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Open Meridian Project contributor, skittles1 on GitHub. Unofficially overseeing update milestone testing and patch notes.

Played beta 5, 3DO 108/103, NDS 101, Z's 101/102, Open Meridian Project 103

Previously worked on:

- Revenant balancing

- Quest item requirements/prizes

- Brax lever change

- Boss monster respawn timers

- Remove reagent use from arena

- Buff durations

- New icons for main stats

- Test sword for balance testing

- Bug fixes

- Reagent bag art

- New user text colors, colored names for magic items in lists

- Riija revamp (Evil Twin, Reflection, Apparition, Vertigo, Forget, Seduce)

Currently working on:

- More gameplay testing tools for developers, such as settings to display spellpower and duration for spells cast

- Crowd control spell balancing

- Revamping current spells that have little, no or broken functions and removing the large amount of randomness present in spellcasting

- Integration of Raza into the game world

- Graphics for new spells, updating of old graphics

- Completing the new city, Jixa, and surrounding areas for the expansion

- Fixing existing weapon attributes and adding new ones

- General code integrity and bug fixing