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Outdated (101/102) Documents

Creating a Meridian 59 character

First steps in Meridian 59

Quick command reference

User interface

Some Features for 103

Coming from classic Meridian? Here are some of the new features you should know about.

  • The spell Conveyance will transport stacked items to your vault for the shilling cost of depositing them. [[Guild
  • Vaults have no limit to their capacity.
  • You will see anyone that you can attack as a red halo on the minimap.
  • A vast number of safety issues and bugs have been fixed.
  • You can gain Training Points through a variety of actions. Use the spell Meditate to spend these Training Points to improve skills and spells.
  • Agility and Aim have increased value in combat calculations and damage calculations. Melee weapons use their primary stat for damage (Scimitar Agility, Fencing Aim, Hammer/Mace Might).
  • You can now improve buffs passively by fighting with them up.
  • Magic weapons now show up as orange-titled when looking at a list of items.
  • You can use the spell 'Phase' to simulate logging out without actually closing your client.
  • You can now officially build as a group. Simply kill monsters on the same screen as another builder to give each other increased XP towards your next hit point. Grouped characters will show up as green halos on your minimap.
  • New locations! The Desert is a fun and extremely dangerous area filled with new items and monsters, as well as dangerous elements that want to kill you.

Meridian 59 Gameplay


Frequently Asked Questions


Every starting adventurer begins with a combination of 200 stat points. Further stat points are gained as your character progresses and gains Enlightenment.

Stat Description
Might A measure of physical strength and carrying capacity.
Intellect A measure of mental strength and learning capacity.
Stamina Tough adventurers can take more punishment and recover faster.
Agility Quick adventurers are better at the defensive arts.
Mysticism Every adventurer has a certain capability for magic and mana.
Aim A true aim will help attacks land on enemies.

Sample Builds

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Skill & Spell Schools

There are fourteen major schools of abilities in Meridian 59. You may work your way up through them in any combination you choose, limited only in total sum by your character's Intellect. Smarter characters can learn more spells and skills total.

Aside from the non-magical fighting abilities of the Weaponcraft school, the magical schools are named after, and powered by, their sponsored God. According to legend, the Gods were once great adventurers who became one with the source of all magic in order to save the world. Ever after, the pathways to power they formed remained open, allowing others to follow in their footsteps.

Name Primary Stat Description
Weaponcraft Various Based on Might, Stamina, Agility, and Aim, this is the school of physical combat.
Kraanan Stamina The warrior god Kraanan offers a range of offensive and defensive buffs.
Shal'ille Mysticism The goddess of goodness and light offers holy followers powers of healing and defense.
Qor Mysticism The goddess of evil and darkness offers unholy followers murderous capabilities.
Faren Mysticism The god of nature empowers his disciples with mastery over the elements.
Riija Intellect Disciples of the trickster god employ illusions and stealth to great effect.
Jala Intellect The goddess of Bards offers numerous magical songs that can both help and harm.
Banditry Various This tricksy school allows proficiency with daggers and increases combat capabilities.
Knightcraft Various Knightcraft experts know how to better control blocking, parrying, stunning, knockback, shield bash, and efficiently wearing armor.
Sorcery Various Long forgotten (until now), these lost arts modify your spells.
Witchery Various School of curses, allowing you to reduce your enemies' resistances and sap their lifeforce.
Alchemy Primarily Intellect School of transmutation and creation of new items. Also allows for repair of shattered items.
Bestiary Primarily Intellect School of beast mastery. Allows the taming and control of monsters, including elementals.
Shadowcraft Various School of unarmed and unarmored combat. Various poses empower resting states.

Training Points

You can gain Training Points through a variety of actions. Use the spell Meditate to spend these Training Points to improve skills and spells.









Item Modifiers

Magical Weapon/Armor/Item Descriptions: What are the meanings for them?








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Negative Karma

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