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* Will no longer decay over time.
Instead, each room has a 250 item limit max. The oldest 20 items will be removed if new items are dropped over that max.
This should make the world feel a little more lived-in, and should eliminate any 'items vanishing too fast' issues when trying to loot.
It should also eliminate the build-ups that used to happen in places like the the Throne Room that would crash the zone.
Server recreates (aka patches) will clear all these items and restore the world to a pristine unpolluted state.
* Marauders can now drop most masks. Except the dusk rat mask, that's unique to Toxus.
The masks have the ilvls of the marauder that drops them, max 240.
* Marauders can now drop an item from a random assortment of most gear. That item can generate sockets, or armor spell procs, or weapon spell procs.
Or some combination of all three.
* Marauders can now drop socketable gems, including two new gems that boost alchemy and bestiary spellpower respectively.
* Marauder reagents shaved down a bit.
* Now has +10 sp instead of -5.
* Minions spread out normally now and have collisions vs other monsters, but players can still walk through them.
If the master of a monster is a monster, that monster master will also skip collision to be able to lead minions properly.
* Minions will never attack their master, even when attacked.
* Minions will never attack other minions with the same master, even if those minions attack them somehow.
* New 'righteous authority' spell in Bestiary 5 gives more loyalty than 'bind creature', and at high power can make a minion permanently your servant.
A special message will let you know it's permanent.
It requires good karma and doesn't work on undead or evil creatures. (but does work on neutral and otherwise)
Sold by Princess Kateriina.
* New 'dominate will' spell in Bestiary 5 gives more loyalty than 'bind creature', and at high power can make a minion permanently your servant.
A special message will let you know it's permanent.
It requires evil karma and doesn't work on good creatures. (but does work on neutral and otherwise)
Sold by Zuxana.
* New 'defiant stand' stance in Knightcraft 4 makes your minions protect the spot at which you cast it.
The stance falls off if you leave the room, since they'll be bumped to your new room.
Your minions will automatically attack enemies under this behavior if an attackable player or monster gets close.
They also get a flat damage bonus to attacks based on your skill and Intellect.
Sold by Jonas.
* New 'loyal guard' stance in Knightcraft 5 makes your minions follow you while still aggroed on enemies.
They'll fight anyone who gets close (or they'll shoot spells / ranged at a distance) while still sticking to you if possible.
Your minions will automatically attack enemies under this behavior if an attackable player or monster gets close.
If your minions are within range 5 (slightly further than a splash spell), they'll also absorb up to 15% of damage dealt to you.
This damage can never kill them, only reduce them to extremely close to death (at which point they'll stop taking damage for you).
Sold by Jonas.
* Summoned creatures never lose loyalty.
* Animated creatures now count as summoned and will never lose loyalty.
However, if you summon them beyond your leadership limit, they'll still be independent and hostile.
* Area spells like fire storm can no longer damage across ladder barriers under certain circumstances.
* Hunter Swords and Necromancer Amulets no longer get hungry over time.
Not only were they set to such an extraordinarily huge amount of online time that it never mattered anyway - has anyone even seen one get hungry? -
but the proliferation of these items was responsible for 70% of the server's timers. Every single soth and ao3 had a hunger timer always running.
Yeah, let's just not do that.
* For one week, Princess Kateriina will teach any willing adventurers the secrets of Alchemy.
* Starting Friday November 8th at 8 pm EST, the first great Meridian Ladder Challenge will begin.
You have one week to plan strategies for a new style of play.
A challenge ladder is a separated pool of players, ranked by wisdom, that can only interact with each other.
They have their own economy – out of ladder items can’t be picked up by them and they can’t give items to normal players.
No spells, buffs, AEs, etc can cross over. Separate wall element limits in a room.
Players in ladder / non-ladder can see each other, mainly for cool purposes like watching fights, but also because mules can be used for spotting anyway.
Monster killing with ladder + non-ladder is possible, but only because monster XP is split based on damage dealt anyway.
You can’t really gain an advantage by building with out of ladder players.
Players in a ladder join building groups separate from non-ladder players.
Ladders also have special events, rules, and rewards.
The first challenge ladder will have specially crafted Marauders – aka PKs and hunters – active at unpredictable times.
