSION, representing mental and illusionary attacks. It replaces the old illusionary damage system which relied on some hokey effects. Your Illusion resistance is directly equal to your Intellect at all times. Your Intellect *is* your Illusion resistance. This means that Dement acts as a resistance debuff for Illusion damage. A Riija mage that Dements you will deal more damage with Illusionary Wounds, Illusionary Firewall, etc.

Illusion damage comes with a new status effect to replace the previous system's delayed recovery. Previously, after a few minutes, you would get the message 'Hey! Some of those wounds were illusionary!' and be healed for that damage. That system didn't really work well; the delay was so long that victims were often at full health and the heals became pointless. It also meant that Illusion damage was basically an unresistable damage type with no real drawbacks. The new status effect is STATUS_TRICKED, and does nothing on its own. Instead, it heals you when it incrementally wears off. That way, illusion damage will give victims a slow but constant recovery throughout the battle it's used in.

The Sorcery skills Empowerment and Inert Form have no effect on this status effect, as it does not stem from one of the six elements.

Illusion damage can now kill you rather than leaving you at 1 HP. A lethal hit of illusion damage 'deranges' you, aka it destroys your mind.

All illusionary summons now deal illusion damage rather than their original's damage type. This includes Apparition, Reflection, and Evil Twin. After all, they're not *really* shooting you with arrows or hitting you with a scimitar. Note: They no longer deal weapon damage types, so they will ignore weapon resistance. Only Magic Resistance and Intellect resists pure illusion damage. This may make them very dangerous to certain adventurers, because their damage is still based on the original. It's just purely magical now. If you deal 30 damage with a Scimitar you're going to get hit by an Evil Twin for 30 illusion damage that plate won't help against, only Magic Resist and Int.

Illusionary Grasp has been added to the game. It's a Riija 2 touch spell that deals ATCK_SPELL_ILLUSION damage, the new type. It's a bit unique in that instead of Mysticism for proficiency and damage, it uses Intellect. It's the only touch spell that does. Since you're punching, it's still a partially magical attack, meaning it sees (weapon resist + magic resist)/2. The Sorcery skill Charged Clutch DOES NOT transfer ATCK_SPELL_ILLUSION as it is not one of the six elements Sorcery works with. One strange exception is the sword of Riija. It can transfer ATCK_SPELL_ILLUSION from Illusionary Grasp with Charged Clutch, making it the only wieldable player weapon that can deal illusionary damage. No one knows why. MAJOR NOTE: ILLUSIONARY GRASP AND RIIJA SWORD+ILLUSION ARE PARTIALLY MAGICAL ATTACKS. YOU ARE STILL REALLY HITTING THEM. VICTIMS WILL ONLY HEAL BACK **HALF** OF THE DAMAGE YOU DEAL, NOT ALL OF IT. Illusionary Grasp is sold by Wulfgang Zax'ak.

Singular focus has been added to the game. It's a Riija 6 personal enchantment that lasts up to 3 hours. (Yes, 3 hours). The most devout disciples of the Trickster God can see realms of knowledge beyond mortal ken. This increased intellect comes at a heavy cost to the body, but one which master illusionists are often willing to pay. Requires two rainbow fern, two vials of solagh, and two bags of firesand. Increases Intellect by up to 20 while decreasing Might, Agility, and Aim by up to 20. The amount added is always the same as the cost. This increased Intellect will not let you learn new skill levels, but will act as damage boosts to base illusion damage in full as well as being half of many spell attacks (which use both int and myst). In short, this is both an illusion resistance spell and a magic damage boost which is good for myst spells and GREAT for int spells. This is a self-only buff intended to increase the value of Riija 6 for main characters. As it stands, it is the hardest PE in the game to Purge. However, it costs 60 mana to cast. (remember, it lasts 3 hours). Singular focus is sold by Duke Akardius.


Blood Inheritance now applies Enfeeble proc to a weapon 70% of the time instead of Cursed.

A new spell in Shal'ille 5 called Righteous Inheritance provides the other side of weapon enchantments. 2 Emeralds, 2 Diamonds, and a Polished Seraphym along with a prism focus will apply: 10% chance: Mana siphon 10% chance: Mark of Dishonor proc 10% chance: Purge 70% chance: Justice weapon (random strength) It is sold by the Marion elder.

A one sided 'spherical prism' now exists. It is available in game somewhere.

OTHER STUFF Truce can no longer be cast in Waylay Oasis.

Afiera D'xor will sell Dement without the need to do his pupil quest.

Diseased Trees in the desert will now drop shock fragments and shock chunks.


