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Not the dungeon, but rather a prism spell catalyst that only requires one caster. It resides, unmovably, in the Inner Sanctum of Queen Venya'cyr. Previously, only guilded Necromancers could use it, but the Necro guild is currently disabled until it can be fixed. Until then, by player request, anyone wearing an Ao3 can use the spherical prism.

This means Hunt, Bond, Blood Inheritance, Righteous Inheritance, and the like can be cast with one person, cutting their reagents by x3. For those players raiding Prisms, that means you can Bond with 1 major heartstone of each type instead of 3 of each type. (which was a bit excessive) This is also only possible because of concurrent soth and ao3 changes removing karma requirements. The traffic in Brax may increase due to this change, which is interesting because to use the prism you have to have an ao3... which means you're attackable by soth wielders. Have fun :)


Available in the maze for completing The Test of Mind and Body.

  • Hermitage: you are virtually immune to hexes.
  • Fencing: you gain defense equal to half your fencing weapon's listed offense bonus. Includes mods.
  • Shield Wall: you block enemy passage three squares to your left and right instead of one. (Enough to block Main Gate passages in Tos, CN, BQ, etc)
  • Valiant Charge: triple the distance traveled.


Amulet of the Three

Sword of the Hunt

The evil forces behind Ao3s have long employed spies and traitors in secret. Turns out, the karma requirement was a lie acting as cover. Amulets of the Three can be worn by players of any karma.

Some of the most effective hunters have learned the skills of Qor to disable escaping murderers. In a nod to this, Tendrath has expanded the powers of the Sword of the Hunt. Swords of the Hunt can now be worn by players of any karma. They still hate outlaws and murderers.

Both items still have 'hunger' and require periodic killing.

Both items now have item level 200 and can be shard modded. You will have to shard your Amulet of the Three before you put it on - because you can't unequip it. Ao3s no longer clash with other item slots. They can be used with a necklace item.

Lastly, the removal of karma requirements means you can use both an Ao3 and SotH if you so choose. Turns out, this was always possible, but before you had to deal with one of the items periodically damaging you. If you have both, deaths in the area will grant you both health and mana. You will be undead, and vulnerable to silver arrows. At fully satisfied hunger on both items, the balance will leave you with +5 Might, +5 Intellect, +2 Stamina, +5 Agility, +5 Myst, and +5 Aim. But be wary - literally anyone with a SotH or Ao3 will be able to attack a traitor such as yourself... and vice versa.


Monsters now have the ability to bleed, stun, and knockback, depending on their type and size.

Draconians have a 10% chance to cause bleeds when using touch spells now, in addition to the 10% chance when punching. This isn't affected by aim, it's always 10%.

Vampiric procs work on all targets again. Now instead of only working on bleeding enemies, they double health gained against bleeding enemies, mirroring Vampiric Drain's bonus.

Knightcraft has a new level 5 skill called Verge Mastery. It increases the critical strike rate of Maces, Hammers, and Spirit Hammers by up to 5% from skill and up to 5% from Might. It is sold by Cylill. As a reminder, on crit Maces stun, while Hammers and Spirit Hammers knock back.

In addition to periodic health loss, Bleeds now also make the afflicted player or monster take 1 more damage when hit by an attack or spell. Bleed Mastery, the Banditry skill, now also boosts the power of those bleeds. Each % is 1/100th more damage. At 99%, players and monsters afflicted by Bleeding take 2 more damage per bleed. You should now see an immediate difference when applying bleeds.

Throwing Daggers now always apply bleed on hit. Sound insane? Maybe. We'll be watching this. This is pretty much their primary use. Nobody was using them before; now they have a rather extreme tactical application.

Bramble walls now always apply bleed on hit. If they're cast by a player, they use the player's bleed power. If not, they are equal to a human for causing bleeds.

Faren has a new level 3 spell sold by Miriana, Brambleblast. It's a short range splash spell that sends bramble vines blasting at a target. Brambleblast deals weapon + slash damage (no magic) and always causes the victim to bleed. This spell is not boostable by mana focus.

Bleed Mastery can only imp when you apply a bleed now.

Forceful Impacts used to double your attack damage, double your crit rate, and increase knockback and stun power by half. Now Forceful Impacts at max triples your attack damage, triples your crit rate, and triples your knockback and stun power. It does still, however, triple your attack delay after swinging. When you face heavy or huge late game monsters, Forceful Impacts may be your only way to stun or knock them back. Tripling your KB and stun power puts a human (mass 200) on par with a Xeo (mass 600). A Draconian (mass 300), once multiplied by 3, can really wallop Xeos, especially if the Draconian has high Might. As a note, Forceful Impacts multiplies your stun and knocback power for ALL effects, including Shield Bash, Battle Shout, and Zealous Fervor. As another note, Rapid Assault halves knocback and stun power for all effects. This remains unchanged from before.



Tumble has been rather dramatically upgraded. It now subtracts from the chance to hit roll of an attack. 99% Tumble subtracts 10% from the to hit roll. If you have Tumble, Agility subtracts up to another 10% at 100 agil, scaling with each point. (no truncation, every point matters) That means 99% Tumble with 50 Agility subtracts 15% from the chance to hit of an attack. If that subtraction turns a hit to a miss, you Tumble. Not only is this double the previous percentage from before (which maxed at 7.5%ish), the previous version rolled only against hits that would have landed. This subtracts straight from the chance to hit roll, so if you have enough to defense to put your opponent near the minimum to hit chance of 12.5%, you can actually become unhittable. That means monsters like rats, baby spiders, tof mules and the like literally can't hit you. Your super high defense puts them to the min 12.5%, and Tumble subtracts away the rest. Seriously - this skill is goddamn awesome now. Try it out. Level 3 Banditry.