Players may find themselves under attack by a variety of PKs while out in the world.
These PKs may also be pursued by a variety of hunters, who will appear shortly after to assist law-abiding citizens.
Be aware, players who are outlaws or murderers themselves will not be treated so kindly by these hunters!
Not all the PKs are red. Some have soldier shields, or ao3s/swords of the hunt, to challenge players participating in those systems.
Defeated Marauders generally drop the specialized gear they’re using, plus something extra and unexpected…
The challenge ladder also has special drops available in certain places.
These unique items offer powerful school-based abilities.
For example, the Shadowstep Tabi boots grant Qor 6 players a new level 6 Qor spell called Sanguine Fervor,
which makes all of your attacks cause bleed for 10 seconds, but can only be cast once per minute.
Shadowstep Tabi boots also grant the passive abilities ‘You are hidden while not in combat.’ and ‘You are immune to poison.’
These unique items are obviously only available to ladder players.
The character with the highest wisdom at the end of the challenge ladder gets a title and an INSANE REWARD.
The top ten characters get a GREAT REWARD.
The top one hundred characters receive a PRETTY COOL REWARD.
Rewards will be announced at launch of the ladder!
* A curious tower has always stood on the sea beyond the Ancient Ziggurat… a structure built by gnomes in ancient days and filled with strange mechanisms.
It seems someone has finally found a way to pick the gnomish locks and get inside.
He was overheard in Tos claiming that a combination of runes and crystals can open pathways unimaginable straight down into the earth…
He also claimed an enormous creature lived within, and that potential explorers would be insane to challenge it.
Keep your eyes peeled over the next week for this mysterious person.
He is known only as the Locksmith, and his appearance will precipitate the opening of the Endless Sea Palace.
* You can now see your breath remaining when underwater. It takes over the vigor bar.
On a related note, some users have reported issues seeing water centipedes. We’re working on that.
* Chaos strata have been fixed.
* As a refresher, a Chaos Stratum is a high level pvp-on area with variable monsters that can only be accessed by those reincarnation 5 or higher.
The Chaos Stratum itself is actually in the world, an overlay on top of a real room. You can stumble upon it by accident and attack or be attacked.
Defeating the boss within dispels the Chaos Stratum and has a chance to drop a dye bottle.
Chaos Stratum are created by putting Scrying Crystals in the device in the Ancient Ziggurat.
Shard mods rolled on the Scrying Crystal can affect loot quality and difficulty.
* More interesting bosses for CS are being worked on.
* A new weapon, the ceremonial mace, has been added to the game.
It does silver and bludgeon damage.
It can’t roll weapon mods. Instead, it can roll a variety of caster mods.
Unlike regular maces, this type of mace knocks back on crit. It’s not meant to be a main weapon, but rather a caster stick + knocking option.
It only drops in the new Endless Sea Palace.
* Can now roll on some items in the form ‘% increased charm damage’ and ‘% increased illusion damage’.
* Fire and Death prism should be functional now.
* Now has 6 portals to graveyard themed locations as originally intended by the designer.
* Drain damage, such as from drowning, is no longer reduced by general magic resistance.
* Shillings reduced.
* You can now enter guildhalls while temp safe or pvp opted out. However, you WILL be attackable, as these are special combat zones.
* You are also attackable in chaos zones like the Maze.
* As a reminder, players may request up to 2 characters opted out of pvp. We do this manually, so message/gmail Gar if you’re looking to do this.
* PvP opt out cannot be lifted once granted.
* Space itself is broken at the site of the Diffraction. Phasing isn’t possible.
* The High Sorcerers see you on their wide flat area of bare stone. Sneaking, hiding, and spying isn’t possible.
* If you log off at the Apex of the Ziggurat, you will get sent to Embalming Chambers.
* Minions are now logged off with you, and return upon logon. They’ll retain HP, champion statuses, and loyalty.
Because they’re actually being destroyed and recreated, some minor things may change, such as avar blazon color.
* Charm spells have been given higher charm multiples, so it’ll be easier to charm mobs with weak spellpower.
* Bestiary skill and spell books can now disappear off the ground like any other item.
* Bestiary skill and spell book drop chance reduced. These should now hopefully be less annoying and more ‘oh cool’.