Racial empowerment bonuses have been added. These bonuses are noted in the books in the Hall of Genealogy. They work for damage from any source. They are intended as a nice bonus to emphasize the feel of a race; if they're too strong, they'll be weakened. Half-orcs now deal 10% increased slash damage. Half-demons now deal 10% increased acid damage. Half-elves now deal 20% increased magical weapon damage. (Mystic swords, Kraanan ded weapons - mutually exclusive with Shal/Qor deds.) Half-undines now deal 5% increased cold damage. These bonuses are additive with shard mods on gear.

Melee damage mod is now melee weapon damage mod. Excludes punching and touch spells, which will have their own mods shortly. Touch spells can no longer be Purged. Purge will no longer be castable on a target if the victim has no purgeable spells. Previously, the Shal caster would waste mana and time with little indication they were accomplishing nothing. A little note on touch spells: these are partially magical attacks, meaning they hit a 'primary resist' of (weapon resist + magic resist)/2. Shal/qor dedicated weapons or weapons channeling charged clutch behave the same way. This means that they're consistently effective against any armor choice. So your best bet to beating touch spells and dedicated weapons is to raise defense (to dodge completely) and raise specific elemental resistances. Touch of Flame may see an average of both primary resistances, but it sees all your fire resistance. Same goes for whichever element a partially magical attack is using.

To reflect the value of defense added or lost by gear, armors have been tweaked: Leather armor is unchanged at 5% weapon resist / 15% magic resist. (sum 10% vs partially magical attacks) Chain has been upped to 15% weapon resist / 10% magic resist. (sum 12.5% vs partially magical attacks) Scale has been upped to 25% weapon resist / 5% magic resist. (sum 15% vs partially magical attacks) Nerudite has been upped to 40% magic resist and -5% weapon resist. (sum 17.5% vs partially magical attacks) Plate armor has been upped to 40% weapon resist and -5% magic resist. (sum 17.5% vs partially magical attacks) Gort and Resist Magic have been upped to 15% max in their respective resistances. Princess soldier shield, as an experiment to give it an ability that actually does something, now offers up to 5% magic resistance.

These changes make Plate + KS + Gauntlets + Helm + Gort + Jonas Shield sum to exactly 75% weapon resist, the current max resistance. Shard mods that give +1% weapon resistance won't put you over that cap, but they can still help if your Gort gets purged or if you want to use other gear. On the flip side, Nerudite Armor + Small Round Shield + Resist Magic + Cess Shield can bring you to 65% magic resist. Half-elves' +10% magic resist race bonus is the only current way to reach 75% magic resist.

On another equipment note, orc shields boosted to 40 defense and 20 qor sp.

The defensive effect of Intellect against illusionary damage has been doubled. Illusionary damage will do 1 less damage per 5 Int you have.

Parrin's sing quest is now gone for real this time.

Heartstones can now be stored in vaults and boxes.

Swords of the Hunt can no longer be magically modified with shards.

Herald Shields are now always ilvl 150.

Backstab's imp rate has been doubled.

Disciple robes now add up to 24 spellpower if you're level 6, up from 20 max if you were level 5 or 6 in that school. In other words, level 6 = +4 sp.

Survival arenas can no longer be started or joined by players in Raza.

Characters at R10 will no longer be told reincarnation progress (since they can't do it anymore the normal way).

The desert NPCs will now respond to the spoken names of the elemental dungeons with hints - Prism of Fire, Prism of Ice, etc.


REINCARNATION IMPROVEMENTS Reincarnation requirements with the current equation have been dropped by 21 points (aka they're all one reinc easier). Each time you reincarnate, you now get 5000x TP, up to 50,000 at R10. By R8, this is roughly enough to allow you to immediately train Weaponcraft up to level 5. Of course, you don't have to use them on WC. This is to make reincarnation a chance to try different builds rather than a grind, and to sync HP and skills when you restart. In early reincarnations, you can actually gain levels overall thanks to this bonus.

Raza blacksmith now sells daggers for those who start with stab and/or dagger wielding.

Xeochicatl can no longer spawn as champions because, frankly, they become absurd.

Charged Clutch, Throw, Throwing Proficiency, and Stab can now all imp properly.

Illusionary Form no longer adds hit side effects to attacks. Morph still does. Ill form giving poison and other side effects never really made sense. The thing everybody used Illusionary Form for - poison procs - is now in Banditry 3 as Poison Blade. It'll cost you 10 int to add to your Riija build, but its much more reliable now and can't be dispelled or purged since it's a weapon effect.

Heartstones now act like Major Shards again.

