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One of the Open Meridian Project contributors.

So far worked on:

- Adding transparency to game mechanics. (e.g. numeric damage and healing output)

- Making quality of life improvements. (e.g. making edibles a lot less filling; allowing players access to broken long swords to improve mending; removing the improvement cap on offensive weapon skills)

- Making the game more accessible to new players (e.g. Raza revamp, which allows players to keep their starting karma in Raza, buy reagents as well as rank 1 and 2 spells, reach 30 hps and more)

Now working on:

- Decluttering code and game mechanics. (e.g. revision of the improvement and tougher system)

- Expanding, streamlining and defragmenting internal game infrastructure to allow more intuitive coding. (e.g. unifying GetSkillAbility and GetSpellAbility to GetAbility; unifying attackmods and defensemods to combatmods; unifying weapon and armor decay to DamageGear; unifying diseases, poisons etc to debuffs and so on.)

- Expanding and streamlining game systems (e.g. implementing a consistent regeneration system for health and mana that includes negative regeneration, allowing damage over time, heal over time, mana drain effects to cause smooth draining instead of a certain chunk every 10 seconds; creating a solid spell casting system with cast times, pushback delay, proper interrupt mechanics, global spell cooldowns which dont interfere with the swing timer and individual spell cooldowns and thus replacing the current clunky trance system; allowing attack speed to be modified instead of a fixed 1 second swing time, allowing for additional tweaking options in the weapon system)

- Making game mechanics more intuitive and consistent (e.g. displayed blocks, parrys, dodges actually depending on your actual chance to block, parry and dodge; removing artificial caps in chance to hit calculations such as defense rating below 560 no longer factoring in since the attacker will reach the hit cap of 95%)

- Strengthening the game's core principles (e.g. stats defining your character instead of being vastly overshadowed by buffs by scaling abilities with stats)

- Sorting out glaring game inconsistencies (e.g. sorting out the weapon categories, which are currently grouped by damage type, resulting in the axe and the scimitar sharing all characteristic stats, such as disarm rating, base damage, accuracy etc. and grouping them by method of attack instead (strike, slash, thrust) with far reaching consequences for a character's weapon choices and giving each weapon and category its purpose)

- Much more.