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A nobleman and former military officer, Rook carries himself with a stiff dignity. He is a weaponsmaster, and makes a living passing his skills on to students of the warriors' path. His feats with the sword are famous and unparalleled as is his love for a good drink.


The Weapon Master's Abode


Skill Price Level
Mace Fighting 500 shillings One
Slash 500 shillings One
Punch 500 shillings One
Short Sword Fighting 1000 shillings Two
Brawling 1000 shillings Two
Dodge 1000 shillings Two
Fencing 2000 shillings Three
Hammer Wielding 2000 shillings Three
Axe Wielding 2000 shillings Three
Parry 4000 shillings Four


Item Price
item 0 shillings