Parrin, Quintor, and Joguer no longer require pupil quests to sell their knowledge.

Champion monsters now give more informative death messages.

If you have Unbound Energy over 20, your mana bar will show that amount instead of your mana, since unbound energy effectively temporarily replaces mana. Your mana icon will turn green and glow to reflect this.

Angeled characters can no longer enter the desert.

Korath can now accept ancient trinkets to change stats.

Celegorm is now a tiny bit shorter.


REINCARNATION IMPROVEMENT Players now gain a cap-ignoring bonus of 300 TP per reincarnation. 300 at reincarnation 1, 3000 at reincarnation ten. This is to allow you to start off with a few basic skills in addition to higher starting HP per reinc.

RESISTANCE SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS Weapon Resistance and Magic Resistance are now 'primary' and individual elements are now 'secondary' resistances. This means that damage of the proper type will be resisted first by the primary, and then by the secondary. Formerly, only the better of the two resists helped. Now they both do. For example, if you have 10% Magic Resistance and 50% Fire Resistance, a hit of 100 fire damage will be reduced to 90 by Magic Resistance and then to 45 by Fire Resistance. Formerly, the 100 damage would have been reduced to 50 by Fire Resistance and Magic Resistance would not have helped at all. The former system made spells like Kraanan 5's Resist Magic completely useless thanks to the existence of shards. Resist Magic almost never had a higher value than your specific elemental resistance, so it wasn't used at all. Now it will always help.

EQUIPMENT IMPROVEMENTS The resistance system change above allows us to do something great with armors. Instead of flat armor, they'll now offer primary resistance. Under the previous system, armors were getting a bit random in terms of what they did, and they were greatly outclassed by shard mods. Now, armors will always have a large effect on your defenses.

First off, orc shields and ivy circlets had their resistance weaknesses to holy/unholy reduced from 20% to 10%. Then, almost all other specific resists and weaknesses were removed from armors. No more shock penalties or thrust resist etc. The 'armor' shard mod will now add weapon resistance to a piece of gear instead of flat armor. Lower tier armors also had their defense and spellpower penalties buffed.

Leather: +75 defense, +5 sp, 5% weapon resist, 15% magic resist Chain: -0 defense, -0 sp, 10% weapon resist, 10% magic resist Scale: -75 defense, -10 sp, 15% weapon resist, 5% magic resist

There's a clear triad created by the first three armors - then nerudite and plate take it higher.

Nerudite: -150 defense, -20 sp, -5% weapon resist, 25% magic resist Plate: -225 defense, -30 sp, 25% weapon resist, -5% magic resist

The two big armors reduce their respective type of damage by a full quarter - at the cost of a slight weakness to the other type.

Shields were also rebalanced.

Small Metal Shield: +100 defense, 2% weapon resist, 5% magic resist Gold Round Shield: +50 defense, 5% weapon resist, 2% magic resist Knight's Shield: -20 defense, 10% weapon resist, -5% magic resist Herald Shield: 20 defense, 5% weapon resist, +10 School SP Orc Shield: 20 defense, 5% weapon resist, -10% holy resist, +15 Qor SP

Helmets now offer 20 defense, 3% weapon resistance, -5 SP. Gauntlets now offer 20 offense, 15 defense, 1 melee damage, and 2% weapon resistance.

There is a new type of gauntlet called gloves that offers empowerments instead of armor and melee damage. Read below.

EMPOWERMENTS SYSTEM The opposite of resists are now in the game. Empowerments improve your damage of certain elemental types. For example, +5% acid damage improves your acid damage by 5%. There are no stat bars for empowerments; rather, the description of weapons and spells will display their effects. Empowerments can be rolled as mods by shards, and are also available in other ways, typically gear or skill based.


Mana nodes are now retained across reincarnation. Player kill counts (as related by the Justicar) no longer reset upon reincarnation. Reincarnations now start you off at higher minimum health, rising by 10 points per reinc and maxing at 100 HP at reinc 8. This means when you reincarnate you will not have to endlessly repeat early-game areas.

Reincarnation now uses a new equation that sums your base max health and learned levels. Each point of health is worth 1 point, each level is worth 8 points. The exception, as always, is level one in a school, which is 4 alone and zero if you have level 2 or higher in that school. So 160 HP is worth 160 reincarnation points and 6/6/6/6 is also worth 160 reincarnation points, allowing you to take a path of health or learning. Higher reincarnations will require both health and learning.

