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Check out the books in the basement of the Hall of Genealogy in Cor Noth to learn more about reincarnating!

REINCARNATE SAME You may now say 'I wish to reincarnate as my current race.' in the Hall of Genealogy to reincarnate as the race you currently are, even if it's a veteran race from the maze.

Book of Reincarnation.gif

Reincarnation is no longer mandatory to gain stat points. No more reinc grinds before you get to play. You can gain those stat points just by playing. Reincarnating, however, still has some cool bonuses.

Instead of reincarnating to gain stat points, you will gain Accumulated Wisdom. It more or less represents all your Training Points ever earned. To a certain point, it also represents how much TP you get if you still choose to reincarnate. When you reincarnate, you will be SET to your Wisdom in TP. Not added. You can't build up millions of TP by reincarnating repeatedly.

You get 1 Wisdom per Training Point you earn by killing mobs, quests, or logging in. Remember that killing mobs while you're at max HP gives triple TP - that's the new primary way to gain Wisdom as a finished character.

For all of this, it doesn't matter if you're at the TP cap. You'll still get Wisdom for earned TP even if you're capped on TP.

You also get Wisdom equal to the Training Point cost of any improves you make in a spell or skill. For example, if you imp Slash, you get 30 Wisdom.

Each stat point you reach is called an Enlightenment. Instead of seeing 'Gar has reincarnated 8 times' in a character bio, you will see 'Gar has reached enlightenment 8 times.' All existing characters keep their reincarnations, converted directly to enlightenments. Some existing characters who qualify will get sudden 'free' enlightenments (that they already earned by building / playing but never reincarnated). Log your old toons in to get spammed by enlightenments and get a report on your Accumulated Wisdom.

If you are Human, it is still your racial bonus to get twice as many points from the same number of Enlightenments. For you, 10 Enlightenments = 20 stat points, just as with reincarnations previously.

Enlightenments 1-10 are easy to reach.

1: 10,000 Wisdom

2: 20,000

3: 30,000

4: 45,000

5: 80,000

6: 120,000

7: 165,000

8: 205,000

9: 260,000

10: 320,000 <------- roughly the top normal character mark. 320k TP is also the most you can ever get upon reincarnation.

After that, it gets incredibly hard. It is highly likely nobody will ever reach these values beyond maybe #11. They exist in case content ever extends that far, and to give you something to work for over the years. Believe me, you will NEVER have to worry about random PKs or trolls getting anywhere into these tiers. You yourself might only reach them after exploring several expansions' worth of content. Botting is not a viable way to reach these numbers. You will most likely end up having to do quests as part of future content that have sizable Wisdom rewards. For example, if you do actually defeat the High Sorcerers and save Biskalane, you'll receive 500,000 Wisdom.

11: 1,000,000

12: 4,000,000

13: 8,000,000

14: 13,000,000

15: 19,000,000

16: 26,000,000

17: 40,000,000

18: 60,000,000

19: 90,000,000

20: 132,000,000 <--- Current max

So what is Reincarnation good for now?

You can now reincarnate at any time to change your stats or race. When you do, you will always start over with your Accumulated Wisdom in Training Points (up to 320k), and you will be 20 HP. But hit points are not wasted. When you reincarnate, your Accumulated Wisdom pool will be increased by a bonus percentage determined by how much health you built to in your previous life. This is a way of rewarding players who build HP, and a way of balancing HP against Int.

The bonus is equal to 1% per 5 max HP you reach, starting at 80.

80 HP = 1%

85 HP = 2%

90 HP = 3%

95 HP = 4%

100 HP = 5%

105 HP = 6%

110 HP = 7%

115 HP = 8%

120 HP = 9%

125 HP = 10%

130 HP = 11% <--- Demon natural max*

135 HP = 12%

140 HP = 13%

145 HP = 14%

150 HP = 15% <--- typical max

155 HP = 16% <--- typical max + Duke Shield

160 HP = 17% <--- Half-orc natural max

165 HP = 18% <--- Half-orc + Duke Shield

170 HP = 19% <--- Draconian natural max**

175 HP = 20% <--- Draconian + Duke Shield

180 HP = 21% <--- Draconian + Duke Shield + Brass Medallion

  • (Demon has way more Int and can get more base AW by imping)
    • (Draconian has reduced Int and can't get as much base AW by imping)

Using extra stat points

You can reincarnate and get a free stat reset. You can use an Ancient Trinket to manual stat change.


1: Kill things, quest, have fun. Everything you do builds towards more stat points.


2: Reincarnate and try out new builds. Have fun. Everything you do builds toward more stat points.


3: Use an ancient trinket or reincarnate to apply new stat points as you earn them.

You will see your AW total at the bottom of your Statistics tab. You can also see it by saying, in the Hall of Genealogy, "I wish to be informed of my accumulated wisdom."

The primary bonus of reincarnation is the ability to become a different race. Currently, human souls can only reincarnate into other races that are at least partially human. Thus, the current choices are Human, Half-Orc, Half-Demon, Half-Elf, Half-Undine, Drow, Gnome, Draconian, and Automaton.

Drow, Gnome, Draconian, and Automaton are only available in the Maze