They’re meant to be a community knowledge pool type of thing, but if sharing books becomes too annoying, we might change how Bestiary is acquired.
Let us know your feedback!
* Books of Alchemy can be earned in the new Endless Sea Palace.
* Alchemist’s Rings have had their spell list customized instead of riffing off Distill.
Existing Alchemist’s rings with personal enchantments that are no longer allowed have been set to Bless.
Generally, the allowed spells include personal enchantments level 3 or below that don’t pose a design problem by being ‘always on.’
We are beginning an experimental push toward removing or minimizing heal rods in favor of more interesting healing options.
Nothing’s been done with heal rods yet. We’ll see how this goes first.
* Spell heals are now affected by %increased damage modifiers.
Minor heal, hospice, and major heal will all heal more if you have %increased holy damage on your gear.
%increased magic damage also counts.
This will also increase the damage victims of a very strong Black Mantle hex will take when healed.
Heal rods & healing potions aren’t affected by this.
* Experimentally extending on that theme, Faren 3 has been given a fire-based heal called Cauterize.
Cauterize heals at roughly half the rate of Major Heal, but comes at a temporary cost of an equal amount of maximum health.
For example, a 99 sp Cauterize may restore 25 health, but also lower the recipient’s max health by 25.
You only lose max health equal to the amount actually healed, so you can never accidentally damage yourself or weaken yourself directly.
A point of max health returns roughly every three seconds. So if you heal yourself for 25 and lose 25 max health, that max health will fully return in 75 seconds (1 minute 15 seconds). No big deal in some situations, hugely critical in others.
%increased fire damage and %increased magic damage increase both the amounts healed and the max health lost in equal measure.
This spell can be used as a heal albeit with a tradeoff (true heals are Shal’s domain), but also as a way to long-term hinder one’s enemy in drawn out combat.
For example, you could continually cauterize an opponent after damaging them, continually lowering their max health.
Cauterize consumes 2 red mushrooms, 2 elderberries, and 2 herbs per cast.
If Cauterize’s heal is reversed into fire damage by a very strong Black Mantle, no max health is lost. You will instead be given burning like normal fire damage.
Cauterize is sold by Maleval.
Survival room now lingers for 5 minutes if you disconnect beyond level 20 and if you have any lives left. This means if you're the last fighter remaining and you accidentally lose connection, you have 5 minutes to get back in.
But this won't apply on your last life, so you can't extend a survival when you're about to lose.
* All monsters in a chaos stratum have a chance to drop one or more shards. Bosses always drop at least 4.
* Kills needed dropped by 60 across the board. Now equal to chaos level. So the first one you buy is 40 kills instead of 100.
* You can now PvP properly within.
* The entrances from the real world work properly.
* You can't replace someone else's chaos strata until it's done.
* Loot is dropped normally by bosses instead of given whoever got the killing blow.
* The mod pool for modifying crystals has been expanded. Generally, each patch will add more mods that alter how monster behave or fight.
* Monsters in Chaos Strata no longer affect karma.
* Monster variety increased.
* Punch relic changed to +0.5 punch damage instead of +1.2 to bring it in line with other relics.
* Slight tweak down on damage. We'll continue to adjust this (along with adding new abilities to Shadowcraft) as time goes on and we see how people use the school.
* Moved the three new forget potions to the Mysterious Traveler, since the Seer has a custom buy behavior, oops...
Are now purchasable from Korath at Waylay Oasis. He found them after the defeat of the High Sorcerers by our brave adventurers...<br>
It appears that these crystals can be modified with shards to add strange enchantments to them... for now, only five modifiers are available until the system gets explored by adventurers a bit.<br>
There's a scrying device in the Ancient Ziggurat under the waters of the Great Ocean. It accepts only Scrying Crystals.<br>
When a Scrying Crystal is put in, the device opens a portal to one of the many strata of Chaos radiating from within the world, where the Ancient One sleeps.<br>
The first 5 tiers of chaos strata are now available. These are nightmarish versions of the real world with wildly harder and more chaotic monsters than ever seen before. TP, XP, and drops are all boosted based on difficulty. You can also make a Stratum harder by enchanting the Scrying Crystal used to open it. Doing so improves your chances of getting another Scrying Crystal from the boss within it... and that Crystal will be one step higher difficulty, with a chance of being from a new tier of areas.