The table for reincarnation progress is as follows:

1: 71 points, equivalent to 50 HP and level 3 in any school 2: 92 3: 113 4: 134 5: 155 6: 176 7: 197 8: 218 9: 239 10: 260 points, equivalent to 130 HP 6/6/6/3 or also 150 HP 6/6/5 or also 160 HP 6/6/4

Reincarnations above ten will have different requirements that stem from the source of this new ability in Biskalane. The power to reincarnate is mysterious and new, and few currently understand it.

A fifth race has been added, the half-undine. They descend from water elementals in the oceans of Biskalane. A book detailing their abilities is now in the basement of the Hall of Genealogy. Half-undine's greatest strength is 20% innate resistance to holds of all types. Their biggest weakness is 25% vulnerability to shock damage. They can reach 60 intellect and 60 agility, but only 30 mysticism and 30 aim.

Resistances are now capped at 75%. Racial resistances now modify the 75% resistance cap by a smaller amount. For example, half-demon can only ever get 68% cold resist, but can reach 80% fire resist.

Create weapon can now make daggers.

Shards now report the mods they create in the text window.

Weapon resistances from shards have been cut to a third of their former value. Thrust resistance mod now also exists... if anybody noticed that it didn't. Which nobody seemed to.

Tendrath now sells Detect Invisible instead of the Bone Priestess. This is to help it be more available to builders and newbies, as Tendrath literally appears in CV, as well as Ukgoth and Craggeds.

Lightning Strike now requires that you have Weaponcraft 6 to cast it. WC forget potions let you keep it, but it won't be castable if you're not an elite warrior.

As part of our ongoing efforts to fill out underdeveloped schools, a new Weaponcraft 6 skill is now sold by Jonas. It's called Focused Mind, and is a stance skill. If you have the skill, assume the stance by saying: 'Havyrik Pemk'. To relax to a normal stance, say 'Om.' Focused Mind diverts your regenerative energies away from mana into health, severely hindering mana regen to greatly improve health regen.

The spellpower of spore burst's hold has been changed from equivalent to the spellpower of the cast to spellpower/9. This is an attempt to avoid adding RNG to the spell while still toning down how devastating it is.

Heartstones can now be used as Major Shards that apply extra weighting and power to certain mods. For example, a red heartstone makes Fire Resistance and Health more likely to roll, and if they do roll, they'll be stronger. This effect improves both the minimum and maximum range a mod can roll. This effect cannot add mods an item can't normally get.

A new shard called an Instilling Shard has been added. It rerolls existing mods between their minimum and maximum values based on ilvl. It does not 'keep' bonuses from weighted shards like heartstones. This shard does not drop conventionally. It will be available in the new desert area.

Shards of Disturbance and Disruption have been added. The first rerolls a weak magical item's mods to different types and values. The result will have 1 to 2 mods. The second rerolls a strong magical item's mods to different types and values. The result will have 3 to 6 mods. These shards does not drop conventionally. They will be available in the new desert area.

Shards of Improvement have been added. It will add one mod to an item that has two mods, thereby upgrading it from 'weak' to 'strong' where shards are concerned. This shard does not drop conventionally. It will be available in the new desert area.

Cess faction now includes Sorcery. Duke faction now includes Witchery. Jonas faction now includes Banditry.

Blood Magic no longer disrupts focus spells.

The Spirit Link sorcery skills are now toggled by using a stance. Look at their description for instructions.


Spore clouds are now removed around a battler when he or she zones into an area. Webs are now the only wall that remain on zone-in spots. Further adjustments may be made on results - we didn't want to go too far on this one with a first step.

Absolute damage no longer applies status effects. At the moment, that primarily means illusionary damage such as Illusionary Wounds or Illusionary Firewall.

Orcs have had their unholy weakness reduced from -30% to -15%. Elves have had their holy weakness reduced from -30% to -15%. Demons have had their cold weakness reduced from -30% to -25%. Further adjustments may be made based on results.

Karma is no longer changed upon reincarnation.

Experience is now cleared upon reincarnation.

Movement spells are disabled in halls.

Lightning Strike's safety issue has been fixed.

Morph is now castable while morphed.

Legendary monsters now have a purple aura instead of gold to help distinguish them from swift (orange).

Dement mana cost reduced from 18 to 14.

Evil Twin mana cost reduced from 30 to 24.

The Prism of Fire boss challenge has been completed. The western desert has been completed. The underground sorcerer's tomb mazes have been completed.


Enchanted weapons will not lose durability now.

Max health, mana, and vigor mods are now available on certain equipment. Holy and Unholy resistance mods are now available on rings. They have a naturally lower range than other elements. Holy and Unholy resistance rings are now in the game. Initially, they can only be found at a low ilvl on zombies.

