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Includes information on Accumulated Wisdom

Training Points (TPs) and Accumulated Wisdom (AW) are new additions to 103.

They can be used with the spell Meditate to improve spells and skills. Training points are also used to train any available stats by visiting: Alzahakar for Intellect, Cylill for Agility, Drechx for Stamina, Esseldi for Mysticism, Kochtal ko'Tulca for Aim, and Rook for Might. Read their bio for more information.

There are 3 ways to gather Training Points

  • Kill Monsters that still give you xp till next HPs.
    For example at 30HPs Giant Rat still give XP so every Rat you kill gives 1 Training Point. At 130HPs Giant Rat dont give XP till next HP anymore so you have to kill stronger Monsters like Daemon Skeleton. Higher level monsters reward more training points.
  • Every day in a row you log into 103 you get a daily reward in form of Training Points.
    The value is about 300 Training Points every day.
  • Reincarnating will give you your Accumulated Wisdom in Training Points, up to 320,000.

Training points gained through kills cap out at 320,000.



If you and some friends build together, you will split TP rewards. If you didn't deal any damage or dealt way too little, you might get 0 TP. Huge groups will also waste TP, since the monster dies so fast you don't have a chance to learn anything.

Remember, you can still only earn TP on monsters that give you a challenge. You can't just go slaughter baby spiders while fully built.

Now, the base training points earned for a kill are:

1 + monster_level/50

A mob of level 20 gives 1 TP.

A mob of level 50 gives 2 TP.

A mob of level 100 gives 3 TP.

A mob of level 150 gives 4 TP.

A mob of level 200 gives 5 TP.

And then if you're in the Survival Arena you get an additional base TP per 8 rounds. For example, a level 200 mob killed in round 80 would give 15 TP base. Bosses in the Surival Arena and in the game world itself may also give dramatic base XP and TP boosts based on how tough they are. General rule, the longer a boss takes, the more it gives (not necessarily just how difficult).

MAX HEALTH BONUS: Ok, we have our base TP. Now, triple that if you are at max health.

CHAMPION BONUS: Then, multiply that result by the Champion Reward Multiplier, which is 3 for swift, deadly, and tough, 10 for indombitable, and 100 for legendary.

Examples: A level 130 mob killed in Brax while you are 120 HP will give 3 TP. A swift level 130 mob killed in Brax while you are 120 HP will give 9 TP. The Ghost of Far'nohl has 5 bonus TP (not too high since he is rapidly killable). If you're max health, you'll get 30 TP. If the Ghost is swift/tough/deadly, 90 TP. A level 200 indomitable mob killed in round 80 of Survival Arena while you are at max health might give 450 TP. A legendary level 150 mob in the real game world killed while you are max health might give 1200 TP.


First reminder:

ALL MONSTERS NOW SPLIT TRAINING POINT REWARDS PROPORTIONALLY BASED ON DAMAGE YOU DEAL! If you and two friends fight a boss, you do 50% damage, a friend does 30% damage, and a friend does 20% damage, you will receive those splits. Boss base TP bonuses are based on how long it takes to kill the boss, how accessible they are, and how many players will probably split the rewards. Something like the Fire Prism boss is 6k base because it's very hard to access, is only killable like once a week, and takes 3+ players. If you see an absurdly high TP value for a boss you haven't met yet, take it as a fair warning.

If you don't damage a normal monster for sixty seconds or a boss for 5 minutes, you will be dropped from TP sharing consideration.

As a reminder, many bosses have already been upgraded in difficulty. This ain't ya grandpappy's Lupogg King.

These are base values, which will often be subject to tripling by the base max health bonus.

Boss Base TP values:

Liutenant Golems - 1 extra

Orc Pit Boss - 2 extra

Queen Spider - 3

Ghost - 5

Dark Angel - 50

Lupogg King - 500

Lava Frog - 1000

Vix'Si'Xeochicatl - 1000

Vix'Ci'Xeochicatl - 2000

Vix'Ma'Xeochicatl - 3000

Vix'Ve'Xeochicatl - 4000

Vix'Ro'Xeochicatl - 5000

Vix'Zi'Xeochicatl - 6000

The Minotaur - ?

Ice Dragon - 15,000

Five of the High Sorcerers - 20,000

Qua Kornedrin, High Sorcerer of Fire - 50,000

Queen Venya'Cyr - 1,000,000 (killing the upgraded lich is a 'dozens of players' kind of challenge...)

==INTERESTING NOTE== The Desert and Maze boost the difficulty of all phase monsters during their respective phase if the Prism is undefeated. These levels count the same way as Survival rounds. That boost equates to roughly 30 survival rounds at current settings, so +3 base TP. (30/8 truncated). This has always secretly been the case, it's not new.

Reincarnation TP bonuses

You can now reincarnate at any time to change your stats or race. When you do, you will always start over with your Accumulated Wisdom in Training Points (up to 320k), and you will be 20 HP. But hit points are not wasted. When you reincarnate, your Accumulated Wisdom pool will be increased by a bonus percentage determined by how much health you built to in your previous life. This is a way of rewarding players who build HP, and a way of balancing HP against Int.

The bonus is equal to 1% per 5 max HP you reach, starting at 80.

80 HP = 1%

85 HP = 2%

90 HP = 3%

95 HP = 4%

100 HP = 5%

105 HP = 6%

110 HP = 7%

115 HP = 8%

120 HP = 9%

125 HP = 10%

130 HP = 11% <--- Demon natural max*

135 HP = 12%

140 HP = 13%

145 HP = 14%

150 HP = 15% <--- typical max

155 HP = 16% <--- typical max + Duke Shield

160 HP = 17% <--- Half-orc natural max

165 HP = 18% <--- Half-orc + Duke Shield

170 HP = 19% <--- Draconian natural max**

175 HP = 20% <--- Draconian + Duke Shield

180 HP = 21% <--- Draconian + Duke Shield + Brass Medallion

(Demon has way more Int and can get more base AW by imping) (Draconian has reduced Int and can't get as much base AW by imping)

Accumulated Wisdom

Increases when you gain training points. Unlike training points, you also gain Accumulated Wisdom when you improve a skill or spell. The amount gained is equal to however many points would be spent meditating on it.

Example: Hammer Wielding requires 30 points to improve with meditation. If you were to improve it through combat, you would gain 30 Accumulated Wisdom but not 30 training points.

Enlightenment Levels

1: 10,000 Wisdom

2: 20,000

3: 30,000

4: 45,000

5: 80,000

6: 120,000

7: 165,000

8: 205,000

9: 260,000

10: 320,000 <------- roughly the top normal character mark. 320k TP is also the most you can ever get upon reincarnation.

11: 1,000,000

12: 4,000,000

13: 8,000,000

14: 13,000,000

15: 19,000,000

16: 26,000,000

17: 40,000,000

18: 60,000,000

19: 90,000,000

20: 132,000,000 <--- Current max