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Sorcery is a school designed to be useful to a huge variety of character types and situations. It has very strong themes of metamagic abilities - changing how spells work or how they are cast for the Sorcerer. The abilities aren't necessarily better, just different.
Those trained in this school can gain the ability to reserve a percentage of their mana to make their personal enchantments self-cast with no expiration timer (up 100% of the time) using the various Spirit Link skills. The reservation cost depends on the % in the appropriate Spirit Link skill and % in the spell being reserved.

  • *Spells 3-6 are learned from scrolls dropped in the Biskalane Desert and Maze
  • Sorcery is aligned with the Princess faction.
Level Cost Name Based Stat NPC Chance
to Imp
1 500 Charged Clutch Intellect Korath 40
Efficiency Stamina Korath 90
Minor Spirit Link Mysticism Korath 20
2 1000 Blood Magic Stamina Korath 40
Devotion Mysticism Korath 70
Moderate Spirit Link Mysticism Korath 40
3 Entropy Mysticism Scroll 80
Force Spike Mysticism Scroll 80
Spirit Link Mysticism Scroll 50
4 Energy Mysticism Scroll
Major Spirit Link Mysticism Scroll
Will Surge Stamina Scroll 70
5 Master Spirit Link Mysticism Scroll
Volatile Focus Scroll
Inert Form Scroll
6 Empowerment Scroll