Hex effects have been doubled on monsters. Currently, only Corruption (-acid resistance) is accessible to players.

The mana costs for Evil Twin and Dement have been tripled to reflect their power. They now cost 30 and 18 base respectively. These costs will of course be lowered by spellpower and other bonuses like most spells, so you will rarely pay as high as those amounts.

Armor mods have been removed from gauntlets, helms of all kinds, shields, and rings. Other mods will be coming to replace them.

The stat bonus for damage has been uncapped. Now all stats above 25 will add percentage base damage.

Witchery is now in the game in preparation for the expansion. 2 Witchery curses have been made available to new characters on the creation screen, Corrosion and Leeches. Corrosion reduces the victim's acid resistance, and Leeches afflicts the victim with a curse that allows anyone that hits them to drain their health and take it for their own.

Significant progress on the desert has been made. Although it's still inaccessible, it's been populated with threats and monsters, and will soon be ready to go.

North Barloque had more fixes to help with the disparity between Ogre users and classic users.


Reflection is now level 5. The spell has been removed from all players and Training Points have been given in compensation equal to the ability you had (so you can rebuy it and get 99% if you already had 99%).

We have now have a PvP Damage Percentage that can be changed to adjust damage done directly between players. Its initial setting is 66%. An attack that would deal 30 to a monster now deals 20 to a player. This setting is a band-aid until we can do a systemic rebalance.

The Vale can now be shatterlocked. You must reach a pure good or evil state in the Vale's room for shatterlock to succeed. The Brax platform can now be shatterlocked.

Players can now gain hit points above their racial maximums with items that modify Stamina, such as Duke Shields or SotHs.

Token deaths can now drop equipped soths and ao3s.

You may now 'surrender' while phased to take a penalty and return to safety immediately.

With the return of the Necromancers, dark magics have cloaked Brax and Castle Victoria. Death Rift can no longer bind to these protected areas.

Purge procs on weapons have been fixed & upgraded. Weapons with the sign of Psychochild will proc on 15% of hits as before, but the spellpower they remove has been tied to Armor of Gort's purge factor since it is the premier buff enemies hope to remove. The spellpower is calculated to remove Armor of Gort in two procs. Currently, that means the proc is equivalent to a Purge cast with 125 spellpower. This proc is not affected by AMA or Dement.

Spell items such as potions, wands, and scrolls now cost mana equivalent to casting the spell. Modifiers to mana costs such as high spellpower or Cess Shields do apply.

If you are online continuously for five minutes after phasing in or logging on, your phase time will silently refresh.

Players running around on roofs or walls in major cities will now be force-blinked. This new system also allowed us to restore Barloque to its former glory - no more weird huge open areas. South Barloque gate had its central column graphical glitch fixed.

Missing Marion texture added.

Champion monsters had their glow reduced.

You can now reincarnate with health over your max (aka with stat boosting items).

Swap and Shatter have been disabled pending evaluation.


Body armor resist values updated. Chain is now thrust 5%, pierce 10%, slash 10%. Leather now adds 5 spellpower, has 75 defense, and a new 10% fire resistance. Nerudite armor's defense penalty is now -125, and its armor is 4. Its resistances and weaknesses are now 15% down from 20%. Plate armor has new 15% thrust resist, 10% slash resist. Scale armor has a new 10% slash resist.

Resist poison has zero cast time.

Players can no longer tumble without the tumbling skill.

Denial's cast time is now zero. Shadow Form's cast time is now zero.

Kara'hol's Curse can be recast without holding yourself.

Death Rift's cast time is now 15 seconds down from 60.

Loadout, when naturally cast, now has a cast time of zero.

Soldier shields start with max rank powers properly.

The Necromancer & Hunter scenario has been turned on. When the Lich dies, only guilded Necromancers will die with her. Anyone simply using an Amulet of the Three is not at risk, only those who raised her are. The 66% of your health damage taken by sword users has also been removed. A pre-existing change is that anybody can fight anybody in guild halls, including Inner Sanctum of Queen Venya'cyr. Soths & Ao3s exhibit stars on the minimap when on the ground. A special exception for attack checks has been made: Necromancer Guild members can attack each other as before. Assassinating the Necromancer Guild Master as a member will promote you to Master in his place.

CV Antechamber has again had its item cleanup time improved.

Weapons can now roll suffixes that include +Might, +Agility, and +Aim. These bonuses range from +1 to +3. This should help with the reports of players rolling little or nothing on weapons (they didn't have enough affixes yet). Items now display primary stat bonuses.

Den of Shadows' elevator textures have been fixed.