Unlike survival, there are no complex special rules going on. PvP is on, death is real, and anyone can attack anyone.
Death is real in a Chaos Stratum. I repeat, death is real there.
Thing is... a Chaos Stratum isn't a tucked-away instance. If you create a Chaos Stratum nightmare version of Main Gate of Tos, then that is where the Stratum is. Anyone with 5 enlightenments or higher will be able to perceive it, and can enter and exit at will through normal doors and edges. Anyone below 5 enlightenments will have no idea anything is different...
Chaos Strata have a boss that appears after a number of kills. That number rises with difficulty. The boss can drop up to two Scrying Crystals.
The boss also has a 1% chance to drop a Bottle of Dye.
Have fun exploring this new system! And please pelt us with feedback. This is a massive endeavor that will probably have many revisions.
In the meantime, solo and guild survival are turned off. Public survival remains for now.
Part 2
* New creature conversations written by SunnyCat have gone in for Giant Spiders, Scorpions, Skeletons, Living Trees, the Lich, and the Mad King.
(these don't activate quests yet, but soon)
* The new schools have been enabled for Meditate now that we have enough data about what imping them is like. Thanks for your hard work! Newbies who don't have tons of TPs will appreciate it.
* Shadowcraft is Jonas, Alchemy is Duke, Bestiary is Cess.
* Forget potions added for Alchemy, Bestiary, and Shadowcraft.
* New skills and spells should properly give Accumulated Wisdom when imping them the old fashioned way now.
* Willpower & Soul Domination imp on any CanControlNewMinion check now, not just when you're at max control. Concession to how annoying it was.
* Turned off that godawful token rumor spam for League NPCs.
* Turned on the Mysterious Traveler's teacher talk, e.g. 'level one', 'level two', how much you need for level and so on.
* Flicker Strike and Shadowstep no longer have any base damage reduction at 99%. They're probably going to be OP now, so bear with us as we see how this goes... see the next section.
* Breath skill imp rates increased.
* Pressure Points imp rate greatly increased.
* Flowing Cloth only imps while wearing a robe now.
* Punch damage empowerment mods now exist.
* Punch empowerment mods can roll on rings, necklaces, and so on, but especially on gauntlets and berserker rings. Berserker rings also got a third possible suffix.
In general, berserker rings will always roll offense, punch damage, weapon damage, might, aim, and now also agility.
So if you have a 6 mod zerker ring, that's what the 6 mods will be.
* Punch empowerment mods can be crafted from Quake Tier 2 on the Adventurer's League forge. See next section.
* Heartstone shards forge value is now 10, up from 2. So previously 100 shards gave 200 value toward the next tier, now 100 gives 1000 points.
Tier 2 starts at 5000 points.
* Automaton vigor regeneration doubled. You will now reach equal to 99% Fortitude at Reincarnation 10, and double it at Reincarnation 20.
This makes automatons basically inexhaustible at high reincs, so yeah, that's kinda their theme.
* New Holy Shields ilvl now go to 3x spellpower, up to ilvl 300.
* New Holy Shields have 4 sockets.
You can remove gems from sockets using herbutte's gem removal tool.
* Purge now applies the same humbling to players as it does to monsters.
So when a player's purged, not only will they lose buff power like you're used to, their magical resistances will be drastically reduced by the same effect given by Holy damage.
However, this source is pure. Holy touch is an attack, so it applies impurely at half strength. Not so here. Pure humbling energy is very effective.
A 99 spellpower purge will drain 50% or 60% magical resistances initially.
Humbling wears off by roughly 10% resistances every 3 seconds, so it takes 20 to 30 seconds to recover fully.
As a reminder, Humbling can't take someone below 0 resists, so it does not stack well with hexes. Hexes act first, so if your hex takes someone low, humbling won't do very much (or anything at all if the hex hits 0 or lower).
Sorcery's Inert Form helps resist this powerful new piece of Purge, but does not resist the buff-degrading portion. That's because Inert Form resists elemental status effects, which include humbling.
Knightcraft's Piety resists the buff-degrading portion, but does not resist the humbling status effect.

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