Reckless Heart has been upgraded 33% outgoing damage increase from skill and up to 10% outgoing damage increase from Might stat. Incoming damage increased up to 33% by skill. Nobody was using a 20% damage increase stance. Now a full third extra damage dealt and damage taken? That's a level 6 stance. Holy schnikeys. You hear that? that's the sound of Future You puking damage on somebody.


Knightcraft has a new level 6 skill called Weapon Mastery. It is the opposite of new Tumble, adding up to 20% directly to your chance to hit (10% from ability, 10% from stat, which is Intellect). In other words, Weapon Mastery can completely negate Tumble. Against players and monsters that don't have Tumble, the weaponmaster's chance to hit rises dramatically. Assuming 100 Intellect, a weaponmaster's minimum chance to hit is 32.5% (base 12.5% + 20% from Weapon Mastery). You could, for example, be a 0 aim garbage character with no weapon skills, and you'd still have a roughly 1/3rd chance to hit. If you have very high Offense, you can guarantee a hit now, when before the defender would always have a minimum 12.5% chance to evade. Weapon Mastery works with any weapon and even touch spells, but not punch.

  • Bravery can no longer take aggro from another player with Bravery. Monsters were spamming attacks back and forth every time they were hit because they get a free attack on aggro switch.
  • Reduced Valiant Charge's spam.
  • Shield Wall and Counterattack both now correctly only work against enemies in front of you. Enemies behind you will always hit you unless you have and use Tumble.
  • Counterattack no longer works against bow attacks or throwing daggers.
  • Shal 6's spiritual shield can now be used for Shield Wall and Shield Bash.
  • Cylill now sells potion of knightcraft forget.
  • Boosts
    • Ivory Chapel's 25% boost to Shal'ille meditation now also applies to Knightcraft.
    • West Tower's 25% boost to Kraanan meditation now also applies to Knightcraft.
    • All the halls that give general bonuses already applied to Knightcraft, but we'll also point out that Old Dwarven boosts Might and Stamina skills and spells, which the majority of Knightcraft's abilities are.


Many witchery hexes had their reagents and mana costs drastically reduced. Take a look if you're got hexes.

A setting was implemented to adjust the power of hexes vs monsters. Previously, a *2 multiplier was in play, which was making hexes way WAY too strong against monsters. Right now the setting is at *1, so let us know if your hexes feel horribly ineffective all of a sudden and we can tune that up to *1.5 or something.

The Xaerdun 5 hex Slow now functions better. It multiplies attack and cast delays by 2 at 99 sp and 3 at 199 sp. This also now works on monsters. (You will only generally hit 199 effect with Ventdal's nightgrip skill, which only works vs monsters) It won't do anything until you hit those breakpoints. It is, however, absurdly powerful when it does work.


Armor of Gort's base mana reservation cost (for those using Master Spirit Link) was reduced to 10% from 40%. This brings it in line with other resist spells, since it's no longer the ridiculous godly spell it once was. Also, you leveled Sorcery to 5, and the game wants to take 40% of your mana for the most ubiquitous reservation? Nah. 10%'s appropriate.

Kara'hol's Curse is now reservable, with a base mana res cost of 20%. With the recently added ability to recast it and avoid the hold, there wasn't really any reason to keep this unreservable. When you turn it off, or if it gets purged, it'll still hold you. Its purge factor has been tuned way up so that it is very easily purged; this keeps the spell risky to simply have all the time. You will run into monsters who purge now and then.


Bait is now instant cast. It was nerfed quite a bit because of safe spot / bait abuse, but safespots don't exist anymore. Think of Riija 2 if you're a Knightcraft user looking to tank!


Monster damage reporting has been fixed. For example, the ghost used to say it did unholy damage with its fireball. It now correctly says its fireball does fire and its attack does unholy.

Monster attack sounds have been fixed. Previously, you'd hear the monster attacking you every time you were dealt damage... by heat, firewall, fireballs, bofs... now the attack sound only plays ON ATTACKS.


Int, Myst, and Stamina are now rollable on various caster items. A few magic mod limits have been eased, such that higher ilvl will be capable of rolling slightly higher. 200+ ilvl can get a 4th stat point instead of maxing out at 3. Defense goes higher now. Health mana and vigor can go higher.

Jewels of Froz can be shard modded now, and don't lose durability on use. They are always ilvl 200. You can now dual wield them with a soldier shield.

All necklaces and instruments can now be shard modded. That includes lutes, necklaces of jala, and god gifts. Amulet of the Three now has is its own unique slot so it doesn't clash with jala necklace or god gifts. Jala necklace has its own slot so it doesn't clash with god gifts. God gifts are super rare and it was pretty ridiculous that jala bards couldn't use them even if they got them.

Instruments of all types have item levels of where they came from. Quest item levels are 20. You'll have to figure out and farm ilvl 200 instruments if you're so inclined. The ghost now has a 1% chance to drop a 200 True Lute and a 1% chance to drop a 200 amulet of shadows. The thrashers chest can drop a 150 true lute.

Amulets of Shadow use the God Gift's 'neck' slot. Yes, we're aware you can use it for mod powers if you don't have a god gift to fill the neck slot. It's cursed and lowers your defense by 150 and light level by 50. It also has a crappy ilvl most of the time. If you want to do that, go right ahead.

The ghost also has a 1% chance to drop a glove.