Karma doesn't change upon reincarnation anymore.

Invisibility can no longer be dispelled with Dispel Illusion.

Skills now show the training points needed again.

Dagger weapon added. An appropriate NPC sells it. Dagger goes with Stab and Dagger Wielding.

Awareness messages are now in red.

Throne room cleanup time drastically sped up.

Daily logon bonus for training points can now go up to 3000.

Thrashers cannot spawn as champions.

Rescue base time lowered to 5 seconds. Random delay 2-4 seconds.

Awareness now obscures hall names. "You sense Gar leaving for a guild hall."


Champion & legendary mobs added Swift, Tough, Deadly, Indomitable, and Legendary mobs.

Discord no longer removes AEs in safe zones, but can still be cast for improvement purposes.

Shatterlock now an event opening spell

Kara'hol's curse can't be self-recast - because it would hold you.

Battle arena 'begin now'

Blind, dazzle, ee, fa updated with 105/112's lower settings

Infinite invisibility ring bug fixed

Purge tiers created. Gort/Gaze/Deflect 40 purge factor. EE/FA/All resists 25 purge factor. Bless/SS/MS/SF 15 purge factor. DI/NV 10 purge factor. Purgers now get an update when they fully remove a buff. Purge now applies the Humble status effect to monsters, which can lower their resistances to a minimum of zero. A 99 spellpower Purge will temporarily reduce a monster's resistances by 33%. Purge reagents lowered to 2 emeralds 1 purple since it must be cast multiple times now.

Riija swords are no longer required to buy riija spells or enter the riija temple. Riija sword can now roll a mix of shard-given mods that other weapons can't have, including resistance mods usually reserved for armor.

Disciple quests are no longer required for any school.

Training point cap is now 3000.

Unbound energy decay bug fixed.

Corpses are now on 3 minute delay before they can be summoned by Xiana.

Soldier shields now start at max rank and no longer lose rank over time or due to pens/deaths.

Soldier spawn rates doubled.

Angeled characters never drop loot.

Death link costs shaman blood and dark angel feather now.

Base carrying capacity and the effect of Might on carrying capacity have both been increased 50% for bulk and weight.

Faction loss has been entirely removed from the game. Say 'resign' to any faction leader (even other faction leaders) to leave your faction.

You can now go to the Shal priestess and speak a phrase seen in her description to opt out of pvp permanently. Opt out characters can guild, but cannot enter guild halls or other major pvp areas.

Mollusks 150 hp and -100 karma. Narthyl worms 130 hp.

Death Rift cast time lowered to 15 seconds.

Minor Heal, Light, Darkness, Feign Death, and Invigorate are now reagentless.

Set and Loadout can now be bought from Roq. Be careful, they can never be forgotten if you choose to get them.

Guild Conveyance can now be bought from Tendrath. This spell can never be forgotten.

Guild hall chests can now hold unlimited weight and bulk. Wooden boxes are limited to 75 different stacks/items. Metal chests are limited to 150 different stacks/items.



Purge now reduces spellpower of buffs rather than removing them instantly. +: Key buffs are less resistant to Purge. Examples: Gort purge factor of 40, EE purge factor of 50

Stars now show up on the minimap for rare items.

Names should display in Ogre.

Might is now half of all weapon damage.

Trinket drop rate was doubled.

You will now retain your riija sword on reincarnation as long as it's not on you when you reincarnate. Because then it's deleted.

Pants and shirts can no longer roll +armor from shards.

Jewel of Froz will now regain a small amount of hits when the owner kills a monster or player while wielding it. Major Heal no longer has karma loss when cast on negative karma players, has had the reagent cost lowered from 5 to 4 herbs, improve chance lowered from 20 to 15, and TP cost raised from 50 to 75. Hospice has had its reagent cost lowered from 3 to 2 herbs, improve chance raised from 15 to 20, the mana cost raised from 10 to 15, TP cost raised from 30 to 40 and the focus time removed. Minor Heal has had its mana cost raised from 3 to 9 and the focus time removed. Being purged with Kara’hol’s Curse active but not having the spell removed will no longer hold the player. Hold effect still occurs if Kara’hol’s is removed.

Mana Convergence, Dement, and AMA boost and reduce spell items respectively (wands, scrolls, potions).

All Robe resistances standardized.

Elemental status effects have been added.

