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Max Health

Adventurers can reach a base maximum health of 100 + Stamina..

Most adventurers take at least 25 stamina. Low Stamina builds are extremely rare, and usually employed only by very skilled veterans.

Health Regeneration

Health regeneration is based on the adventurer's current vigor level, faction bonus, Jala songs in the area, current max health up to 100 (slower for newbies), and Stamina.

Stamina modifies health regeneration time by a percentage, with its effects centered around 25 Stamina.

Below 25 Stamina, health regeneration time will increase, to a maximum of 125% time. For example, at 0 Stamina, 4 seconds would become 5 seconds.

Above 25 Stamina, health regeneration time will decrease, to a minimum of 75% time. For example, at 50 Stamina, 4 seconds would become 3 seconds.

Minimum health regeneration is a point per 1 second. Most adventurers reach this health regeneration speed at 200 vigor. Increased stamina, faction bonus, and Jala songs will help maintain health regeneration at lower vigor values.

Vigor Regeneration

Vigor regeneration is based on Stamina, special properties of the room an adventurer is in, and the Jala Song Invigorate.

Base resting time is 2.5 seconds per tick of vigor regeneration. Each point of Stamina reduces that time by 30 ms, to a minimum of 1 second at 50 Stamina.

Base vigor gained per tick is doubled by most inns, and tripled in special areas, such as Jasper Inn. The amount of vigor regeneration per tick is otherwise the same for all adventurers.

The skill Second Wind can increase an adventurer's base resting maximum from 80 vigor to 100 vigor.

Effect on Toughers

Stamina reduces the amount of XP needed to gain an HP. The higher your Stamina, the faster you gain HPs.