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For the NPCs, see Faction soldier.

When you hit 75 base Hit Points and are in a faction, you have the ability to go to any of the three faction leaders in Meridian 59 Jonas D'Accor, Princess Kateriina, or Duke Akardius, and become a different type of member - you can become a Soldier for their cause. Typically, a quest will trigger indicating you are worthy.

While you lose the ability to carry tokens, you gain the honor and privilege of being able to capture territory for your liege by tearing down the standard of enemy factions and raising the emblem of your own liege. You will find flags in front of your liege. Note that this takes time and requires you to stand near the flagpole until you have captured it.

The same bonuses apply on server 103 only you do not have to kill PLAYERS or NPC soldiers, your shield will always show supreme hero.

Princess Kateriina +5 Mysticism +5 Intellect

Duke Akardius +5 Stamina +5 Agility

Jonas D'Accor +5 Might +5 Aim

There are rumors that there are extra HIDDEN bonuses with each shield.

Princess shields Reduce Mana Cost of all spells and increase dodging(increased defense). Bonus to Shal, increases magic resistance by 5%.

Jonas shields give 5% weapon resistance.

Duke Akardius Faction Shield gives a +15 to all spellpower.