The Cor Noth Clock Tower is now visible from East Merchant Way, Main Gate of Cor Noth, and Outskirts of Cor Noth, complete with accurate time and accurate placement within the walls. The tops of other prominent buildings can also be seen. Renamed duplicate King's Way as "Outskirts of Cor Noth" to eliminate confusion and make city area names consistent. Smoothed steppes into slopes in East Merchant Way and Outskirts of Cor Noth. They're now hilly and smooth instead of jagged and jumbled. Added crenellations above Cor Noth Main Gate to make it consistent with the city's other gates. Created 'Drought' and 'Flood' weather modes for the terrain. CN Main Gate and Cor Noth itself don't do anything for flood mode (they are already heavy on water / it doesn't look good), but all four areas can go 'drought mode' and have their water drain into mud / muddy water. Smoothed out some weird kinks in the walls of the Clock Tower in CN itself.

Tos MG: Steppes changed to slopes. Pools appear in the low areas when it rains.

Battle Arena added in Tos.

Welcome to the underground Battle Arena of Kraanan. Here, warriors may stage tremendous territory control struggles.

Say 'begin countdown' to initiate a battle. All warriors present when the countdown ends will be randomly assigned to teams.

If four or more warriors are not present when the countdown ends, the battle will be canceled.

Teams accrue points during the battle by controlling territory and slaying opponents. Stand in any of the three circles to begin capturing that area. Capture is not possible while enemies are with you. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Drop shillings anywhere to add them to the arena jackpot. Only increments over 10,000 are accepted. Say 'jackpot' to see current totals.

The jackpot is split between all participants at the end of the battle, but winning team members get far more. Update

General Changes

Vigor drain caused by narthyl worm hits was far too high with safe spots removed and the possibility of multiple aggro. Lowered the vigor loss min bound from 3 to 0, and the max from 7 to 3. In testing vigor still noticeably drops, but no longer requires the player to rest or be constantly too full to eat.

Frogmen tougher range increased from 75 to 85.

Height is now a factor in fighting. Mobs and players will no longer be able to attach each other when their heights are greatly different. ie no more getting attacked from the bottom of cliffs.

Training points are awarded every day, even when you miss a day. New players are awarded training points the first time they log in.

Raza’s fruit trees should now start blooming in the spring.

Stat bar added for bulk carried items such as regs. This is different than weight carried and will give you a better idea of when you are reaching your maximum item weight.

Survival Arena

Players can work together in a new instanced challenge.

Say "start solo survival" in any safe area to begin a survival challenge by yourself.

Say "start guild survival" in any safe area to begin a survival challenge that your other guild members have one minute to join. Your guild can only run one survival at once. If you're too late, you can't join.

Say "start public survival" in any safe area to begin a survival challenge that anyone on the server can join in the next five minutes. The server will only allow one public survival at any given time. If you're too late, you can't join until everyone inside dies.

Say "join guild survival" in any safe area to do the expected.

Say "join public survival" in any safe area to do the expected.

If you wish to exit the area, log out of the game and when you will return to an inn.

Reagents are consumed during the arena.


+50 shillings per kill every level, +1 TP every level, +1 item dropped every 4 levels, +1 xp per 5 levels (Subject to change depending on balance issues.)

The survival arena will be a random Monster Room with similar spawn points, lighting, etc. A survival room can spawn almost any monster type, along with 1 boss and 2 minibosses each round. The round only advances once players complete a certain number of kills and, at times, a boss or two miniboss kills. Players share a pool of extra lives. If you die and have lives left, you will use up a life and respawn at the blink spot with full health and mana. Extra lives can be gained by doing certain challenges. For right now, those are (at random) killing a boss, killing two minibosses, or killing another player. Players can murder each other at any time without using up a 'life' - and the victims are expelled from survival. There are no consequences for dying in a survival arena. You can improve and gain XP in a survival arena. Each round clears all mobs for 20 seconds, after which harder monsters appear for the next level. Rewards increase each level.

Stat Resets are in the game!

To reset your stats you will need to visit one of the elders around Meridian. Everyone is provided a stat reset token upon login. Tokens will decay from inventories and vaults 60 real life days from the time they are acquired. Tokens have a change to drop off of any mob that you have a chance to get a tougher from.

When using the Stat Reset window you will notice that all the same sliders that you saw when you created your character. Due of the nature of your current progress any changes made to stats that lower a vital stat such as int or stam will affect spell levels and hp. For example, if you currently have 30 stam and 130 hp but lower your stam to 15, you will instantly lose 15 hit points. Also lowering your int might result in you needing to adjust the school level sliders on the bottom. If you are a master of four magic but lower your int to 20, you will not be able to do so until you remove some levels off of some of your schools. In addition, you will lost 2% skill/spell points per point that is reduced.

Guardian Angels return when you’re in need.

