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Currently PVP is DISABLED

There will be changes with the July 1st page.

Starting Arenas

Players can work together in a new instanced challenge.

Say "start solo survival" in any safe area to begin a survival challenge by yourself.

Say "start guild survival" in any safe area to begin a survival challenge that your other guild members have one minute to join. Your guild can only run one survival at once. If you're too late, you can't join.

Say "start public survival" in any safe area to begin a survival challenge that anyone on the server can join in the next five minutes. The server will only allow one public survival at any given time. If you're too late, you can't join until everyone inside dies.

Say "join guild survival" in any safe area to do the expected.

Say "join public survival" in any safe area to do the expected.

If you wish to exit the area, log out of the game and when you will return to the last safe zone you were in.

Reagents are consumed during the arena.


+50 shillings per kill every level, +1 TP every level, +1 item dropped every 4 levels, +1 xp per 5 levels (Subject to change depending on balance issues.)

Fixed rewards appear at certain level completions, at a random spawn point. There is only one item reward per fixed reward. Solo is hard, but guarantees you get it; guilds will surely organize who claims it, and the public survival is anybody's game. Kill each other for it!

Level 10: Ant Mask

Level 15: Rat Mask

Level 20: Mummy Mask

Level 25: Skull Mask

Level 30: Troll Mask

Level 35: Shrunken Head Mask

Level 40: Daemon Skeleton mask

Level 45: Fey Mask

Level 50: Xeo Mask

Level 55: Kriipa Mask

Level 75: Cow Mask

Level 100: Steel Torc <---- yes, a steel torc.

Survival Arena

The survival arena will be a random Monster Room with similar spawn points, lighting, etc. A survival room can spawn almost any monster type, along with 1 boss and 2 minibosses each round.

The round only advances once players complete a certain number of kills and, at times, a boss or two miniboss kills.

Players share a pool of extra lives. If you die and have lives left, you will use up a life and respawn at the blink spot with full health and mana.

Extra lives can be gained by doing certain challenges. For right now, those are (at random) killing a boss, killing two minibosses, or killing another player.

There are no consequences for dying in a survival arena.

You can improve and gain XP in a survival arena.

Each round clears all mobs for 30 seconds, after which harder monsters appear for the next level. Rewards increase each level.

After each mask round there will be a 75 second break to rest and search for the mask.


May contain every monster except Xeos, Dark Angels, and larger bosses such as the Lupogg King, Lava frog, etc. It CAN contain the ghost, who can be quite nasty. Creatures can still become champion mobs as well.

Mobs can hit you while they are hiding in walls. Avar shamans will cast hold and sandstorm and all you can do is hope to end the round as quickly as possible.

Changes and Hotfixes (Hotfix 1)

- Fixed a bug preventing monsters from aggroing on players when hit with a wall element. Causing damage to a monster with a wall element will now result in that monster chasing the caster of the wall element.

- Added golems to the list of monster unaffected by Spider Web. (Hotfix 3)

- Add "leave survival" command for survival arenas, so player can leave without logging out.

- Allow players to join an ongoing survival arena in spectator mode (no interaction, but can watch).

- Added infrastructure for monsters to have minions. (Hotfix 4)

- Fixed non-monster generating rooms being drawn as maps for survival arenas.

- Allow minions to stay in survival arena between rounds.

- Regroup time between survival arena rounds raised to 15 seconds default, and 60 seconds during a prize drop.

- Animate now works in survival arena, even when the room is at the limit for holding monsters.

- Allow phasing in survival arena.

- Add more commands to leave survival arenas: "leave survival", "leave public survival", "leave guild survival".

- Add crash protection to survival arenas - in a public or guild survival arena, players who are disconnected will have 5 minutes grace time to reconnect, provided they aren't the last player in the arena.

- Fix bug causing players to remain in spectator mode after exiting the survival arena.

- Allow players to join a public survival arena as a combatant any time before level 6.

- Fix lupogg king aggro issues, which were causing him to not attack some players. (Hotfix 5)

- Fixed crashing issues with the spectator mode in survival arena, and also with Phase during save games.

- Misc error fixes with Earthquake and Lupogg king. (Hotfix 6)

- Lowered pogg king hold time from 30-45 sec to 15-25 sec.

- Fixed bug causing new mobs to not aggro properly in solo arena.

- Added minion checks to the aggro code in survival arenas, to stop player minions being aggroed on player.

- Fixed bug causing new mobs to not aggro properly in solo arena.

- Lowered solo aggro to 20% of mobs spawned.

- When one participant is left in guild survival, or on every kill in solo, another monster has a chance to aggro on the player.

- Fixed grammar error (her/his vs he/she) in phased out try-to-cast resource.

- Stop phased or spectating players getting hit with Heat, Earthquake, Ice Nova and Fire Storm.

- Add stats to keep track of highest level reached in each of the arenas.

- Fix karma change in survival arena.