If you are under 100 hp and are slain by another player, the guardian angel that protected you when you first started will sense that you were murdered and will rush to aid you. They will protect you for an addition three hours after your death. If you are over 100 hp they will send you a pitty post card when they find the time.

This option can be turned off in the Preferences menu.

New herald shields

Fehr’loi Quan has sent a new shipment of herald shields out to his storage area in Castle Victoria. He is known for his metal smithing, not the security of his wooden crates. <wink wink> New herald shield color choices are: dark green, dark grey or black paired with one of three skin tones, red or blue paired with black, and black paired with white (two translations for this, will flip where each color is on the shield).

Update 18 Hotfix 4 (

- Phased players now drawn with the correct drawing effect (translucency).

- Vigor drain lowered to previous levels, roughly half the current vigor drain.

- Evil Twins will no longer follow the caster to a new screen rather than stay with the victim.

Update 18 Hotfix 4 (

- Remove extra level from players that was possible due to a bug (buying level 1 Riija after all levels complete). The bug allowing this to be done was fixed a while ago, but the extra level needs to be removed to make characters compatible with the future Stat Reset system, and to be fair to newer characters.

- The Vamp Touch weapon attribute no longer requires -50 karma to use, bringing it in line with other weapon attributes.

- Several fixes to the key configuration utility (keybind) to prevent assigning numbers or function keys, allow assigning of punctuation and allow the Restore Defaults button to work correctly.

Update 18 Hotfix 4 (

- NPCs no longer show up as red dots in Ogre client (but do not show up as black dots yet either).

- Reflections and Evil Twins under a player's control will no longer have red halos on the map for that player.

Update 18 Hotfix 4 (

- Fix morphed players not showing up on the map.

- Fix configuration/keybind issues with binding an action to shift.

- Disallow duplicate keybindings in the configuration utility.

Keybind fixes require client patch.

Update 18 Hotfix 4 (

- Graphical errors in North Barloque (software renderer only) fixed.

- Fixed some graphical errors in Marion, Forest of Farol (south of WMW) and Kocatan reagent shop.

- Updated condition text in Jewel of Froz description.

- Updated resources for logoff penalty mail, newbie mail and territory game book (Marion adv hall) to reflect the current state of the game regarding timers, and included info about Phase in the mails.

- Added max possible HP that can be gained from a monster to its description.

- NPC faction soldiers attack and move slightly faster.

- Add frozen fountain graphics and settings to freeze the fountain during 'winter'.

- Spell cast using an item no longer cause passive improvements in that spell.

- Key/settings configuration utility (Keybind) updated to a more modern version.

- Some battle message text has been updated.

- The server now handles player HP as a factor of 100 (i.e. 150 HP is seen by the server as 15000 HP). This allows more precise damage calculations, and means a player can be at 0.99 HP and still alive. Apart from the occasional display of 0 HP, there are no other gameplay changes caused by this.

- Damage from Reflections and Evil Twins has been halved. The percentage of damage dealt compared to the original can be altered live via a setting, if necessary.

- Fixed graphics bugs with arrows - nerudite, silver and fire arrows will now show the correct graphic as they fly through the air.

- The 'object flags' field used to store information about objects such as drawing flags, name color etc. has been overhauled. This will allow future changes to be more easily made, and fixes a few bugs.

- Reflections and Evil Twins now show up on the minimap with the correct color halos, based on whether the current master can be attacked by you or not.

- The flashing effect caused by DI/Invisibility now works correctly with light given off by torches.

- NPCs now show up as black dots on the minimap.

- Builder group minimap halos are now a different color from guild ally halos.

- All minimap dots are 33% bigger.

- Logoff ghosts now display in color (as was originally intended but not working due to a bug). If desired, we can change this back to a greyed out effect correctly.

- The invisibility effect in Software Renderer now matches the effect in Hardware Renderer.

- Fixed a bug preventing Mana Focus from increasing mana regeneration time.

- Mana Focus cast time reduced from 7 seconds to 3 seconds.

- Mana Focus now displays the spellpower it was cast at in the PE description.

- Anonymity now displays the time remaining in the PE description.

Changes for future use

- Added several new coloring options for use with guild shields, soldier shields, robes, etc.

- Added several new rat monster types for future encounters/events.

- Added a new radius projectile spell for monsters: Fire Storm. Shoots a number of fireballs outwards from the caster, dealing heavy fire damage.

- Added ice arrow art and code; similar to fire arrows but deal cold damage.

- Added fire, ice, earth and nerudite golems (elementals). These monsters are very tough, and Champion versions can be spawned that will cast spells. May be used for invasion events or new areas.